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  1. hello i have absima sr2s and it binds with hobby king hkgt2r,flysky fs-gr3e.
  2. hello just taken mine out for test run,all good.converted to 2ch stick and single speed.
  3. hello i have taken one out it measures total length 30mm,6.80 across flats,3.90 shank 18mm long with nut 6.50 in.nut is 3mm wide.thread part is 12mm long.hole for body pin is 1.5mm 3mm in from end.if not download frog manual on back page blow up to 30mm and get sizes from that.this is re re part sizes,think first ones were black and shorter,this one chrome,silver.
  4. hello i have two and a half ndf 01s,with no body shells,very hard to get and very easy to break.i have taken mould from damaged old shell,but turned out slightly twisted as very thin lexan and weight of plaster.no one seems to want to make any. any thoughts on other shells,being 1/10 and nitro,like to be buggy as well,thanks.
  5. hello think its sideways sprint.
  6. did you switch controller on first,then car .
  7. hello have you got same crystals in controller and revciver.
  8. i got mine for 158 pounds but waited 3 months for it.
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