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  1. Manta Ray Racecraft body repro by Penguin
  2. I'm definitely a buggy guy! So in the nex weeks I will turn plans in reality.
  3. I really like this hybrid, especially the dampers towers and the others custom parts that allow the use of the Astute chassis. Keep it alive it carries the 90s spirit made of handmade parts and creativity .
  4. I agree about CR, after several year of experience with this car I would be in doubt to buy it again. Its complexity isn't supported by a great capability on the rocks especially by its limited steering radius (That's why you can build it with 4WS) . Mine has an heavly modified chassis but without cvd in front a serious improvement is impossible. I would spend a word about FF03: not so much fun while building it, not my cup of tea.
  5. Prices include UK VAT and if there isn't shipping documents I guess for italian customs VAT or not makes no difference. Italian VAT and other taxes are calculated also on shipping costs. To me UK is a huge source of right priced spares and several dedicated well priced items (bearings and more)... I will continue to buy this stuff and I will see. You are kind but I've got a sort of uncle that lives in Cardiff that I will disturb for this kind of things
  6. Uk is unbeateble for prices, variety and shipping rates (that are often proportional to the packet sizes) for these reasons during this years I've bought mainly from Uk: fishing items, clothes and, of course, RC items. Tamiya spares were in prompt delivery and generally speaking I've experienced kindness and professionality that made me confident about shopping in Uk.
  7. Italian customs, in this case, are managed by italian post and italian post are a calamity.
  8. This time yes, others from Ebay... I guess it makes difference as I guess It will make difference the dimension of dispatch.
  9. I've purchased RC items almost every month this year, mostly from Uk and I've only experienced (not much) longer delivery times but the last one have been delivered in one month (never before) and comes with italian custom receipt for taxes.
  10. Just to share my experience with order from Uk after Brexit: after almost 20 years of stuff purchased in the United Kingdom I'm sad to witness that the party is over. Here in Italy longer delivery times and taxes are back
  11. Most of my RC habits are due to the fact my love for this hobby comes from the golden era, my aesthetic sense for RC cars have been born in that days and deeps its roots in nostalgia, so: brushed is cool 'cause intimidates as a group B rally car/brushless are ugly in the same aseptic way a Tesla is, long antenna tube are cool/unvisible antenna need help to grew up, handmade parts are masterpieces/3d printed parts look like cookies, brushed esc requires a brain linked to your fingers/brushless esc requires a programm box... I quit Lipos only because I was tired to watch becoming fat. Of course I'm seriuosly joking hope it came well, if not it depends by my bad english
  12. Imho you're in good fellowship
  13. This used and abused Trinity Tru-Lathe to keep care of my brushed motors
  14. Years ago I did the same and to be sure I emailed Corally, at that time several spares were available yet (brushes, springs, armatures and many others) but I don't know if today it's the same, If I'm not wrong something is changed about Corally.
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