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  1. Hi Frazer No sorry, I haven't got any parts for sale. Lee
  2. Hi guys, apologies if this in the wrong section. I've been a member on here for a few years now and although I haven't been active for a while I have received a message from a member who was looking for parts. He has very diligently contacted me as the advice he was given suggested I have parts for sale and was given a contact email which is not mine. Just want to make as many people aware before you are scammed under my username. Take care Lee (ducatikid)
  3. I've just finished my Super Hotshot. I went with Yeah Racing parts, shocks, 70mm universals and TA02 Bell crank steering. I also used M06 steering knuckles to eliminate bumpsteer
  4. Great, thank you. I was looking through your post and saw TamTom had done the same. On his blue version the wheelbase looks longer, or is it me?
  5. WOW! Thanks for the info, I've had a read and think I had seen it before. What thickness is the styrene sheet?
  6. Hi guys, I'm wanting to make a version of the Funco buggy in the photo. I've purchased a Fighting Buggy body and have a spare Buggy Champ body to use. I want the side pods of the Fighting Buggy an the rear of the Buggy Champ (if that makes sense!). Has anyone done this or can give any tips on how to do it?
  7. Original Bigwig hardly used and Grb Celica hardly used with period radio gear and perfect boxes all for £80 Both in my showroom
  8. Thanks for the replies everyone, it's much appreciated. I sent the body shell off to a guy who works for a performance plastics company who said he could take a mold of the shell and produce a new one so i have stripped the spoilers and mirrors and sent it off. I'll update as and when i get it back. I've cleaned everything up and rebuilt the chassis but I'm waiting for the front knuckles so once they come i'll post up a couple of photos of the chassis. I do have the chance of a painted Rally Legends Escort Mk2 body shell too so may go for that.
  9. Hi guys, i recently picked up this Escort Cosworth TA01, a well used Hornet and Grasshopper. The overall condition is excellent apart from the damage at the front of the shell. I'm about to strip the chassis down and give it a good clean, i'll replace anything that needs it and rebuild back to standard. Question is the shell isn't repairable and i'm looking for opinions as to what to do, either look out for an A1 condition body shell, another touring/rally body shell ( I do have the chance of a gorgeous Escort Mk2 body) or go for something different like an off road conversion like a Top Force?
  10. Steve kindly replied to my post earlier regarding the Beetle body on the DT02
  11. I've 95% finished the Sand Viper, just need to add electronics. I found some small body mounts in my vast array of rc stuff so fitted the body tonight. I'm really happy with the way it's gone so far. I've ordered decals and will hopefully get it finished in the next couple of weeks, just need the fluorescent wheels and some decent tires then it's done.
  12. Yes, I received the DT02 Sand Viper yesterday and built most of it last night. Once I've got the shocks built I need to look at the mounting points, there is a mount in the kit which I think may be for the Nissan Titan so should be ok but the bodies between that and the Stadium Thunder are different. I'll post more pictures tonight.
  13. Received my Stadium Thunder body today and decided to test mount it on my DF03 chassis. I really like it and obviously it needs tweaking and different wheels (Really like the original Stadium Thunder yellow wheels). I have a new unbuilt Sand Viper coming this week so once that's built i'll decide which chassis the shell is going on.
  14. Subaru Brat Lexan shell uncut with decals, £30 plus postage. PayPal plus fees Location Darlington Co. Durham UK
  15. I've got a new in packet Tamtech Fox bodyset, comes with decals. I'm after £30 plus postage. PayPal accepted Located in Darlington, Co.Durham UK
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