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  1. Hats off to you Jim[^] That looks so cool[8D] Steve
  2. It looks like you did really well[^] Be sure to update this thread with pictures when you recieve your SC[] Steve
  3. Very good[8D] We really need a new forum called "ask miramar" [] maybe it could be in the FAQ Thanks for all the info, Steve
  4. I won my VW Kubelwagen From him and it was packed very well[] It just took a long time to get[] Steve
  5. Ok the only reason I made this new post was to get you to start thinking about this car again[] Come on time is flying by and we're so close to have all the parts we need to finish it[] so say something, the more talk there is about it, the more likely it is we'll get the last few parts needed[] Steve
  6. Boy I hope that they work out a way to keep the Buy-it-now It's the one thing I use the most on e-bay! Steve
  7. Ya and I kind of like the new look[] here's what e-bay has to say about it http://pages.ebay.com/help/index_popup.htm...erid-icons.html I think the sunglasses were getting old[] Steve
  8. Well before you lock it down I just want say a few things. 1. Although I’ve never had the job of moderator I’m sure it’s a lot of time consuming work and I want to say thank you to all that take time out to do it. 2. Little jabs add up! They may be funny at the time but the truth is they have a negative effect in the long term. This is just a general statement and not aimed at anyone. 3. Balance is important, it’s ok to make a joke, as long as everyone knows that you’re just kidding :-) but take the time to tell people they’re doing good when they are! We all need to feel like what we are is important, we’re all friends hare , so don’t be afraid to say it. 4. Everyone’s point of view is welcome here! Have your say and have respect for others. Well that’s all I wanted to say. Again thanks to all the people whom give up time to make this as nice a place it is [^] Steve
  9. Hey all, I think it would be neat if we had a glossary of things like LOL, YGM and so on. That way we could look them up quickly and have to ask like I just did[:I] What do you think, good bad or maybe? Steve
  10. Take a look at the feedback for both of the buyers. they have both received a negative from the seller, so it looks like he will have to list it again. Why not ship it to the first winner. I would have. I also wonder if he only buys from the US[?] Anyway you have to make your own fun, Steve
  11. Boy now that's just to funny. I wonder what the guy was thinking "Well time to sell some more stuff on e-bay OFF WITH THE PANTS" Steve
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