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  1. My local parts supplier has them for $5.95nzd (2.29 gbp) http://www.trademe.co.nz/Toys-models/Radio...n-160204039.htm cheers
  2. My very first r/c car in 1994 was a Footwork FA13 Mugen Honda F1 car. It slowly evolved over the years and turned into a Lotus Ford 102D. Sold it to some kid when I moved to the city and lost my job. The kid didn't want to hear about my advice on how to drive it and where to race it....he just wanted to "drift" with his mates. I almost cried. My minter F1 was gonna be a ****** drifter in a matter of hours and probably end up in the bin when the LHS can't get F102 parts
  3. GroupCracer


    I ordered a Manta Ray re-re off them a while back which they said was in stock. Came up out of stock about a week later....
  4. Picked up a few of these a while back, used to have one years ago when I raced F1 in 1994. One of them has suddenly decided it doesn't want the car to move, had been used recently in my Group C Mazda 787b with the stock pinion and 17 turn motor. Steering works fine, and the car spins the wheels half a turn or so when you switch it on. Changed motors, no difference. Can you repair these? If so. How? cheers al
  5. You guys have some of the cheapest gas in the western world still We are paying $6.00usd for a US gallon here in NZ. The guys in the UK pay even more, but they earn more....
  6. Got the parts I needed LHS had some TA01/2 Alloy kingpins which worked, and got a Manta Ray C parts tree from Jason's Store, they must be still in production because he had a pile of them. Also the red TA02/W uprights are the same so got some of those as well. While I was at it I got some Tamiya high density pin spike tires, I assume these will fit on the star wheels of the TC?
  7. I'm in New Zealand so I wasn't expecting offers of parts. My parts guy here is pretty good
  8. Went to my local offroad track today, its the only club in my city that caters for electric offroad, we had the largest meet of electric offroaders and it was eight cars strong. 1/8th gas has killed electric offroad racing here Had a bit of an off into a 6 inch thick guard rope and managed to brake two parts and lost a screw.... Upon closer inspection I need C parts, Upright set and screw bag C to get it going again Runs a BZ Super Stock, with Tamiya CPR Unit P160f and Team Orion 4500mah pack.
  9. Must have pressed the wrong button twice on my Novak Ionic and charged my 3300 nimh 6 cell pack as having 7 cells..... It beeped saying it was done, but as I took it off the charger I noticed straight away it was the hottest battery ever!!!! Making the plastic covering soft....I was afraid it was going to explode so I put it outside! LOL Have I killed my battery, or could I discharge/charge it a few times without it exploding on me?
  10. I race Mini and Touring stock at my club. I get by with three 1500mah nicds and my Novak Ionic charger in the trunk. Thats two lots of four heats, a qualify race and the final. All 5 mins each
  11. I've got two of the P160fs. One sits in my Stadium Blitzer shelfer and the other resides in my Jaguar XJR-12 runner.
  12. Picked up a can of PS fluro orange to touch up the Terra Conqueror's shell. It is flaking between the front shock towers. My Rover Mini Cooper shell arrived today and I'm about to order a re-re Manta Ray off a site for the cheapest I've ever seen it...about $90usd along with some square spike tires for the Terra Conqueror
  13. Was at our onroad track here, when it poured with rain for about 10 minutes. All the cars were packed away and we waited for the rain to stop. When the rain stopped the track was still soaked. I didn't wanna be just sitting back waiting, so I put my Terra Conqueror on the onroad and ripped and drifted the track LOL
  14. Bought this off eBay today. Near mint Stadium Blitzer $167usd. http://cgi.ebay.com/ws/eBayISAPI.dll?ViewI...cTODAY.m238.lVI I'm really stoked, I was looking at restoring one that I could have picked up for around $150nzd for a rough but complete one, but would need new shell, wheels, tires etc.... this was a much better option
  15. Yeah they come with full bearings as standard The performance is great with the 21t pinion, it might just be too high geared for the motor though. The front drive shafts are a bit bent though....I have some new ones coming from Jason's Store this week.
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