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  1. Hi Alan, would this be any good?
  2. See pics of the car below. I think it’s a Benetton 58118 with replacement shell. There’s a small crack near the nose, a piece of the body needs sticking back on and the rear wing needs repairing or replacing (but there’s a spare one with it). Looking for £100 plus postage will be about £20 if I can get it under 2kg.
  3. Hi Leslie, Xray mark was after yeah alloy knuckles a couple of weeks ago. Worth PMing him. Jez
  4. Yes that’s fine. It’s there if you need it. Regards Jez
  5. Hi Leslie, Is this what you’re after? Regards Jez
  6. Hi, Did you get sorted? I have a F103 that I’m looking to sell. Regards Jez
  7. Sorry Mark, I don’t want to be removing bits to put others on. Trying to downsize and concentrate on current projects.
  8. I’ve got the fronts you need however, they’re on a vanquish project. Would you be interested in buying the lot? Grizy
  9. Hi millwall99, I’d prefer a straight sale as I’m trying to downsize my collection. Too many projects, too little time.
  10. Porsche 959 for sale. It has Technicolor RX540VZ motor, Acoms receiver and servos. There is an msc included but it is not originally for the 959 and may need modifying. It needs some servo horns and linkages and one of the wheels is slightly buckled. Please inspect pics for condition and pm me for further pics or info. Looking for £200 plus p&p for this 80s classic.
  11. I’d like it please. regards Jez
  12. Hi Chris, I’ve a Cat 2000ec and ecs if you’re interested? regards Jez
  13. I have a shock mount that fits the back of an Avante (if you drill out the rivets and bolt it on). It has a part number on it 53039. It looks to be machined from pale green frp. It appears to have a Tamiya label on it. Anyone seen this before? kind regards Jez
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