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  1. hello wheelchair ramp out of black cab,cut in half maybe.
  2. magpie

    Playtron Doberman

    hello is this 2wd, as i have the lynx which is 4wd.
  3. magpie

    Egress Jamie Booth's Replica

    sorry about the dust,been laying,can you see slot where shell slides through just above diff shocks just touch the moldings.
  4. magpie

    Egress Jamie Booth's Replica

  5. magpie

    Egress Jamie Booth's Replica

  6. magpie

    Egress Jamie Booth's Replica

  7. magpie

    Egress Jamie Booth's Replica

    hello please dont give up ,your cars are very good standard.i built mine as soon as i got it and had some ups and downs,but love it for what it bodyshell is repo,so did not mind main proberlm was front shafts fouling uprights.i know everthink on these cars are more money now,but you will have very limited kit when done. your magpie.
  8. hello mines got different set up is it f102 or f103.
  9. magpie

    Grasshopper Body Post Conversion

    hello like this,drill bigger holes at back mounts to let post through.use screws with head cut off and thread posts on.
  10. magpie

    Monster beetle

    hello not sure on re release monster beetle ,but my old one had metal plate that held on with top mounts,pushed down on servo saver,to stop it popping off. if not get alloy or decent plastic servo saver,just count the teeth.
  11. magpie

    Tamiya Frog front track width

    the tower will bolt to front when other holes drilled and cleaned up.the shocks will bolt to legs of frog.
  12. magpie

    Tamiya Frog front track width

    hello i made 6mm spacers out of alloy,and front frog tower out of fibreglass.
  13. magpie

    1:14 race truck trailer

    hello heres my go at bruder body on hahn racing truck,need to sort out bottom spoiler as cut short,i have cut a lot out to make lighter .i use solding iron to cut out.
  14. magpie

    TT02B adjustable wing mount

    yokomo yz2 wing mount and lmr rep wing.
  15. magpie

    1984 frog rebuild

    hello its 250mm hole to hole,but needs to bit longer to go through and bend and hoop at i would cut wire at 270mm and add the bends.