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  1. Everybody is giving good advise. You can make a tt02 go pretty fast and being four wheel drive it is less of a handful at high speeds. You'll find that sometimes it's not hard to go fast but slowing the car down is where it gets squirrely. My only input is that there is more to this hobby than just doing speed runs. Ive built cars for this purpose and its cool to drive 60 mph but it's never really given me lasting joy. Making a car that handles awesome and fine tuning it is pretty fun. I don't know how new you are to the RC hobby but it takes some serious practice to drive a car at high speeds on the edge of control. You will see experienced guys on here doing speed runs and crash hard. It's part of the game. I guess I'm just preparing you for some pretty catastrophic speed runs. If you are willing to break some parts it can be rewarding. As far as motors. These days I have been favoring higher turn motors with really tall gearing. If you buy the gearset and motor mounts mentioned above you can run some pretty tall gears while keeping temperatures low. On speed runs temps aren't totally critical as you will just do a pass or two.
  2. For the most part they all still have antennas. I just stuff them under the body. I have never had any problems with reception doing this. In my crawlers I have started buying receivers that have internal antennas. I wouldn't trust them for long distance but in crawlers that's not a problem. In any case the actual antennas on 2.4Ghz systems are really just a ~1 inch exposed wire at the end of a length of coaxial cable. For best performance you would want it as high as possibly and vertical in orientation. Like I said though I have never had issues having them under the body at and odd angle.
  3. I have noticed this in probably half my builds. Typically it is in the gearbox or hubs. I have ignored it assuming that under load the outer race will hold in placed due to the radial force applied. Looking back I should have added some cellophane as suggested above. This made me think of the 3 speed gear box which indicates the dogs should have their bushings glued in place. This is a different scenario as they want the bushings to stay in placed during axial motion.
  4. Looks like you have a lot of fun with that truck. The Blackfoot looks a little more scale than the school bus body The Dynahead is virtually unstoppable with locked diffs and good tires. I am continually surprised by what it is capable of.
  5. I get where you are going with the purely for looks aspect. On an old school racing buggy I do like the look. On a scale vehicle like an on-road car or especially a crawler it definitely takes away from the appearance. Another practical purpose is that you can see where your car is when you go over a hill in the distance.
  6. It is up to interpretation. At any rate it should be basically mint condition. I could never build an RC car and not at least take it for a test ride. I like to think of a shelf queen as a car that only gets driven once in a blue moon and very gently when it does.
  7. They are included with The Frog. Those specific rods mount with a screw from the side, they do not just push in a hole like a typical plastic tube. They sure look good with a white antenna wire spiraled around.
  8. Yes, yes you are. lol. They add that vintage look which is nice, especially the metal rod type. I do not miss feeding the wire through the tube. I do not miss guiding the tube through the body hole. I do not miss breaking the tube on my lunch box every time it rolls over. I do not like thinking about all the times my cars took off due to the long antenna receivers that didn't have fail safe technology. They certainly protect the Frogs wing
  9. The 1060 has crawler mode. You just move the jumper on the ESC. About as easy to program as possible.
  10. You are basically admitting defeat when you reach for the manual.
  11. Instructions are to be used as a last resort
  12. That looks like a ton of fun. As far as an ESC I guess I would recommend a Hobbywing Quicrun 1060.
  13. Looks great with the yellow CVAs. To this day one of my favorite cars. It is my idealization of an RC buggy.
  14. Hobbywing Quicrun 1060 has the ability to go directly to reverse with no brakes.
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