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  1. Hi miga just checking you had got my votes
  2. well done to the winners this was a great comp with some high class photos
  3. thanks andy i will keep an eye out for the email
  4. i noticed this a week ago it would be nice to have them back in aswell
  5. i was just wondering how i renew my subs as in will be up in just over a week and i dont want to be without my beloved tamiya club. hope some one can help many thanks Rob
  6. hi miga just checking you had recived my email votes
  7. does anybody know the dimensions of a baja champ any help will be mostly aprecated
  8. looks stunning ryan cant wait to see it all finished
  9. i am interested in the escort body set i have pm you
  10. hi Michael did you recive my votes as my computer crashed as i was sending them speak to you soon Rob
  11. hi all has any one got a spare prop shaft lying about for a f350 hilift does not need to be in good condition but must have one end left on it. hope to here from somebody soon i am getting borred without it running many thaks and speak to you soon Rob
  12. hi i am also interested in the kingcab have you got a rough price speak to you soon Rob
  13. hi and welcome i started playing with rc cars at the age of 11 i got a tamiya boomerang for my birthday which sadly was spent in traction with a dislocated hip but thats an other story. i used that for a few years then sold it on as i got in to other thing. at about the age of 20 i got a tl-01 ford focus and a mini which i still own. i recently got back into it about november 07 and stated collecting more and more. i have just brought a boomerang and i an curently restoring that. i am now 28 but i feel 98 and act 18. cars tl-01 focus mo3 mini tt-01 bmw m3 lunchbox f350 hilift hotshot rere boomerang xray t2 007 hope this helps and speak to you soon Rob
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