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    My Tamiyas, a craft hoppy ale, a book from my favourites, my single speed MTB, going for mushrooms on the Dolomites, some movies from the 80s, Japan and my Wife

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  1. Thank you dude but I'm already a subsciber So grateful for your thought, anyway The thing I miss is a screwdriver not a mouse
  2. Thank you! Italians are holding fast, most hitted regions are doing every effort to contain this virus. Hope it becomes only an ugly memory quickly.
  3. No RC stuff here in Venice, all my cars are at my parents home 50km far from here... can't reach them until the emergency ends. Got scotch instead.
  4. Second day of Smart Working from home due to Covid-19 emergency, no RC stuff here in Venice . Wheelers Dealers,Top Gear and Grand Tour after work... a glass of Scotch before sleeping.
  5. I couldn't resist to a carbon fiber custom chassis
  6. Found the definitive body: Lancia 037 rally.
  7. Unfortunately Photobucket stole all the pics I've uploaded during this years and my WO build thread is gone so I'm using a pic edited by my showroom. I've closed the "mouse hole" using a made from scratch part following the original shape. And this is the way I've improved the steering links: http://jeekrc.blogspot.com/2013/06/051-improving-steering-of-my-wo.html
  8. Killerbody Lancia Beta Montecarlo GR. 5 new, unused, complete only unpacked lexan body. Euro 50,00 standard shipping from Italy included. Rally Legends Lancia Stratos new, unused, complete only unpacked lexan body (version w/out sponsors decals). Euro 50,00 standard shipping from Italy included.
  9. I realize that I'm a bit redundant but, after months and with relief, I can say that the car is finished Electronics is definitive, cables setup is satisfying, suspensions setup have been refined lowering the car wiht the inner spacers in every damper and swapping springs with the yellow medium ones. I've discovered the cause of that strange chassis flexions: the excess of servo travel caused it because when the steering travel reach its end servo continue to push. Solved by limiting the servo travel via trasmiter (and not with a screwdriver as my usual). Now I'm forced to paint the body.
  10. I agree, great fun to build and modify mine but not much fun in driving it.
  11. I feel the linking with this hobby as a part of my life, today I continue to see myself as the young gun that felt in love with the 959 pictured in the 1986 or 1987 Tamiya catalogue. Despite this I've been far from this hobby (that is the only one I consider my hobby for life) for almost 15 years without realizing why. My attention have been distracted from the hobby and from my few cars (that I've neglected) by several things: for first an hard phase of my family life (and I wasn't ready, I'm alone without brothers... I've felt big responsabilities), the tentative to became prone to a more social life, different hobbies (fishing, 4wheeling) but that 15 years have been fade away when I've grabbed the screwdriver for a build in the early 2000s. Today I'm 45yo and I've realized that the only one thing that I had to do in the dark moments was not quiting but keeping my passion alive and to take care of my cars because IMHO passions (not obsessions) are a safety net... this is what I repeat, often, to my wife to encourage her to continue to deepen the study of japanese and to continue to cook... it's our way to take our life easy, to face impacts.
  12. It's a poor copy, I will help you trowing it away if you send it to me. We are on TC were, if needed, friend help friend.
  13. It's another one I'm considering but for first I would understand if the Beta Montecarlo I've purchased for a bargain price on the bay is well made or not.
  14. With the new Quicrun 1060 ESC installed I can say that this car is finished. Mostly definitive maybe with some possible adjustments to consider after a real shakedown. Unfortunately I've discovered that the delrin chassis flexes under the servo action so I've to find a remedy. The biggest doubt is about the body because the Civic one I've considered from the beginning doesn't convince me at 100% and I have to admint that I prefer something "italian" (Fiat, Lancia... the search is hard). About this I've purchased a Rally Legend Lancia Stratos, it's arrived saturday and it is disappointing: it's something between a 8th and 9th scale and a little coarse. I've found I nice Lancia Beta Montercarlo Gr. 5 from Killerbody and I'm waiting the delivery.
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