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  1. i always find you need one more,think of new projects every week,140 ish.
  2. i agree with others on post i just bought kanyon on ebay good but like its been said turning circle is big.like mad ax said nearly 1/8 but it was only 80 pounds.few people i know have the outback looks like hilux and this is better in more ways.
  3. hello i have got the element zuul truck with 2s 5500amh lasts nearly two hours.good truck but has not got lights as standard.you tend to self marshall and more relaxing than racing i find. i did not see 150 pounds sorry.
  4. hello i do not know if it makes better,but my clod has servo with horn at top facing down,gives it more of straight throw on steering arm.
  5. etronix ET2048 6v 15.3kg o.16s,standard size metal geared about 16.00 pounds i think.
  6. got mine today,be careful with sway bar stoppers already bent them.like it,must leave some to do for tomorrow.
  7. hello i think its to set your old speed controller in right place on servo.might be wrong just looking at shape.
  8. i love the clod.but i think grasshopper been in production longer.
  9. hello i have just tried to rebuild mine as well i used light green bladders.one shock rebounds when pushed in on its own.the other shock rod just stays in when pushed in,with out springs on.what should it do.
  10. hello i used fastrax 12mm hex adaptor FAST0177B for front and tamiya OP-913 for back..53913.
  11. hello i,ve got absima sr2s,its 2.4ghz,has duel rate for steering normal reverse for servos,binds to absima.flysky and others.about 40 pounds,recivers about 8 to 25,latley the absima have gone up in price.
  12. hello are you taking binding key out after binding,some times i try once and it works some times it takes two or three times.also turn it all off and on again with out binding key to see if worked,normally get steering at least.
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