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  1. Just got the wife to pick me up a copy. LOL @ carrying the box of Tamiya parts out the shop. Cracking pic of my Sand Rover as well. Top work guys. Roll on the Sept meet
  2. Finally pulled my finger out and got a decent pic of the bay with loads of area for blasting SRB's. Even has steep climbs for Scalers on the cliffs.
  3. There is a large sandy bay between Pakefield in Lowestoft and Kessingland that I have rarely seen many people use. (Get the occasional jogger and dog). You have to walk 1/2 a mile from the road through a holiday park/Farmers field to access it. Other to that the public would have to walk along the beach which is a fair distance and not many members of the public are prepared to walk that far. Even if they do walk by the bay is vast. Even a McDonalds 1 mile down the road as well : )
  4. Has to be a beach. What's stopping 40 Racers for example turning up at a quiet beach with a sports bag full of charged batteries ready to race on a course outlined using small flags or road cones ?
  5. WOW SRB's racing against each other off road would be RC Nirvana. Has to be using a factory shell which you can get the complete bodyset from Hong Kong for £30 posted. I've raced at Ipswich RC club before with a TA-02 Truck near the Orwell Bridge. Also they have the Tarmac circuit for racing Tamiya Mini's and 1:10 Touring cars. I could contact them to see if they could lay on something. http://www.coastalrc.webspace.virginmedia.com/homepage.htm
  6. Thanks again guys for a cracking day.
  7. I have a new metal geared servo and servo horns from the Violet Racer if need be Steve Hammerstein love the livery and Fraggle Rock style driver
  8. Finally pulled my finger out. Just need electrics fitted now for the SR & SV
  9. Finally pulled my finger out and building the 3 Racing shocks. Are they having a laugh with the instructions being so small. I've got 8 E clips but only need 4 ?? Surely you need 1 either side of the 1 or 2 hole piston plate. Does the large black O ring go at the bottom and large white O ring at the top ?
  10. I was going to sell the kit on after the event. Just a failsafe as would be gutted travelling 180 miles and broke the car in 5 minutes. If I sell all the parts on the day, your welcome to have the empty box.
  11. Top work guys with Fusion Hobbies getting on board. I am bringing a brand new unbuilt Violet Racer kit for spares if anyone needs anything
  12. Finally opened the 3 Racing brace and it does fit the Sand Rover as sits lower down on the shock tower. Phew
  13. These are the ones I bought http://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/111087143118?ssPageName=STRK:MEWNX:IT&_trksid=p3984.m1439.l2649
  14. Your joking as just bought 3 front braces as the guys listing on ebay states for the Holiday Buggy & Sand Rover. I did wonder though looking at my Sand Rover with the shell on
  15. Cannot wait to see it next to JWeston's HB Marshal's are going to have fun picking up all the heads and extra add on bits
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