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  1. The plastic gears and the ballbearings set are arrived so, this saturday, I've found an hour or two to speed up with the build of this strange black thing. My first intention was for both ball diffs but, considering that, here in Venice, I haven't a permanent work bench and that the maintenance of the car will be sporadic I've decided to use geared diffs: the front one is build to be as free as possible and the other is packed with AW grease and build with an extra pair of shims. Some parts are more than 20 year old, finding all the screws have been a little fight and a little mistake have been made but it grows.
  2. I have to admit that white isn't my favourite color for chassis (but it is for the bodies) but I prefer "less as possible" color schemes so if you have chose white you are doing it good. The paint job on the diffs covers is great.
  3. Are you building it for Pope Francis?
  4. Ahhhhhh that beers Great car
  5. awaiting for a full set of new plastic gears and for a full set of ballbearings I've built the empty boxes all with new parts.
  6. Many parts have been arrived but I'm experiencing a new and disappointing delay with deliveries from UK so I've decided to start with a random build. For first I've assembled the steering and, without the correct screws to put it on the chassis, I've decide to pack it with two longer screws.
  7. And in what they are different? Smoothness? Strength? I'm going to build a powertrain that can manage a 14x2 brushed or less. In the good old days a was used to ran a Kyosho Mega 16x2 without much modifies (dogbones and plastic motor mount) but I plan to build a durable basher.
  8. Well, I don't know if anyone has already asked for and I'm sorry in advance if I'm repeating it: are Yeah Racing TA-01 universals a good quality alternative to Tamiya ones or are they only a cheap alternative?
  9. With a pair of Ta01 and a Manta Ray sleeping in the same box I've been able to find many parts and in a shape I've never expected so using it allow me to save money and speed up the build. Of course some have to be cleaned, some need a deeper clean and metal parts have been sprayed with WD40.
  10. Sent you pm with a link to the store
  11. If 50 km separates you from your Tamiya stuff and from your last project you will be mostly involved in a permanent mumbling loop. Thinking about my last project is becoming my daily routine and a kind of escape. To the other hand what yesterday seemed a good idea today is totally to throw away.Last week I was sure that my TA-01 project will run a pair of ball differentials but, mumbling and mumbling, I’ve decided the opposite: it will run geared differentials… and this bring back me to the basic idea of this project: it has to be fast, tough, rugged, neat and easy to maintain. This is closely linked to my current life: living in Venice, living in a house that is not your space is a big limit and you have to think again also to your passion.The starting point of this project is the idea, much times postponed, to put back on the track my TA-01. The skating field near home is perfect for a stress-free car like a TT01/02 and I was a step to buying one but the TA call was much strong and it won!Loosing time in lurking the Web to look for, without a real intention, an alternative to the standard chassis and I’ve found, here in Italy, a replica, made out of delrin, of the TA02 frp chassis but with the length to match the Ta01 original one: bought but not before ordering the #19118018 “J” parts sprue to complete it: I’ve started from this point.For the rest, counter to my habit, I will keep mostly self-tapping screws, self-tapping suspensions pin and less uniballs as possible. Only the transmission will be strengthen as much as possible with full plastic gears to avoid the wear typical of aluminum gears, steel shaft, unis and -of course- ballbearings everywhere also motor mount will be swapped with a aluminum one. Suspension will remain, more ore less, the standard ones, I’m still considering if swap the fluorine coated dampers from my FF-03 or going for black CVA on all four corners. More pics to come, slow but sure.
  12. Hyperion Eos606i Charger used but in good condition (only two rubbers are gone as shown). JST-XH and original balance plug included. Euro 35,00 shipping from Italy included.
  13. Is there anyone that knows if do exist a RM01 to GT conversion?
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