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  1. Well, before purchasing the spares, I'm thinking about these breakages from a while. Screw holes have been not tapped before but I've used another (well lubed) screw to prepare them, I've been delicate to avoid cracks and plastic overheat as in my habit. As shown by the pics cracks are not through the holes but in front of them and, IMO, it's pretty clear that the gearbox it's not well supported by the topdeck that allows a backwards movent during the impact. So I've realized that the problem should not depend by that screws but by the long step screws I've used instead the 3x25 self tapping screws showed in the manual. I guess that the allow the slack for the backwards movement of the entire gearbox that at a certain point cracks. Before ordering the spares I wil improve the structure mixing the Top-Force alluminum posts or ordering the 3x25 self-tapping screws.
  2. Thanks I came to this solution after many attempts (only thought and actually built): the first concern a more classic double vertical dampers but, considering the short suspension arms and the resultant much short lever arm, that configuration, IMO, doesn't added the handling I figured so I've started to surf the web looking if anything was done in the good old days. The first mono-shock design made only adding an alluminum triangular arm parallel to the original arm is my version of the You-g/Parma one but to work well it needs a specific damper and I wanted to put in a standard one. So I've added i kind of push-rod: unfortunately it wasn't enough. After years (because it took years) I decided that it was the time to finish this project so (considering that all my CR01's cantilevers during it's heavy modifying were in surplus) I reach the final result with enough push to manage a standar damper. Of course the internal springs have been removed. The car handles more ore less like a Citroen 2CV and it's what I was looking for, it looks a bit overengineered but, sometimes, Tamiya do the same so I consider it a kind of (natural) evolution of the specie.
  3. Linking to tcphotos works fine only with mobile devices, sorry for posting unuseful links.
  4. Steel RW pinion have been arrived and mounted. Not very proud about it: I hit for the second time the sidewalk and, in a second, the new front plastics became rubbish. It's a shame 'cause after a re-built of the four dampers and a new set-up the car was performing well and it felt to be less wild than the first time. I'm in doubt if this pronity to the cracks could depend by the machined screws.
  5. Final: <a href="http://tcphotos.net/image/I9dx"><img src="" alt="brat004.md.jpg" border="0"></a> <a href="http://tcphotos.net/image/IzSl"><img src="" alt="brat003.md.jpg" border="0"></a>
  6. Second: <a href="http://tcphotos.net/image/Ifjt"><img src="" alt="brat002.md.jpg" border="0"></a>
  7. Taken inspiration also from that mono-shock seen on the Net and with the intention to keep the original horizontal damping scheme, during the years I've made some "experiments". First attempt: <a href="http://tcphotos.net/image/Ie3u"><img src="" alt="brat001.md.jpg" border="0"></a>
  8. I've read the original thread and, as accountant, I have to bow to the numbers :-) Of course that wheels (shaped as a pair of big fans) move a certain amount of fresh air in the warmest part of the car. Still in doubt about the intake :-D Concerning the DT02 its motor place (and its full plastic mould) is one of the thing I don't like 'cause I've supposed at first sight that increases motor overheat.
  9. It's all about your choice, you've chosen the darkest side, the shelf side
  10. Are we sure that the air intake deserve so much attention and work? Are we sure that the air intake is really useful? I try to explain my assertion, please be patient due to my poor english The idea of fresh air that flow to the motor is smart but if the air doesn't flows "thorugh" the motor to improve the cooling the air intake will be only another exotic part screwed on our car. In the DS the motor sits in a claustrophobic place without much metal parts (except for its plate) that help to dissipate heat and the slots in the Nimrod motor guard IMO are not enough to allow air to flow freely and plentiful. But we are talking about a shelf queen, so mine is only the umteenth observation of a teen grown spending much time on Rc magazines, Tamiya catalogues and motorsport magazines
  11. What about a short shakedown, to shoot a video for the guys here on TC?
  12. Years ago I've made some attempts to thermoform a PET bottle over a mould but this is brilliant.
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