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  1. This is my main issue with the Blitzer chassis. With the kit supplied motor and pinion it is impossible to get the pinion set correctly. As you said the motor shafts on Tamiya closed end bell motors are way to short. This is an issue on other chassis as well, even the band new BBX. The best solution is to get a motor with a longer shaft. The kit supplied aluminum pinion is also a problem on almost every Tamiya vehicle being that it wears prematurely. I have run a Robinson Racing steel 13 tooth 32 pitch pinion for most of my Blitzers life on a black can motor. It still had the issue of the motor shaft being to short but I lived with it. In a quest to quiet down the gear box noise I recently replaced the 32 pitch pinion with an Arrma 0.8 mod 13 tooth steel pinion. Based on photos online I was hoping the pinion would be longer along it's axis and solve the short shaft problem. It helped a little but not much. The transmission is just as loud as ever too. As I mention I could just install a different motor with a longer shaft and solve this issue. I keep a spare set of Blitzer plastic gears on hand for the eventual failure. I will add though that I have not noticed any wear on the plastic spur gear in all the years of running, even though the pinion had only been contacting a portion of the spurs teeth. The damage to your spur gear is mostly a result of the worn out aluminum pinion.
  2. Tamiya USA has an article on building the BBX. They used a 13.5T with a 27T pinion. They stated that it is the largest suggested pinion with the kit supplied spur. The spur is an industry standard style fortunately so one with fewer teeth could be fitted.
  3. Thanks. It looks like Tamiya products are indeed eligible.
  4. I sure like seeing a brown box sealed with Tamiya tape. I really want a roll of it.
  5. Welcome. Those are some nice kits you have purchased. I don't think I have ever had a missing part in a Tamiya kit. My data set is approximately 50 kits. Whether or not they are shrink wrap sealed may depend on the local distributor I believe. It wouldn't hurt to take inventory though. The last pages of the instruction manual clearly illustrate the contents of each kit for reference.
  6. My Type S Drift Spec is pretty sweet. I put 64 pitch gears in it so it at least sounds expensive. Flies with a Castle 4600 4-pole, stops on a dime. I don't have much to compare it to. My only other 1:10 on-road car is a TT-01E type R, which is also nice. The only thing it needs is the aluminum Type S steering bridge but I have trouble dropping that amount of cash. I have two other TT-02 unassembled that I purchased for the bodies mostly (Carrera RSR and '99 Impreza). I need to build one for rally driving. It is quite a versatile chassis. Not amazing at anything but can be modified like crazy. I have heard mixed reviews of the buggy setups.
  7. That's what makes the promotion so useless and insulting to be honest. There is no tiers like the the coupons had. $20 coupon regardless of the order total. Add to that that it is a coupon for a future order which has time stipulations attached as well. Also, you cannot use more than one coupon per order so that is pretty lame if you have reward points to redeem.
  8. Refreshingly it is steel.
  9. My brother used the low profile Injora servo from Amazon as well. It fit with the hkit supplied spacers. It was the maximum size servo you could install. Works fine for him.
  10. It's like they are going for a reverse Black Friday sale. They jack up the prices when people are shopping for the holidays. All I can hope is that this is temporary.
  11. That is the exact word for word email I received.
  12. I emailed Tower to let them know about my disdain for the new promo. Their reply was as follows: "Hi sorry you don't like our latest promo. not sure what you don't like about it, But we have thousands of customers and many are very excited for this. Have a Great Day sir. Thank you for contacting Horizon Hobby Customer Service !" I guess we are all the minority lol
  13. Tower used to be a pretty good company before the Horizon buyout. Another one bites the dust.
  14. I drive all of my cars. Some get kid gloves to the max though. It seems that something inevitably flips over no matter how careful I drive. I like driving off road in the Fall. The ground is typically drier and the grass has gone dormant so it isn't as thick. The leaves can be annoying though for sure. I don't like driving in mud and I avoid the cold because the plastic gets too brittle. I run on road any time of year as long as it is dry and there is no salt residue on the surface.
  15. I run a 55 turn motor in my rigs. Nice and slow in first gear and still way too fast in third gear. MFU in a Globe Liner is kind of a pain in the butt because it takes up the entire cab so you have less interior details. I don't have the MFU in any of my trucks. They used to have a light controller kit but it was discontinued a long time ago unfortunately. You could just throw some discrete LEDs in the light housings and wire it up with resistors to the battery. It is definitely a fun build. Mechanically technical and highly detailed. The Globe Liner is the meanest looking truck too.
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