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  1. A pair of Blitzer chassis for my next restomod project
  2. I'm slowly working on the body that needs extra attention because I want to paint the windows seals instead to use the stickers. In the search for the definitive set up for cables I've accidentally switched on the ESC so I've fried it... it will be swapped wit a brand new Mtroniks TT60. This car grows but I'm definetely tired, it's impossible to wait a full week and work on it for only a pair of hours.
  3. Looks great with yellow wheels!
  4. So the search for the body is finished where it was begun. New Ko Propo ESC ready to be installed for a japanese quality set up.
  5. Unfortunately the Alfa body lost its beautiful and classy shape after cutting it and I'm doing several attempts to carry it back to its original silhouette; my last is about tying it like my mother's sunday roast, to apply some hot air with an hairdryer and let it cool before removing that twine. Last week the target seemed to be reached, I will check if saturday the result is permanent.
  6. A Ko PropoVFS-FR2 ESC for my Lancia 037/Alfa Romeo Giulia TA01
  7. Great to see some good old craftsmanship instead of 3D printing but, IMHO, that long upper link mount may create much lever for a single hole fixing .
  8. Made the first attempt with "gentle" heat (hair dryer not heat gun) and reached the first results. The way is long to mach the real Alfa Romeo side lines but I guess it will be ok at the end. 😵
  9. I prefer self-supporting solution without any link to the chassis. I've made a cardboard stiffener to test shape and size, orderd a lexan sheet and 3M extra strong double sided tape but heat is still in my mind.
  10. I've bought a non-Tamiya body shell that needs a "correction" to match the lines of the real car. After cutting it the sides are exploded outwards and, at first, I've considered to built a pair od inner stiffeners. The question is about using heat instead of stiffeners.
  11. Another german car, bewildering and disappointing
  12. I've considered this body Alfa Romeo Giulia Super for a while and when the producer turn its construction from two pieces to one piece I've decided to buy it. Unfortunately when cutted this body lose part of its shape so I have to build a pair or more of stiffeners... things are going far and far for the quick resto-mod project I've planned months ago. Sorry for bad pic
  13. Thank you dude but I'm already a subsciber So grateful for your thought, anyway The thing I miss is a screwdriver not a mouse
  14. Thank you! Italians are holding fast, most hitted regions are doing every effort to contain this virus. Hope it becomes only an ugly memory quickly.
  15. No RC stuff here in Venice, all my cars are at my parents home 50km far from here... can't reach them until the emergency ends. Got scotch instead.
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