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  1. You're right, it is old, but so am I. :-) My old charger has an amp gauge on it, but I'm, guessing it's primarily timer based otherwise.

    That looks to be a good deal AND can do a whole lot more than what my current charger will do. I was figuring that I'd need a charger up of $75+. NiMH batteries, here I come!

    In terms of a motor, I would like to do better than a silver can, but not crazy either. MadRacer mentioned one up above that I'm going to look into. Have you got any recomendations Gooney? Thanks for the help, btw!

  2. 1 hour ago, GooneyBird said:

    Errm, why does it have to be a NiCad? Those are very much outlawed in the EU due to hazerdous materials. Its replacements are NiMH packs. Better quality cells, most NiCad chargers built in the last two decades can charge NiMH packs as well

    Hi GooneyBird - I have only ever had experience with NiCad batteries and the charger I have was built in 1985 or so. This is it here: http://www.ebay.com/itm/PRO-TECH-SUPER-CHARGER-702-AC-DC-MODEL-CRAFT-NI-CAD-BATTERIES-6-7-CELL-/152178806649 Yes, the the equipment is outdated, but it works very well and is in excellent shape. If this charges NiMH batteries I would certainly switch over to them, but will probably affect the budget. So for now, NiCad will have to do.

    Thanks for the input everyone I'll check out your recommendations!

  3. Wasn't sure where to put this, if I'm in the wrong place, mods please move. Thanks!

    So I want to start building the Optima I bought last spring but still need to get a motor/esc/battery combo for it. I am really out of the loop when it comes to what's necessary for all three to work properly together, so I thought I'd throw it out here as a "what would you get if you were me" kind of thing. A couple of stipulations though:

    • Cost - all three components need to be less than $100. 

    • Battery - must be a NiCad. I have a charger for those, not dropping extra $$$ on another charger.

    • Motor - brushed. Boring, i know but fits the other requirements. I figure a motor with decent acceleration, but a good top end, say a 15t?

    • ESC - needs to have reverse, not break the bank, and be capable of handling this set up plus possibly a little more down the road.

    Hopefully this is all reasonable and doable.  Looking forward to your ideas and thanks!

  4. No signal from the receiver was the key. I went through each connection to the rx, made sure they were clean, put in snugly, and that they were where they needed to be. They were all good. Took the crystal out of the tx and put into another tx I had and it controlled the car fine. i went through the tx battery compartment to see if everything was making good contact and there was a little bit of crud in there. Didn't look like the usual gray of corrosion, not sure what it was. Anyway, I got an old toothbrush and put some dielectric grease on it - tiny amount - and scrubbed all the springs and contact points really well. Put in brand new batteries for a little extra oomph and voila, works perfectly!

    Thanks for all the help everyone!

  5. Hi everyone - I went to bring a car off the shelf after it had sat for several years. It has been stored well, no battery in the car or in the transmitter. When the car was put away, the car operated fine. The motor is a standard silver can, the radio set up is a kyosho Perfex. 

    So, when it was first built and run, everything worked fine, has since sat for several years in good storage. Today, connected a charged six cell nicad battery and the TEU beeps and flashes. Transmitter has fresh batteries. Motor twitches a little, no response from the steering. Nothing changed from when it was last run to today when I tried to get the car going. What could have caused this, if all things are equal? Is there anyway to factory reset the TEU? Any and all help is appreciated!

  6. A friend of mine found out I like to rebuild old rc cars so he gave me his wrx he had when he was a kid. Never dealt with a Kyosho up til now. Very nice quality plastic and good design, I thought fwiw.

    He said if I could get it running I could have it. I did and all I needed was a set screw and a new servo (along with a thorough "servicing") and it was good to go!

    This is going to be my 10 year old's car to learn on - not too fast, but fun. Here are some pics of it disassembled, finished and it's first official run in the snow.


    Sticker placement was all from my friend's teenage years.


    Only the second significant snow fall here in New England. These pictures were taken about 2 hours ago and theres now too much snow on the ground to run the car. Supposed to get between 8"-12".




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  7. I think I have read all the posts and watched all the videos regarding this little wonder and I am very excited to add these pieces onto my vintage Blackfoot.  I already have CRP's chassis stiffener on it, it has CVAs all around, has a stock tranny, but new gears, converted it to dog bones, and it runs with just a black can for a motor. Now, I would think that a more rigid BF is a better BF, but was curious about what you thought in terms of how it would react to the A-arm conversion.

    Thank you for all your hard work on these parts!

    Here's my ancient tear-down thread to have a look see at my BF.


  8. Well, I still have everything. Recently a friend's interest has got me back into things a little. Just got some shocks for my Blackfoot. I am glad that I hung onto everything, it just seems that every now and then it seems time to "make more room" or "try something new". I always find myself looking at these models, despite their varying conditions, and am reminded of those couple of magical Christmas mornings or a birthday I had when I received one of these cars. The smell of the plastic, sorting all the parts, etc -- puts me right back to being a kid again. I think there's a Wild One in my basement that needs attention... we'll see how it goes.

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  9. Well, with three little kids these days, too much work and life going on, I am thinking of selling my ENTIRE collection, down to the last screw and axle. Problem is, I have a rough idea of what I've paid for things over the years, but not an idea of what I could realistically sell everything for. Here's what I have:

    - A completely restored Fox with a lot of spares (including a good set of wheels)and black can motor, box, and all radio gear

    - A completely restored Blackfoot with new decals (yet to put on), black can motor, fully ball raced

    - A completely restored Boomerang new decals (yet to be put on), black can motor, fully ball raced,lots of spares, full radio gear

    - Brand new in the box FAV (opened and looked at, but as it was)

    - WRC Focus TT-01 with I think every option possible, full radio gear, box

    - Brand new, in the box and never opened Schnitzer BMW M3

    - An all original, unrestored Wild One in very good shape, an easy restoration

    - A very modified Grasshopper that is nothing but a body and chassis right now. Oil filled dampers, black can motor, Baja Bug-style body, lots of spares

    There are also batteries, chargers, extra radios, servos, oil, grease, extra, extra parts... Everything is almost all vintage. It is generally a lot of stuff that has never been fully catalogued. :-) Pictures of almost everything I have can be found in my other posts.

    This is not a "for sale" post, this is a "feeler", an information gathering post if you will. Nothing is for sale yet, but when it is, everything will be offered here first before it goes to Flea Bay. I have collected all of these things over the past 25 years, moved with them through college and marriage and kids. This isn't an easy thing for me to do, but I think the time has come to take stock in this collection's worth.

  10. Hi Everybody,

    It's been a little while... Happy New Year! Well, the holidays are over, things have settled down and I have barely touched the Boomerang since before Christmas. I still haven't got the radio situation sorted out (the 1/1 scale car needed LOTS of work right after the holidays, ouch) but I did get the Body trimmed out and painted. My masking and taping skills were no match for some insidious black window paint which bled under the final coat of yellow paint. I'll admit it, I'm pretty disappointed in how it turned out and am thinking about how I can make the best of what I have. I'll get a picture up soon. Decals will come once I decide what I am gong to do with the paint bleed and THEN I will finalize the radio problem.

  11. Have you ever noticed how getting ready for the holidays eats up all your extra free time?

    Yeah, that's where I'm at these days. Haven't even looked at this car since last weekend. The wife and kids have me going in 10 different directions at one, and not one of them leads to my hobby table.

    More to come, probably after the holidays!

  12. What servos are you running ?.

    Framerate caused me some big problems & i was replacing servos THINKING that they were stuffed .

    Yes different servos dig & not dig made a big problem . My servos were twitching & the car was taking off ,

    Not good when it's a nitro ( going full throttle ) & you have no control of it & all it was the frame rate was wrong .

    Not sure if this will help , but it may be worth looking into it .

    Well, I tested it out on two different servos, both from other radios that weren't in use. One was a Kyosho and the other Hi-Tec. They both worked okay when initially plugged in to the receiver, but then started to twitch after a few seconds. Nothing huge, but when I held it, I could feel the mechanism moving, which I'm pretty sure is not good.

    I also found this very strange: with the speed controller disconnected from the receiver and the power to the car turned on, the car moved slightly. The steering was dead on center, so it wasn't moving because the front wheels were coming on center, somehow, some tiny bit of power was getting to the wheels to move the car (we're talking like 5 mm here, not like it shot off the work table!). It did this every time I tried it. Any thoughts as to how that might happen and/or affect the other issue I'm having? *sigh* Oh well...


  13. Well, I got a hold of the hobby place's help line that I bought the transmitter from late last night and they think its an issue with the transmitter. Now I shouldn't complain, because after all they do have a help line, but when I spoke with the guy he didn't offer any alternatives, no questions about the set-up, just an, "I'll send you a return shipping slip and we'll either fix it for you or replace it within 10 days." I was hoping the guy might have said something definitive like, "Your ESCs the trouble, its incompatible with the 2.4 radio system." or something that I could take care of today. But they will take it back which is a good thing. I am going to try all the alternatives offered previously here though FIRST, then box it up and send it off.

    MadInventor, Jeez! That had to be painful watching your Boomerang sink through the ice! Did you get it back or was it a goner? When mine took off out of control the other morning and arced over the the driveway and through the backyard towards the garage, I had a vision of the (pretty expensive and NEW) bumper snapping at the mounting points, just like it did back in 1987 when I broke the first one. Everything sort of went into slow motion as I waited for the crash! Luckily there was a big cardboard box to go out with the trash sitting there by the garage and the Boomerang hit that.

    Thanks for the help too, I appreciate it! :lol:

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