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  1. I go through phases with this sort of thing. I've spent more money in the past two weeks on parts and pieces than I did all last year. There was a span in there where I didn't spend a penny on RC for the better part of 5-6 years. Growing family, other projects, honey-do lists, etc. Right now I'm at the peak "get it now before it's gone!" phase, just spending like it's never going to run out. I'm 99% sure I have enough projects to keep me going for quite awhile... but every time I see a Sand Scorcher or Big Bear parts, I get this weird little twitch to reach for my wallet. And God help me if Kyosho re-releases the Turbo Optima. :blink: I might not be able to resist!

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  2. Couple of notes: the 480 might be a goner - it spins well and all, but the two leads have come off over time and took a good amount of the contacts with them. Maybe salvageable, I don't know.

    Reassembled the rear end and transmission without any issue; the ball diff is smooth and silent - but when both axles are turned in the same direction, there's gear chatter and it occasionally locks up. During assembly, the pinion gear looked a little small to me, like the teeth wouldn't mesh with the spur gear well. So I'm going to have to disassemble it and do a little more checking of pinion gear teeth and numbers and such I think.

    Oh, and the windshield is toast - anyone know where I can get another? Thanks!



  3. 2 hours ago, Crash Cramer said:

    Forgot to comment. You called the motor "no-name" and it is a bit far from the truth. That looks to me to be a Speedworks Monster Mash and it was made by Trinity I believe, BITD. :lol:

    Yes, that was Dawn. I have heard that it promotes rust, but I made sure to do a light coat of machine (3-in-1) oil over the parts before they went back together. Hopefully that will do the trick.

    That's exactly what it is! I have no knowledge of them at all. Is it worth keeping? I was going to try out the M480-RS that I have from my original BB in this truck...

  4. 26 minutes ago, Crash Cramer said:

    Triple B???? You might be watching that Guy Fieri show too much. It had an MIP Ball diff already, that was a quick install, any photos??

    @Crash Cramer Funny, I just ate in one of his restaurants Friday night, never even thought about it!

    Yep, came with the differential. pics of everything are over here:


  5. After thinking about it a while and seeing as the grease that was in the ball diff was more like glue after sitting for so long, I figured it should be degreased, cleaned, and then re-greased and packed with silicone grease. 

    I was a bit nerve wracked with teeny tiny ball bearings on the loose, but everything went fine. The diff is now smoother and quieter than it was before. It was actually very easy to take apart, service and reassemble - I was pretty surprised.





    With the spur gear



    Stripping the grease off


    Starting reassembly


    And after



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  6. So I have been trying to think of a solution to amend the problem I have (or anyone might have) with the lack of re re tires for the BB. I ordered a set of Wild Willy 2 wheels and tires and a WW2 E-parts tree which has the hex hubs for the axles. I know that there are plenty of adapters out there for converting a Big Bear to Blackfoot wheels, but I don't want to go down that road and make this a "Black Bear" - although that sounds pretty cool - so I am going to go to work on fabricating Big Bear to Wild Willy 2 hub adapters.

    Before I get super involved with this, they don't already exist someplace do they?

  7. 9 hours ago, Chilihook said:

    I'm likely not going to be taking the ball diff apart, just giving it a really good cleaning. I have a couple of pics of the assembly instructions from MIP from the diff was originally built. Also, here are a couple of shots of the diff , idler gear, and the spur gear on the no-name motor. The squares on the cutting mat are 1-inch square to give you an ide of the diff' size.







    And this is why you shouldn't post from your phone late at night. Sorry everyone and thanks for the pick up Waterbok!

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  8. I'm likely not going to be taking the ball diff apart, just giving it a really good cleaning. I have a couple of pics of the assembly instructions from MIP from the diff was originally built. Also, here are a couple of shots of the diff , idler gear, and the spur gear on the no-name motor. The squares on the cutting mat are 1-inch square to give you an ide of the diff' size.







  9. I wish I had a sonic cleaner. Wonder if hydrogen peroxide would work? Or vinegar and baking soda?

      I found 3-d files online for the bumper, body mount, roll bar, and lights. Had the mount and bumper printed. Should be receiving 3-d printed parts from a local source in a couple of days. Great price, looking forward to seeing what they're like!

  10. Well, that Big Bear I got of Fee Bay a few days ago now sits disassembled on my bench. Easily the filthiest model I have ever taken apart. Dirt and sand everywhere, very sticky dust, dead spiders in the tires, thick, lugubrious grease in the gears. Many of the bolts have corrosion on them. The tires, while being in okay-ish shape all have multiple flat spots. The tire inserts had their lips bent, almost like scallop shells - how do you do that? You'll see in the picture that one of the screws is not like the others - someone just jammed a screw that was way too big into the back of the wheel. Nice job.


    I'm guessing that when this was put away the last time it was run hard and put away wet, so to speak. Whatever double sided tape that held the ancient receiver in place was clearly made out of the material that they make the little black boxes out of that are on jets. Wish the whole truck was made of that stuff, it'd last forever.  Oh yeah, the front body mount and the bumper were broken.





    However I'm not deterred. As I go along, I'm sure I'll have questions... as a matter of fact I have one now - what is the best way of cleaning small metal parts? I was thinking of soaking them in mineral spirits or something similar, but not sure. Could always dowse them with Dawn dish soap and near boiling water. Was wondering what everyone else would do?


    Also a serious plus came with this Big Bear - an MIP ball diff. So the transmission won't bean issue. I hope. B)


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  11. Funny, I've purchased several new vehicles; a FAV, an Optima, a Schnitzer BMW, and a WRC Focus and have only built one so far. While it was fun, it is so much more gratifying to either fix up the ones you had as a kid or to find the beat up car/buggy/truck that speaks to you and rebuild it. All the gear that I bought prepping to build the Optima I bought last spring is going to sit a while more I guess. There's a Big Bear on my bench at the moment.

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  12. Mods, I'm not sure if this is the right place for this topic. If I put in here by mistake, my apologies and please feel free to move where it belongs. Thanks.

    Finally got to take some pictures of the ads in the old RCCA mags I have. Many were repeats so I picked the ones that caught my eye or sparked my imagination when I was a kid. If there are any ads that you remember but haven't seen since 1986 or 87, I'd be happy to look through the magazines I have and add them to this thread. Heck, if anyone has any old Tamiya ads or just ones they always liked feel free to add them in here too.










    I wanted this winter set up in the worst way when I was a kid!


    Dot matrix printer ad - how low a budget did they actually have?












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  13. 6 hours ago, racer1 said:

    Yes.. Back in the day I couldn't really afford Tamiya's so I had a number of Hirobo cars like the Alien, Celica and Peugeot 405. From there I jumped on the Aristo Craft brand and had a couple of Kangaroos and a Dolphin. I recall these where cheap and RTR from Toys-R-Us here in the state.  I had the old beat up kangaroo box up until a few years ago with the $69.99 sticker on it. 


    Here's a Kangaroo ad from 1987!


  14. Yes, the first year was quarterly. Interestingly, the first issue has almost no ads. I think there's one full, two-page spread for the Associated RC10, but other than that, only an ad on the inside front cover and on the back. The next magazine was close to half full of advertisers. Mostly hobby shops that are long gone.

    Gotta say though, the Nichimo models always kind of compelled me as did the Hirobos. Never saw one in person or knew of someone who had built one. Guess my Marui Big Bear was about as far from the mainstream as I got. I'll try to post some pics of some of the ads tonight. Many looked like they were done on a typewriter!

  15. While hunting for a book for my daughter in the basement tonight I found my old collection of magazines in one of the boxes. A little musty smelling and sort of yellowed, but man! What a flashback! So many manufacturers of cars that we never think of today - Nichimo, Pacesetter, BoLink, MRP, Circus Hobbies, Parma, and a lot of others.

    did anyone have any of these more obscure manufacturer's cars in addition to their Tamiyas?IMG_4718.JPG

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