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  1. I’m coming over with Mad Ax, so may have a Boomer Re-re, Blizter B Re-Re and my Gold LB Brushless edition, might even push the boat out and bring my HS2 with HP hop up .
  2. Thanks for the responses, they are really going to help, it’s a very long time since I raced, when I had a full head of hair! So this is going to be a great learning process for me. So far it’s got a full set of bearings, and just managed to get some CVA Super Mini shocks. Going to do this bit by bit. Will post a pic when it’s all done. Thanks again. Matt
  3. Well after a bit of a false start to the new year I find myself sat here with a bit a of a dilemma. I need to start doing different things in my life. I have just got myself a M05 and I am tempted go racing with it, nothing to serious I must add. Is there anything essential that I must get for racing an M car, hopups and the like. I am not going to take things too seriously as I don’t want to spend loads of cash on something that might not work out for me, if you know what I mean. Many thanks in advance Matt
  4. Hiya. Give these guys a shout, they are a frendy bunch. They hire a hall in Yate, set out a road layout and let you run around (even if last time Mrs Bag of Badgers went, her truck ran amock!). http://www.southwestrctruckers.co.uk/ ATB Matt PS, they have their next meet Sun 27th, starting at 9am.
  5. +1 on the Etronix, just don't forget about costing in a 200W PSU.
  6. I know what you mean, i have had some money pits before . Just sorted the Bear Hawk, new Hi-Cap plastic kit on the way and the Egress has some new drive shafts coming. Biding on another SS for some of the bits I need, think this is going to be one of the longer term projects, as the little lady has to put a 55 turn motor in her Kinght Hauler before we start on this. I just like to get all the parts i need before I start stripping and restoring. ATB Matt
  7. Well that’s the mechanism and receiver box sorted. Onwards and upwards.
  8. Been away from TC for a while, life outside RC has been a bit wild for many months! Well I’m back and I have a few (too many!) projects to start and finish. I have had a few vintage Tamiya projects on the back burner for a while now, well about 2 years, truth be told. Well, popped into my local model shop, to see if my long awaited wheels had arrived for my Slash and the Twin ESC from Tamiya, NOPE, suppliers, got love them. While looking over the stock he had in the shop and commenting about his NIB KIT 58143 that he keeps baiting me with every time I go in I spotted that he had boxes for and Egress, Bear Hawk and what looked to be a NIB body set for an Avante 2001. Knowing what a wind up merchant he can be I just joked about it only for him to produce an Egress with the aforementioned Avante 2001 body on it, a completely unmolested with decals in packet Egress body and a Bear Hawk with Hi-Cap dampers on it. Had a look over them to see what was needed and this is what I found:- Egress, needs a new rear drive shaft and a dam good clean, not too much work, Futaba ESC needs a reset and has a DYNATECH 02H motor and spare Brush set. Bear Hawk, has its original lower front shock mount in place instead of the correct Hi-Cap on one side, needs a clean and new tires. So all in all not bad, handed over some cash and went home a very, very happy bunny. When I got home found nothing else. Had to pop back in yesterday for something else only for him to produce a original SS, needs a bit more work, new rear cage, bumper (don’t they all?), tires (he gave me a set of rears that he knocking about), electric gubins and a good clean to make it a good runner. The body has a few cracks in and has a sort of narrow boat paint job on it, the good lady wants to keep the style, so that is going to be a challenge. The price for all this, I am embarrassed to say £320!!!!!!! He knows that am not going to flog it all on the bay and I have been a good customer. So the projects I have to do. 3 Foxes to make 2 A Hotshot 2 with HP shock kit that needs a strip and rebuild. 3 Falcons to make 2 An original Boomer with Winger body that needs a strip and restore. 2 Monster Hi-Lux racers that need a strip and gearbox rebuild (slipping). A DF03-RA that needs finishing off. The Egress, strip and rebuild, Avante 2001 body for run outs and Egress body for show? Bear Hawk, strip and rebuild. And last but not least the SS, restore! That should keep me busy over the winter. ATB Matt
  9. We should be there at some point, watching the rugby at Twickers the day before!!!!!!
  10. I know what you are saying, you made a choice to buy what you needed because of the requirements you needed. I bought mine because of my requirements and I need all the help I can to look human, hehehehe! When it comes to fakes and knock off I get a little concerned, not just because of quality issues but also where the funds from the sale go. Let me give you an example then you might understand where I am coming from. I work within the orthopaedics industry; parts that we use are health critical, they are implanted. A substandard implant would be a massive risk, the trauma of the first operation and then a revision to correct the damage and pain, the risk of complications, etc, etc. I know it’s an extreme example but it is becoming a bigger issue across many industries, fake aircraft parts, car parts. My industry and others are very keen to stamp this out, not only is a safety/health issue but it affects their ability to re-invest in to new developments (as well as hitting the bottom line, the end of the day we all need money but that’s for another day). Anyway, today’s update. Royal Mail just returned the eBay glasses, the vendor gave us an undeliverable address, so pointed that out to them and awaiting their response, again. Have told eBay that they are fakes and what is going on and they are investigating. Oakley are processing all the info I supplied and I am awaiting the quote on the repair, so it’s just a waiting game. Ho Hum ATB Matt
  11. This is a normal feature of the MFU, it's a pain that the truck speeds up with a trailer attached, makes 3rd gear a bit hairy. There is a fix involving cutting a wire or the like, looking into it for the Little Ladies rig, off to a truck show with it soon so should get the answer then. ATB Matt
  12. Ok, today’s update. Oakley has asked me to forward all details of the seller to their legal department, which I am doing. They are going to notify Ebay of their findings. They have asked for my original pair for repair, they carry stock of the Ducati lenses and frames. So here hoping that it will not be too much of a sting, they quote an RRP of £200 for the original pair, GULP!!! Now for the seller, they have accepted my request for a return and refund but suggested that they are an official Asian model (they are not!) and would I like to reconsider, funnily enough I have declined. So they will be winging their way back to them by recorded delivery.
  13. Update for today. Spoke to Oakley, they can repair and replace the damage, the frames are metal and have asked me to notify the legal department about the fakes. Told me tell the vendor that the glasses are not as discribed and to ask for my money back. Here's hoping it gets sorted.
  14. Still unsure of what to tell the seller?
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