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  1. This was a very good year. Not only did I get the Fox to restore and a NIB TT01 WRC Focus, but the wife and fam chipped in and got me the TT01 BMW M3 Schnitzer as well!

    Also, just before Christmas, a brand new wing for the Fox arrived from Great Britain.

    So yesterday I simply HAD to get out to the LHS. Picked up a radio, servos, battery, paint, and an RC Car Action Magazine.

    I am almost overwhelmed with RC stuff!!

    Almost :-)

  2. The wear and tear on the car look better in photos than it actually is. I don't what the PO did to the front end, but the bumper's bent and the left front ("clip" for lack of a better term) that holds the wheel in place and the steering knuckle has been stretched waaaaay out of shape. That ought to be an interesting fix when the time comes...

  3. I can't wait to start tearing it apart! It'll have to wait till after the holidays... I hope I can wait that long.

    You can tell from the pics that the car has seen better days, but it's all there, and a little bit extra. Two batteries, quick charger, Futaba Attack radio, flyers, pamphlets, paint and the manual. For $66, I think I did okay. :)









  4. Well, I have two cars at the moment with two on the way for Christmas.

    I have a Grasshopper that has been worked over quite a bit, but hasn't been touched since 1990. Let's see... it has a Trinity Monster Horsepower motor (not the cheapest, but not the most expensive either), full bearings, aluminum oil-filled coil overs all around, aluminum rims, Parma beetle body, and your standard Tamiya SC and 6-cell 7.2 NiCd battery.

    A Boomerang, same motor as the Grasshopper, and stock everywhere else. Untouched since 1990 as well. Both have Airtronics radios.

    Been out of the hobby almost twenty years now, but a friend got me back in when he brought in his RC truck to work one day and buzzed it around the parking lot one day. I am really looking forward to working on all these cars and bashing them around the yard and startling my neighbor's cat. My 2-year-old will get a real hoot out of them too!

    Coming for Christmas is a Fox for a resto-mod and a TT01 Ford Focus WRC car. The Fox has tons of other stuff with it, but needs to be overhauled before it goes anywhere. The Focus is a blank slate. That's it... for now, but want to modify, collect and maybe *yikes* race at some point.

    Appreciate all the good suggestions guys, thanks!


  5. All right guys, good advice all around! I am going to head to the LHS and chat up the guys there and talk prices, gearing and what I want out of the car.

    As to speed controllers - the only kind I ever had as a kid were the ones supplied with the kit. With an ESC, is the 2nd servo eliminated? IDK...

    Just looking to have some fun around the yard and the local sand pit, but who's to say that things might not get more serious??? Well, I guess the wife would if she knew how much it could cost... :):D

  6. When I first got into R/C there were very few options (that I can recall) for motors for my cars. Now there seems to be dozens of them, if not more!

    What should I look for?

    I know brushless is much more powerful, but are they too powerful for older cars?

    Is it a risk to get a used but tested vintage motor?

    Of the motors out now what are recommended? Any to avoid?

    What do all the different windings mean?

    Sorry to be so out of it on this stuff, I am trying to catch myself up, honestly. :-D

  7. Just picked up a pretty well-used Fox and NIB Ford Focus TT01 rally car. :(

    The Fox is the resto project I mentioned in the Christmas thread earlier. It has all the parts to make it go, but needs a front end repair, tires, and I'm sure a bunch of other things. Any suggestions on how and where to get started (other than cleaning it REALLY well) would be appreciated. My goal with this car is to make it a runner, but a really clean one.

    So I guess over the next few months, I'll be looking around for the parts that I'll need. Once I go through the car, I'll post to see if any one has anything for sale or trade.

    I'm looking forward to assembling the Focus... haven't built a car in YEARS. I have also never built an on-rad car. Is there anything that is really different from a buggy? Motor recommendations, etc.?


  8. Hi Everyone,

    I didn't see an "introduce yourself" thread anywhere, so hello! My name is Mike, I'm 37 and I got into R/C cars when I was 14 when I received a Monogram Lightning for Christmas.

    It came pretty much pre-assembled, just had to put the wheels and body on and charge the battery... which took ALL DAY. While not the whole shebang like a Tamiya model, it did have the 540 S motor and was pretty fast. The one time I could run it on Christmas Day was the highlight of my day! I would think about making ramps and running the car while I was at school for the one good run I'd get in the afternoon. That car got me hooked.

    There wasn't much to do for it mod-wise so after a while my focus shifted to a basic GrassHopper which over time I modified to resemble the Sand Scorcher with aluminum dampers, bearings, wheels and all sorts of other stuff. I still have that car, although it is in storage at the moment...

    Next came a Marui Big Bear. I also go that on Christmas morning. By now I had a quick charger so I has many runs with both cars that day. The Big Bear didn't last too long, I stripped the transmission completely bare. I don't know why I didn't fix it, I wound up giving it to a friend of mine. I think it bought the farm via an m-80 or two.

    The one car I wish I had hung onto: A Superchamp. I got it on clearance from the local hobby shop for something like $80. Got it home and assembled it and ran it in an afternoon. I was really dissappointed in how well it performed, even compared to the old Lightning. It was heavy, slow, and wallowed in the corners. Needless to say, it sat unused until I sold it a tag sale many years later. Yeah...geez, like 15 years later. It was pretty much perfect...had the box and everything. I believe it went for $20. That hurts a little!

    The last car I got, I got when I was 17, a Boomerang. All wheel drive! Fun in the sand and snow! It was a lot of fun and many upgrades have been done to it as well. I still have this car too, but it is in storage as well.

    From the age of say, 20 to 36 I hadn't thought about R/C much. Then for Christmas last year, my wife got me an electric heli model that I fell in love with. She got me another for my birthday a few months later and have been hooked on R/C (again...) ever since.

    My Christmas this year is going to be a vintage Fox or Wild One. I am going for a used one that I can restore. I will be making the actual selection and purchase, but my wife will wrap it up and put it under the tree so I can have Christmas morning like when I was a kid again. I can't wait!!!

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