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  1. grizy

    Vintage 956s

    SuperChamp82, Are you just looking at different 956’s? Or differences between 956, Tom’s and Newman? The early 956s had 2 holes on the mechanism deck for the 2 support stays. Did this change on the 956 too when the Tom’s was issued which has 4 support stays?
  2. grizy

    WANTED Wild Willy Wendy Driver Figure

    I don’t want to promote the ebay auction but it looks genuine to me. Look at the artwork. It’s really well painted and the story sounds plausible. The shape of her bottom is different from my 2008 one as is the signature and the panel on my Wendy’s back is blank- giving the impression it was made in 2004 then signed and sold later. On the down side, why would you sell your Wendy - after seeing this one on eBay I bought a WW2 body which I’ll try and fit to a chassis. That said, if I had the cash I’d take a punt- it’s down to £170 atm😉 Jez
  3. grizy

    WANTED Wild Willy Wendy Driver Figure

    I see there is one on eBay at the moment. BTW what do you use to glue the head and arms onto the body? Grizy
  4. Royal Mail uses a variety of machines to sort the mail. Make sure you package delicate parts well. If you make the package > 50mm thick it should be too big to be put through the machines. If you use Special Delivery your package should be sorted by hand, so there's less chance of it getting damaged Grizy
  5. Back in the day I had a second hand Super Champ, so had to use rubber balloons to waterproof it. Alloy components used to bend and break regularly, especially the back end, every time I whacked it into a kerb. Great to driveround the street, many a 15min of fun with todays batterys it'll go for ever. Grizy
  6. grizy

    Using Non Bec Receivers

    The TEU101bk supplies power to the receiver at 7.2v, so you stand a chance of damaging the receiver and servo if the receiver doesn't have BEC. Grizy
  7. If you claim an item you haven't recieved is damaged how do you return it for a refund?
  8. grizy

    Newbie - Found New Hobby From Childhood!

    From your pictures it looks like you've got the makings of a real shelf queen there. Very nice. Don't know much about removing paint, but search the forum and you'll find what you need. Good luck with the restoration. It's already looking good. Post more pics as you go ;-) Grizy
  9. grizy

    Fg Touring Car

    Might have to do just that. I was hoping that if I can set up the ESC I can put the radio settings (Spektrum DX3) back to neutral and if the signal is lost or Rx battery power too low it would cut power to the motor? Would that be right or do I still need a failsafe? Cheers Grizy
  10. grizy

    Fg Touring Car

    Thanks to all for the replies. Finally put some batteries in the car - 2 x 9.6v 3700mAh vapextech and a reciever battery. The car has an els-200 esc. When I plug in the batteries for the esc the motor runs, with or without the reciever & Tx switched on. Has anyone got any instuctions how to set up the esc? Do I need the sepparate battery for the reciever - I've seen a spec that says the esc has bec? I adjusted the radio trim so that I could test the car, loads of wheel spin if you gun it, but i'm worried that when it loses Tx signal it's not going to stop until it hits something. Can't risk that happening so it's a big paperweight at the mo. Any info much appreciated. Cheers Grizy
  11. grizy

    Novak Super Duty Esc

    Hey Rabidmushroom, Any news on your ESC. Have you sent it for repair? Is it working again. Keep us informed. If you need a replacement I might know where there's one to be had fairly cheap Grizy
  12. grizy

    Road Wizard

    Hi Tas, Welcome to Tamiya Club. Ebay is the popular choice for Vintage Tamiya parts. A and B parts are available on there at the mo, At a price (13 & 15). Best of luck with the restoration and take some pics to show off your work. Grizy
  13. Its very sad when normally intelligent people fail to distinguish between reality and fantasy The "flux capacitor" and "mr fusion" are just make believe. Props to support the storyline in a film. The natural successor the LiPo and LiFe batteries will be Dilithium crystals for your cars warp core; of course this will be obsolete as soon as we've refined enough antideuterium for the matter/ antimatter reactor
  14. grizy

    North West

    Cheers Lammac, I'll keep an eye on both sites. Grizy
  15. grizy

    Which Battery Connector Is Best

    Looks like you've got the 45amp connectors which don't seem to fit that crimper well (they have an open recess where you are supposed to put the wire and the crimper should close the end around the wire). The lower amp connectors have a cylindrical recess where the wire goes in and the crimper squeezes it togeter to make a secure connection. Try using pliers to bend the open ends round the wire and then crimp or solder it. I think the 45amp crimps are for bigger wire like 4mm. Tell us how you get on. Grizy