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  1. Hello Gents, I recently accquired a spare body of Reissued Lotus Type 79. However, upon purchase the set online I realise the instruction on the decal placement is not included. Can anyone help me with the scan the pages of the reissued instruction book of how to cut the body, decal placement, and color? I thank you for your help. Best, Ben AKA VS
  2. I found out Jody's eyes are blue while Ronnie's eyes are brown lol~
  3. Thank you gents, I have been busy with the new helmet from James, Beetlelover. Not finish yet, but will go on my Tyrrell P34 Thanks James, @Dutch, thanks brother! I do have the Mercedes, but I end up getting Tom's, Newman, Wacoal, Rothman, and Canon liveries. @Waterbok, yes sir! It does come with cockpit.
  4. Hello Folks, I got the Nissan R91CP and Just wondering if the Newman Porsche 956's and Mercedes Benz C11 bodies are compatible with the Nissan R91CP chassis. It's new toy for me and I would love to know. Thank you for your help! VS
  5. Thanks Gentlemen, Yes the Woosh email does not work. Berman could you send me a message with the new contact address? Thanks! Ben
  6. Hello folks, I'm looking to buy Beetlelover's "Evan" headsculpts but however I can not find him even after I wrote him. I'm not sure if Beetlelover is still around, does anyone know? By the way, I am looking to buy six "Evans" if you know I can buy retail, please let me know. http://www.tamiyaclub.com/showroom_model.asp?cid=96312&id=3092 Here's the headsculpt. Thank you for your helping hand, Ben AKA VS
  7. These bikes are just so beautiful and brings back fond memories. Did any of you gents good at freestyling? By the way, anyone here ever watched the movie "RAD"? After walking out the theater, I practiced for weeks before my mom got me the classic Nintendo system LOL~ VS
  8. Hello Gents, Can anyone email me a scan of 1/6 Honda CB1100R motorcycle instruction booklet cover? I need it to receive some replacement parts from Tamiya. Please help and I apprecaite your time and helping hand. VS
  9. WOW! This is a great topic!! Here are some dealer catalog pics of the VERY first Giant BMXs circa 1980. Giant BMX back in the days were the schiznit in our neighborhood! I had a blue one which got stolen. My mom left it down stair of our house... she is too trusting and I didn't know any better! I was about 7 years old! I miss that bike! Here's my GT Pro Performer circa 1985. I still have this bike to this day.... in tip top condition! Wow... I'm really excited about this topic lol~ VS
  10. "This is a test. For the next sixty (or thirty) seconds, VS will conduct a test of the VS website system. This is only a test." Hello Gents, I recently just started my own website so I decide to test the signature lol~ if you are interest in scale models, feel free to click on my signature and check out some of my junks. Oh, its not finished yet but I got some RC stuff on there too. Thank you VS
  11. Thank you Brother Bakaguyjean! Mystery solved!! By the way, in your expertise, do you know if ABC Hobby still produce this body? VS
  12. Thank you Brother Blacque Jacque for your detailed information on the Esprit. When I got the body, the rear lower part of the excess lexan has been cropped. I suspect the manufacture's name might be imprinted in that area. Other than that, there are no sign of other labels. You would think such legendary car atleast one major manufacture would have attept at an Esprit model. VS
  13. Thanks gents, I still can not able to identify the maker of this body. Brother Tenzo, I went on HPI website and checked Lamborghini and none of the cars from HPI Lambo look like this one. Brother Sideways: I did the same with Carson but nothing came out. VS
  14. Hello folks, Me gf just got me a bodyset. I can not make the brand out of this. It's a rather detailed Lotus Esprit. Can anyone help identify the maker of this bodyset? It is 1/10 scale 190mm wide 260mm wheelbase I thank you for your time~ VS
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