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  1. hello i,ve got absima sr2s,its 2.4ghz,has duel rate for steering normal reverse for servos,binds to absima.flysky and others.about 40 pounds,recivers about 8 to 25,latley the absima have gone up in price.
  2. hello are you taking binding key out after binding,some times i try once and it works some times it takes two or three times.also turn it all off and on again with out binding key to see if worked,normally get steering at least.
  3. hello can anyone measure the front dampers on there egress as i want to sort my one out,i think there should be 75mm,i have bought hi caps vqs as was told the same but only 68mm,do i need longer rods or is body longer as well and springs.
  4. hello are these for vqs or egress,there part no. 9805486 on ebay under egress.iam trying to get set of front hi caps for egress but only do in parts or for vqs.which are shorter.
  5. if you get other truck shell cut up to door handles makes it about 15mm shorter,every little helps,as its a brick on wheels.
  6. hello both look low on tt02d to me. on youtube theres a how to build rally tt02 names mark bryan,i got 25mm ground clearance but standard tt02.
  7. 54154 are the same as hornet,grasshopper 7.99 on bay.
  8. ebay 295051194378 i think 959,super champ,hilux had the same superchamp part j1.
  9. hello there on A parts tree near bumper part no 319000562.
  10. hello. is it same rear bumper as hahn truck,if so 9000877 white,9000950 black.
  11. hello i do not think they make any right size inserts,i used touring car for outer cut down and inner the one for m series wheels,so it had two inserts in each wheel.
  12. sweep do f1 wheels and tyres,do not know if there right style or size for you.
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