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  1. I'm in the condition to refurbish this motor bought months ago I need help to know wich is the pink to use to refresh the can.
  2. It looks in good shape! I will look forward for the result of this job 👍🏻
  3. And on this bombshell we put the headstone on this thread
  4. My Delta Ray Buggy hasn't yet hit the ground and some upgrades have been already planned: 3D printed custom shock towers from Tayaki Model's in Japan.
  5. First pics outside, still waiting to the first shakedown
  6. The Delta Ray Buggy This car has started its life as my TA01 Lancia Delta Hf Integrale resto-mod project. Using a custom made TA02's chassis strechted to reach TA01 wheelbase and a twin gear diff set up I was planning to (quick) build a robust car, easy to maintain, with a classic and generous powerplant and with a body that carries the italian tradition for great looking cars. Quickly I switched to a carbon fiber chassis found on the bay because I can't resist to the appeal of a fiber chassis. I've lost some months in the search of a body that match my expectations but unfortunately finding well made bodies to use in alternative to Tamiyas is close to impossible so, while considering the idea to keep the Lancia Delta body, this project reach a kind of empasse. Considering that my time at the work bench is ever less (Venice isn't much friendly with people that love cars or little cars) and that I spend a lot of time in front of my computer, to take a breath from work and daily life, surfing the Web looking for infos about the golden era of our hobby when I could learn something only on paper (there aren't clubs in my birthplace and no other guys with much passion for little cars) I've discoverend something about a car I've never heard before: the Yokomo Hot Dog 4, an hybrid based on their YR4 touring chassis implemented with YZ10 buggy DNA, so the inspiration cames! So I’ve started to consider if it was the case to turn it into something else: I miss my Yokomo and I love to drive TA01 chassis so I’ve started to look for the parts to translate this concept of hybrid in its Tamiya equivalent. To be honest in several moments I’ve considered to quit before starting but here is it! Some inspiring concepts are the same of the starting idea: availability of parts involved in the build (with less modifications as possible) and it has to look as a car that could have been built in the 90s. It's a kind of concept car, not necessarily a race car (as the Hot Dog), not necessarily a kind of dowgraded or rebooted Top Force. The name choosen is DELTA RAY in tribute to my Lancia Delta HF Integrale (some of its small parts are still in this build) and because it’s closer to a Manta Ray than to a Top Force.
  7. Of course I was only joking (the use of the smilie should be never casual and more or less I'm used to spread nonsense as Chandler Bing). It wasn't my intention spiting out judgementes, or argue about choiches of others. I'm here to talk about rc cars and, if possible, to make a smile or a laugh together... I guess it's my fault thinking it's the same for all. For the use I do of my cars probably the cheap HK ESC is also enough but I'm a nostalgic so and I prefer to see on these small cars electronics that in a way or another are linked to my nostalgic heritage... if possible I would continue to use Novak, Tekin and KO brushed ESC for a life attempting to keep the golden era aura alive but they cost a fortune so I use mainly Robitronic Speedstar II ESC.
  8. God knows how much I love clean works and this is one that I love, well done! P.s. please do not ruin it using chinese crap as Quicrun ESC
  9. This truck looks great, improvements seems to be well minded to be really effective.
  10. My Delta Ray buggy is complete for the 99%, it needs only the hole for the antenna pipe and velcro tape to secure the body to the undertray. Some mistakes have been made while painting the body but are the same mistakes I've made when I'm 16 so it's all ok because this car has been built as a car from the 90s.
  11. 47 I will upgrade myself to 48 in october
  12. Definitive Peak 13x2 motor, definitive Robitronic ESC, definitives wiring and tires... still struggling with the body finishing but end titles are even closer! Can't wait to drive it
  13. I'm speachless and it's only the beginning!
  14. Sorry for posting here if not correct. Is it possible to change this topic name: in "the Delta Ray Buggy" Thanks in advance
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