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  1. Merry Christmas from frozen Germany as well!
  2. Even though I'm new at this, I just ordered a NIB FF01 Volkswagen Golf 3 VR6 and a M04L Volkswagen Beetle from Jason's Store. Ohhh... little Volkswagens.
  3. I hope they'll someday release a re-issue of the VW Golf Mk3 shell... not really vintage yet, but still... I think it's doubtful that it'll ever happen, though ... maybe if they ever release a new FF chassis, which I also doubt...
  4. You got some very nice shells there! Looks like you really spent some effort on them"
  5. Haha, my wallet's used to torture, so it can't complain any more! I think I'll try that idea with the foam, sounds logical. Haven't had the chance to run it yet, as I'm missing a charger and due to work I didn't have the time to pick one up yet. Next week I'll have some time finally. Thanks. And thank you as well, ryanbored
  6. Hey guys, just wanted to introduce myself a bit. I'm 18 and from Germany. I'm a big car nut and always was fascinated by R/C cars... I bought a used TA02 (Mercedes C-Class DTM) when I was 13 and sold it about a year later. Just a week ago I got back into R/C... I now own a real car and am very much in love with that. It's a '92 Volkswagen Golf MkIII and recently I stumbled upon a used FF01 with a Golf MkIII bodyshell on ebay. Seeing how the shell was painted in a similar color to my real car, I just had to buy it. The car arrived about a week ago and I'm a bit dissappointed. The seller claimed the shell was - apart from some minor scratches in the front - in very good condition. In reality it has a crack in the front, paint flaking of in some places, missing decals (though, there was a complete decal sheet included... still) and stuff. Maybe I'll keep it for bashing around or I'll try to restore it. Anyway, I've already been bitten by the bug again - I'm watching two new Golf MkIII bodyshells on ebay right now and I fully intend to get both of them. Also I want to get a second FF01 to bash around in, this one has a surprisingly good condition in comparison to the shell. I want to refurbish it into a shelf queen. Depending on how things work, maybe I'll throw up a full documentation of what I'll do about the chassis in this thread. Anyway, here are some pics of my new FF01 along with my real car (sadly a bit dirty and in wintermode... urgh, can't wait for summer). This is the FF01's big brother in it's summer mode: Sorry for the many pics, I'm just a small picture whore at heart. Anyway, just wanted to introduce myself a bit and say "Hi" to you guys. I'm looking forward to good times with you guys...
  7. Nice to see another Volkswagen enthusiast on here! I just recently got back into the R/C hobby - mainly because of my real car and I stumbled upon a Tamiya that was quite similar, so I bought it. I've been reading a bit on here the last few days and promptly joined up. My other hobby is my 1992 Volkswagen Golf MkIII GT Special. 90hp on a 1.8 engine, lowered, dual round headlights, ABT frontgrille, polished 7x15 ATS Cup. Apart from that I have a big interest in real car wheels and I'm just itching to pick up another set for my car... maybe one I can refurbish over the winter! Maybe some Ronal Turbos or something...
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