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  1. Are those novak esc's still available?



  2. I’d like the beetle if it’s still available. Grizy
  3. For sale. Novak super duty - £45 Novak GTS - £35 Novak GTX - £45 I’ve checked the gts and gtx with a battery motor and servo tester and they both work well. The super duty looks like it’s never been used but I haven’t tested it. Price includes UK shipping. PM me for any pics or info. Grizy
  4. Looking for £25 inc UK postage for an Orange Rx 2.4gHz 4ch FASST receiver. Looks new but can’t test as its not compatible with my 6ch set. See pics. PM me any questions. Grizy
  5. This has to go. Make me an offer. Good start for a 956/Newman Porsche project.
  6. This has to go. Make me an offer. The chassis plates are homemade but quite nicely done, as is the front bumper and rear axle. The tyres have a couple of dents and the wheels have been painted but can easily be restored.
  7. It needs to go. Make me an offer.
  8. I know it’s a long shot but I’m looking for a stabiliser guide for a Porsche 956. I think it’s an X8522. Let me know if you have one to sell or trade. Grizy
  9. Yes, I’m happy to let it go. There’s a bit of wear and tear on it and I’m not sure if the batteries still hold charge. No sure what to ask for it. Make me an offer.
  10. Hi Kev, Are you sorted with this? If not, I have a spare WW2 body set. Regards Jez
  11. Hi Alan, would this be any good?
  12. See pics of the car below. I think it’s a Benetton 58118 with replacement shell. There’s a small crack near the nose, a piece of the body needs sticking back on and the rear wing needs repairing or replacing (but there’s a spare one with it). Looking for £100 plus postage will be about £20 if I can get it under 2kg.
  13. Hi Leslie, Xray mark was after yeah alloy knuckles a couple of weeks ago. Worth PMing him. Jez
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