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  1. Well where to begin?

    I think my last post here was over three years ago when I had just sold my house and was about to move in with my in-laws for a little while whilst house hunting. We've been in OUR house 3 years now, have a second daughter with a third on the way (please be a boy, please be a boy!) and the house, for now, is pretty much settled. There are no excuses anymore, winter's settling in and I'll have some time to start a couple of teardowns and one fresh new build. Yep, I got bit again.

    My 5 and 1/2 year old saw my WRC Focus sitting on my work table and asked if we could play with it about a month ago. I said sure and we went out into the driveway and had some fun. She had a ball driving it around a road I drew with sidewalk chalk while I enjoyed seeing her concentrate so hard on staying in the "lanes" and laugh when she went out of them and into the grass. We played for about 2 hours. I was bit even harder now...

    When I put the car back, I started to dig through the boxes with all my other cars in them and brought out EVERYTHING I have r/c related. I was done for!

    Boomerang - needs front bumper, a new body and wing, paint, decals, and a thorough cleaning and lubing

    Grasshopper - to be brought back to runner status at a later date... I'm thinking I might rebuild it and paint it pink to give to my daughter for a birthday present!

    Blackfoot - needs a radio, esc, new motor, and decals

    Wild One - complete restoration, thorough cleaning, disassembly-reassembly, motor, radio, esc

    Fox - In good shape, needs a new body and decals

    WRC Ford Focus - needs nothing and is pretty darn quick!

    Fast Attack Vehicle - FRESH BUILD

    To remedy the radio issue with many of the vehicles, I bought one radio and several recievers. I've got decals for the Blackfoot and Boomerang with a new bumper on the way. I have a couple of basic motors on the way as well for the Blackfoot and Wild One.

    I think I am going to overhaul the Boomerang first as it requires the least amount of work for the biggest payoff - all wheel drive in the (soon to come, I'm sure) snow! And it just looks like a lot of fun to get into again.

    Well everybody, sorry I've been away so long from such a fine group of folks and a hobby that is just too fun to give up on. More photo/rebuild threads to come!

    Cheers! ;)


  2. Sorry to see the damage to your tire! I have heard that temperature can affect rubber's life span as well. I've been told on numerous occasions that cold will increase the lifespan of rubberbands... keep them in the drawer, they last 6 months. Keep them in the fridge, they last a year. When you find a new set of tires, maybe keep them in a cool place to help them last?

  3. Needless to say, I didn't get to do anything with the car that weekend way back when. Still haven't. That was the exact day the offer came in on our house! The W.O. is in storage at the moment, EXCEPTIONALLY well packed. When I get it out again and have the time to get going on things again, a new rebuild post for this car will start.

    Missed being around the forum and am looking forward to getting back into it again soon!

  4. I was sort of running into this very thing myself.

    Having to pack things up while we're in the process of moving house has slowed my time to a standstill pretty much, and I have been unable to get to purchasing parts for the Wild One or any other vehicle for that matter. Plus summertime brings out my urge to play with my real car. I go to a couple of Saab shows a year and the best ones are in midsummer. Not a ton of time for R/C tinkering.So that combination of things has broken me of this addiction somewhat. Kind of a bummer, but I'm saving $$$!


    Our new house is just having it's lawn seeded for the first time. Might make for a good track before too long!

  5. Really good news: We've sold our house! We'll be moved out by the 15th of May.

    So-so bad news: The models have to get packed! Don't know when I'll be able to get to them again as we will be staying with my in-laws for a couple of weeks while we house hunt. Then there's the 60-day closing period. Oof. Looks like it might be the end of the summer before I can take the Wild One apart.

    Oh well... they'll be there when I'm ready to get back to them

  6. I guess you know you have a decent find when you have people in other countries offer to properly dispose of it for you! ;)

    I'm away all next week for work (Florida, tough at the end of March, huh?) and wont be able to do any work on the car, but will try my best to have at it the weekend I get back. I am very curious about those shocks... Although I'm sure the wife will have more than enough projects to keep me busy!

  7. Man! That was fast!

    Won the auction Sunday night, have the car in hand Wednesday afternoon!

    Were this a real car, it'd be called a "twenty-footer." Looks awesome from 20 ft away, looks okay closer up. I don't mean to make this sound bad, because it is far from it. It seems that all it really needs is disassembly, inspection, replacing any worn-out or broken parts and a serious cleaning. Serious. I think it got put away with all the shocks leaking!

    Serious bonus though: no cracks anywhere that I spotted on a fairly thorough investigation. I'll know more once it is disassembled.

    Here are the pics!


    A nice view!


    Any thoughts, opinions, or advice on how to approach this project is, as always, greatly appreciated!

  8. Good one -- I was watching that one closely as it looks so complete and original. I have been watching the selling prices of Wild Ones for a couple of months now and I think you got a good deal as well.

    Thanks! I agree, if it is complete as it looks, I think I got a good price as well. With about 5 seconds to go in the auction, the price jumped up about $30, thought I was going to get it for a steal. I should've known better, but hey, I'm not complaining! Prices on Wild Ones do seem to have gone up recently. While I was just starting to get back into the hobby, I was seeing sooo many things on ebay (Christmas time) I thought they were all over the place and relatively cheap. I didn't realize then, that people sell their stuff like crazy around the holidays. Duh.

    I thought I recognized your screen name... I saw something you're auctioning that had my interest as well. Good luck with your sale!

  9. Looks liek a nice runner. the gearboxes can be problematic. I would advise a complete teardown. The best upgrade is a vintage thorp diff but the stock diff can be mnade usable. Download the manual to make sure you got all the washers in it. The new dogbone outdrives from the re-re frog would be a great upgrade.

    Oh yeah, it'll get completely disassembled, cleaned, and have the upgraded bits for the tranny installed. I did the same thing to the Blackfoot I got a while ago. Seems like it's the smart thing to do.

  10. Here 'tis-


    Hopefully will have it in a week or so. And yes, it will be a runner... whether it is pristine or not. This is THE car that I always wanted as a kid.

    I remember an ad that was in one of the first RC Car Action magazines that showed the Wild One with and a set of double-wide rear tires with skis where the front wheels would ordinarily be for playing in the snow. I guess I've wanted one ever since.

    See, dreams do come true! :P:D

  11. Well, since I have gotten my Fox running, I naturally want to be able to play with it as long as possible. :) Th batteries I have are two new NiCD 7.2 packs. Both run about 10 minutes.

    Should I have gotten NiMH batteries instead? I was concerned over their greater power output damaging the car. Is that something I need to worry about with NiMH? Are they really THAT much better?

    However they ARE being charged off of an ancient charger (quick) which probably isn't helping much.

    Any advice is very welcome! Thanks!

  12. Finally. The Fox can officially be called a runner.


    The back yard is a wee bit of a mess with sticks and pine cones from the winter, sorry about that. Pics below.


    The car rips around really well with the black can and esc. The Tamiya speed control has a little bit of difficulty engaging reverse and battery life is limited (NiCad battery) but WHEEEEEEEE doggy!! It sure feels good to see it running around as it was meant to.

    Thanks again to Mike30 for the parts (the wheels are being saved for a new set of tires) and to all of you guys who stopped by to take a look at the progress or lack thereof.

    The wing remains unpainted and the body is as it was. When I get better decals and strip the body of it's old paint, I'll start another thread for it.

    Now, on to the Blackfoot!


  13. Time has not been on my side of late and I haven't been able to get to putting on my new parts yet. I did however, go out and pick up a radio which was the last piece of the puzzle, so at least now I have it all (esc and radio) to put in. When I get the time. *sigh*

  14. Parts arrived earlier this week, courtesy of Mike30 in Australia. Time has been in short supply lately and I have not been able to get them on the car yet, but will hopefully before the week's out. A pic or two at least will be coming soon.

    There are:

    - A set of wheels in MUCH better shape than the ones I had originally... I think these will be set aside to go with some new tires in the future. Wouldn't want 'em to get dinged up and all when I have another set perfectly good for the backyard! :D

    - Bumper, front ARB, nerf bars, underbody chassis parts still on their trees, upper and lower suspension parts and more that escape my addled mind at the moment...

    Big, BIG thanks to Mike30 for making these parts available to me to help get my Fox looking it's best! This is the coolest and best thing about forums like these -- people helping out other people (from the other side of the globe!) all in the name of fun.

    Just awesome!

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