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  1. Nice! Mario LOL. Might have to make my own too. Tower Hobbies has the beetle listed for $316.80.
  2. So are you eliminating the servo saver completely? I would suggest a Kimbrough medium or a Tamiya high torque servo saver.
  3. Taking a quick look at the directions I see that there is an addendum to that step in the build process. Looks like the upper arms need to be rotated 180 degrees. Did you build it accordingly?
  4. Does Tamiya still tell you to glue the edges of this newer stuff? I was never a fan of that.
  5. I like the screw mod. You must have to grease the head of the screw well so it can spin relatively freely when the diff works.
  6. Nice. Those tire are sweet. What are you running for a servo saver? The stock ones can be sloppy.
  7. Yep. Like a metallic rattling that is apart from the normal spur gear whine. I have tried everything to solve it. I just ignore it now.
  8. My Blitzer Beetle has been loud since the day I first ran it. I have a Robinson Racing 13 tooth 32p pinion as well. Countless hours run and no issues. I do wish it was quiet though.
  9. Just remember that you need front wheels that have bearings, not a hex. Also the Blitzer chassis uses long front axles so the bearing spacing is far apart. The axles may be replaced with buggy axles from say a DT02 or DT03 chassis. Those would be short axles that would let you use 2 wheel drive buggy front wheels. While the rear tires on the Blitzer are not the greatest, the fronts are great for bashing. You can use any 2.2 truck tire on the rear.
  10. HPI Ground Assault tires are great.
  11. Could someone please describe what lame flake looks like? It's probably the only PS color Ive never used.
  12. I just installed the Yeah racing steering unit. While it is decent quality, I am not completely happy with it. First off it rubs on the frame sub frame. Easy fix with a Dremel. The real problem I have is that the upper horn that the servo connects to is radially in the wrong position. Ideally it would be at a 90 degree angle with respect to the servo connecting rod, but it's not.
  13. That thing is awesome. Brings a whole new meaning to "creeper van".
  14. I'm reading it as the motor mounted in front of the rear axle. Should help fit more bodies.
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