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  1. hello i have two and a half ndf 01s,with no body shells,very hard to get and very easy to break.i have taken mould from damaged old shell,but turned out slightly twisted as very thin lexan and weight of plaster.no one seems to want to make any. any thoughts on other shells,being 1/10 and nitro,like to be buggy as well,thanks.
  2. hello think its sideways sprint.
  3. did you switch controller on first,then car .
  4. hello have you got same crystals in controller and revciver.
  5. i got mine for 158 pounds but waited 3 months for it.
  6. hello theres one on ebay 35 pounds freepost under vintage rc.
  7. hello heres my go taiyo outlaw body on grasshopper chassis.
  8. hello just looked tamiya mini are 57mm height and 25mm wide,hex fit with rubber tyres,kamtec are 50mm height and 25mm wide,with foam tyres.normal to run with out bearings but you can get bearing ones now f2,stockcar.
  9. hello i used these for my sprint project,53187 jeep wrangler.
  10. hello wheelchair ramp out of black cab,cut in half maybe.
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