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    Drifting!!!<br />(without the brakes )
  1. my nitro car wouldn't go on the brakes and maked a lot of damage I had to pay 100 euro's at spare parts to fix the car
  2. thanks man awesome I now use a receiver battery and it works sow the servo had probably almost no power ty Marc
  3. do you know where I can buy one ?? a website plz grtz Marc
  4. If my motor goes to hard, my servo goes trilling, it becomes very ''nervous'' and i cant steer ?? what's the problem ??, srry 4 my bad englisch
  5. yo better take the tt-01 you can tune it up to your wishes
  6. \ I have a blue one in my garage for 2 dollar you can have It where do you live..? ill send ya grtz Driftking
  7. he handles my 17 turns now so...... I love the esc..
  8. I don't think so I've got a motor for 27 dollar and a new shaft gear for 10 dollar = 37 dollar ( much ????) I't drives great
  9. It's a long while since i posted here but I have a new motor !!!\ A 17 turn motor so i thought I need a new ESC but no ,the standard could handle the speed I only need a new shaft gear thing because It sprins . maybe I need more hop ups ?? plz reply \ TY Driftking
  10. need a car that an handle real speed ( electric )
  11. ey guys does anyoone knows a car electric that can handle a 10 turn motor or even lower ?? thnx driftking
  12. yep i think i'm gonna buy a hpi sprint 2 ?!? should he handle the speed greets dK V8
  13. ok but with wich car i CAN handle the speed ???
  14. haha LOLZ if you're running first in a cup ( like I did for a while) and in the last round the motor half explodes
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