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  1. Hi I am interested in the toyota if its for sale Thanks Rob
  2. Hi Please let me know if you produce these for sale. I am very interested in a full set front and rear. Thanks Rob
  3. Ok thanks for the help. I have just purchased a ripmax ac/dc delta peak fast charger (model number o-ip2500) and a 3300 mah battery. Roughly how long will it take to fast charge this battery? Thanks again Rob
  4. Anyone got a source for these parts yet. Thanks Rob
  5. Hi In the process of rebuilding and wanted to upgrade speed control. I believe the motor fitted from new is 21 turns (what ever that means) Lost touch with all of this, Over 10 years since i last ran a car. Also what is the best battery pack to buy. What sort of mah should i look for. Thanks Rob
  6. Hi looking at getting my old car going again. Had this car from new when they first came out and now want to strip and repair it. I have downloaded the manual and know require parts for it Main problem is the front suspension is damaged. Will consider anything for spares. or anyone know a supplier for new parts (I am in cheshire uk) ROBERTEVANS68@HOTMAIL.COM Thanks Rob Toyota celica gr.b 58064
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