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  1. Otis311

    Finished Madbug

    HPI Ground Assault tires are great.
  2. Otis311

    Tamiya PS paint combos?

    Could someone please describe what lame flake looks like? It's probably the only PS color Ive never used.
  3. I just installed the Yeah racing steering unit. While it is decent quality, I am not completely happy with it. First off it rubs on the frame sub frame. Easy fix with a Dremel. The real problem I have is that the upper horn that the servo connects to is radially in the wrong position. Ideally it would be at a 90 degree angle with respect to the servo connecting rod, but it's not.
  4. That thing is awesome. Brings a whole new meaning to "creeper van".
  5. Otis311

    58669 M-08 Chassis Kit confirmed

    I'm reading it as the motor mounted in front of the rear axle. Should help fit more bodies.
  6. Otis311


    Old vid I made of my Globe Liner.
  7. My old cars with MSC's would become self-aware when the batteries got low.
  8. Otis311

    Stadium Thunder 58524

    Tamiya USA has added a new picture to their website. Looks like it has red chassis pieces.
  9. Otis311

    Smallest durable hobby grade buggy

    the Associated 1/18 scale is pretty durable.
  10. Otis311

    Antenna wire length

    The car is faster? That's kind of interesting, doesn't really make any sense, but interesting.
  11. Otis311

    Showing off

    hey good job. Decals can sure be frustrating especially when you have a lot of time into a body. I really like that color scheme on the pickup truck. It looks like you modeled it off of that picture of the real truck.
  12. Otis311

    Blitzer Beatle pinion pitch ?

    They are "0.8 module" but can be interchanged with widely available "32 pitch" pinion gears.
  13. Otis311

    replacing receiver antenna wire

    sounds good. the hardest part is getting the receiver open.
  14. I was going to say something, but bit my tongue. But it did make me wonder how the 4600 would be with the 19t. Might have to try that.
  15. Otis311

    Sidewinder SCT 3800 kV system

    The fan plugs in the receiver like normal. It's nice and compact but I really don't have the need for the fan in my installation.