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  1. Another thought - may be worth having a chat with a plant fitter / hire company, i know from my days in construction that theres all kinds of slip connectors used on 360's etc that are for quick coupling of attachments, may need to thread the two cut ends for that though so don't know if you have access to that kit. Ideal soultion would be to have no bolts / clips to lose, just line up and twist and lock. Have a look here too, may be a simple soultion? http://www.baselinemarine.com/shopdisplayproducts.asp?page=4 You'll get bored of me soon! choice is always a problem with this kind of thing, as soon as you start goiing off the beaten track you'll have more info than you want and far too many ways of doing it!
  2. Ahh, there may be some ideas for you here then, http://www.ukriversguidebook.co.uk/forum/v...ic.php?p=180646 theres a links in those threads with other thoughts. Still depends on what kind of trolley you want, did build one a few years back for a mate, he is disabled so made a trolley that fitted on the back of his pick up truck. Used powered actuators etc to make a bed that lifted off the back of his truck to floor level linked to his chair which he then used to tow down to the slipway. Much welding and cost but like you say a bit of thinking and it's all possible, it helped that he is a complete nut case and refused to accept the notion of problems in any form!
  3. Don't know what that is or what your trying to do but think differant industrys, i've used some of these marine connectors before, great quality and because of the application long lasting. If you really want pastic then i'd ignore plumbing supplies (which is what google will show for a 22mm connector search i should think) because there all push fit and not that style and first try horticultral suppliers, cold frames stuff like that, second guess would be aquaculture / fishkeeping, thinking off filtration pipe connectors, would say medical but there all a bit weird and a lot of them are designed for single use. Aplogies if thats all useless twaddle but these days the choice is so great it's hard to locate unless you know what the thing is *that link didn't work for me , don't know what i done but heres the address - http://www.seascrew.com/browse.cfm?l=0000000172
  4. Ssssshhh, my wallet can see this at the moment, it's not allowed any more project cars Heard the rumours about these and looking forward to when i can order some, will be getting some of the 'front knuckle arms' as well and hopefully by the time im ready to buy theres some kind of front shock set up for sale to go with them all, thats wishfull thinking though i fear. Thanks for posting the pretty pics
  5. Well a rare post from me on it's way........ I don't agree with what Tamiya has done but i can see why, as for Tamiya Club i'll be paying for my next lot just as soon as i can, there's a community here ready to help with any questions and that goes way beyond some manuals for me. For me Chris has consistanly shown himself to be fair and has to consider the wider picture, and i for one think that he has taken the right course of action with this, it's a complete no-brainer. While i'm being nice fair play to mods as well, i've had trades etc deleted and im sure we are all a cause for much pain in the ..... erm something that will be deleted Anything else is up to you, you want, you search, you will find.
  6. you can tell the differance if you compare vintage v re-re, sprues, coating on the tyres etc - however unless your completely stubborn don't bother!! Differances are really tiny and no-one else would know, their the only re-re parts i would put on a vintage build, so far i've been really lucky and found some vintages or vintage hop up equivalants, these have all been privately sourced though folks i can trust and each time i have verified them to be vintage, one set was from a vintage nib ss break up so that still counts for me. unless you have possibly years to wait for some originals to come up (no joke, i have many projects that the parts hunt has hit over three years now) and are inclined to pay the premium then forget it and get some re-re's, there just not out there. great that you want to keep it true and theres no excuse for the rest of the parts!
  7. Interesting question and depends on your interests i suppose, with such a diverse bunch of folks into RC, itself made up of so many differant segments theres always giong to be demand but predicting levels would be impossible. For me one of the drivers behind my collection is the 'people will forget they even existed' part of your question, price wise theres been many times have i hoped they didnt want them anymore lol! The whole point for me is to capture a slice of RC history and try and keep it safe. Theres to many examples to give to try to explain it but one for you is this, i paid £50 for a set of front alloy dirt burners wheel covers when i couldn't afford to and never knowing whether i'd find the rears to make the set! After three years + of searching i now have the rears along with DB's rear shocks, nerf bars, wheel hubs and screw sets - Repeat story x silly amounts for parma project cars, you-g, crp etc etc and you have a combination of , not speaking from experience but, gambleing and drug addiction. For me i have my own reasons for doing this but if you have none of your own and just want to bash/race then yeah get a shiney new whatever where you can get parts with ease, make sense. In the manner of jerry springer my final thought for the day is this, these companies don't make these anymore! There is not an infinate supply of these parts and thats why i know i'll probably never capture all of the Gh's history - won't stop me having a **** good go though and i think theres always going to be people who apprecate the classics as well, for collectors of anything in the world the item with the stand out attributes, however you want to classify them, will always be prized. Dean
  8. I just hope it changes soon, it seemed to be stuck on tanks for so long that it made me start a tankhopper project, the last thing i want is it to get to the stage where im trying to work out how to make a grassboat
  9. I can't begin to imagine how long you spent putting that site toghether! Got some more Grasshopper posters if you fancy some hi res swapsies? Dean
  10. Ok Paul, back home about 11.30 tonight so will get some pics over to you shortly after that Dean
  11. I got one a few weeks back after breaking a self imposed rule of 'no more buying project cars for the moment' it was on a GH2! If your still after one let me know and i'll dig it out and get some pics for you, from memory its in good condition and yours for the postage. Dean
  12. Very sad news, the very first parts i bought were from Tony, first e-bay transaction as well which he took the time to explain all about paypal etc etc, then pointed me in the direction of tamiyaclub - what more can i say! Haven't bought anything in a little while but i look forward to seeing you back up and running soon and will have my clicky fingers ready Best wishes to you. Dean
  13. Hi just seen them listed, looks like a good couple of projects Regarding the questions you have the Super G does have a seperate insert sheet in the standard instruction manual, i can't scan one as all my NIBs are sealed and i haven't got round to any Super G restos yet to track one down myself. What i do know is the Super G was issued in two main forms, with oil filled shocks and with out, your cars are the without so that should solve the wondering there, not all G's have the oil filled to start with. Also regarding wheel colours they either came with yellow or green wheels depending on stocks at the time of issue, both come up on the bay fairly regulary. In addition to that i know the Super G kit contains a seperate Super G screw bag. As i haven't got round to any yet i can only guess but im fairly sure the main differances in the build will be the shocks therefore a request for shock instructions would do it unless you have those already, if not i'll be home at the weekend and would be able to provide those. I have some Super G screw bags as well so can dig out one of those to have a check whats inside there too if that would help. Dean
  14. Hi all, Just wanted to help spread the word about a great operation a fellow TC'er is building For those of you unaware as yet Chris has a huge bunch of resources, a love of RC and has recently turned his hand to producing some fantastic parts for numerous RC cars, perfect! Check out His website at radshape and find out about the stuff this company gets up to, great to have a company like this producing RC parts. Vist the website, check out his ebay listings (sorry in advance mods if im not allowed to do this!) at radshape ebay page here, look at the guys showroom here radshape TC showroom. Check it out, buy some stuff!!! Nice to see a new quality producer of RC parts up and running and you can be sure there will be more and more parts available soon. Thanks, Dean
  15. It is a TMS bumper, i have a couple the same NIP
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