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  1. Hi, I sell a good condition very rare 1987 Kyosho 360 pages catalog: Price: PENDING Regards, CyberFox.
  2. Hi, I sell the following decals: - almost complete Kyosho Pajero 1/9: 6 Euro - very good quality reproduction "Schumacher": 15 Euro - never used never open Kyosho scale series Nissan 300ZX: 10 euro shipping from France not included. Regards, CyberFox.
  3. Hi, I sell my very good condition Tamiya King Cab, with very rare never run tires: SOLD. Regards, CyberFox.
  4. yes, but I found something which can replace it. I'm now just looking for an arm shaft block.
  5. Hi, I'm looking for a Scorpion part: - 1 front arm shaft block, part like this: Regards, CyberFox.
  6. I can now confirm, Astute is sold and received
  7. no, I'm waiting confirmation that buyer received the car to update the add.
  8. Hi, I sell a very well Tamiya Astute: http://otoludic.free.fr/photos-forum/astute-02.jpg http://otoludic.free.fr/photos-forum/astute-03.jpg http://otoludic.free.fr/photos-forum/astute-04.jpg http://otoludic.free.fr/photos-forum/astute-05.jpg http://otoludic.free.fr/photos-forum/astute-06.jpg SOLD. Regards, CyberFox.
  9. It's announced for 170 Euro in a french webstore (pre-order).
  10. Hi, I sell my Zerda, it's assembled but has almost never run (only one pack inside), sold with box and manual: http://otoludic.free.fr/photos-forum/zerda-3.jpg http://otoludic.free.fr/photos-forum/zerda-4.jpg http://otoludic.free.fr/photos-forum/zerda-5.jpg http://otoludic.free.fr/photos-forum/zerda-6.jpg Price: 310 Euro, shipping from France not included. Regards, CyberFox.
  11. I have found tires, still looking for body and decals
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