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    My family :)<br />1:1 scale restoration/fabrication/customization<br />Vintage Hotwheels mostly 80's realriders and crack ups<br />1:24 scale static models,building to display<br />SCCA,IHRA,NHRA,IMSA racing<br />EBAY!!
  1. Hey man just got back into the 1:10 scene after a almost year of 1:1 scale sweat,,,, im ready to relax in the ac and work on the small stuff again. My dream is to get as many rides on aluminum rims as you But mine will be sees & the like.I don't have tecnacraft $$$$ lol I have 21 sets now( you actually commented on my scorcher on diamonds on rc10talk) ,but I have yet to score a single set of tecna's ,came close last week but wasn't home to snipe so lost it on the bay....anyhow,, I am interested in some of the rims you have on this page and wonder if the prices are etched in stone?? I will throw this out there you let me know what you think I would like to buy 3 sets as a " package deal" if possible the set of jps diamonds $125 the set of sees 10 holes? model1500? $125 the red anno Pan car wheels $80 You are asking $125/125/80 would you accept $100/90/60 total $250 as a package? Thanks Chris
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