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  1. Thanks for reply...Wow! what a machine, I bet It drives a dream! I want to copy the front springs, but I also want to have matching on rear, so would a full set of modified Losi shocks do it? Oh, & thanks for your great tuturial on sport tuning SRB's on your page, that was the next thing on my list. Many thanks.
  2. Thanks for reply.. I've got a couple of TamTech's & I thought the same, only problem is that they would be far to week as they seem week even for the TamTech's, but thanks anyway.
  3. Hi, I want to replace Sand Scorcher standard oil shocks for high quality anodised aluminium oil sprung dampers, maybe adjustable. I've seen a few pictures of modified Scorchers with these on and I assume that someone has done thier homework and worked out the length etc, and got these from a different car, perhaps modified as well. Can anyone tell me how? The only one's I've seen were on Epay that required modifying the originals, but I'm after something that looks a bit tastier......if you know what I mean!! Many thanks, Jim. :unsure :
  4. Hi all, If you've finished drooling over NIB Rough Rider or Sand Scorcher kits, then sell them to me please. Must be in perfect condition. Thanks, Jim.
  5. Hi Jak, I was brousing Epay USA, and I saw repro nose cones and varius other repro parts for Sand Scorchers and they look pritty good. Probably not the guy your talking about, but they're there, they're cheap & they can be yours in a few days. Jim.
  6. Thanks Shodog, your right, they're fronts! I've sent message to seller to see if can post to UK. Don't know why, but when I do a world wide search on EBay for Tamiya Rough Rider, I get varius stuff come up from US but these tyres don't show. Thanks again for the link Shodog, much appreciated, Jim
  7. Those are four rears that are being sold as a set. I need the front skinny one's, but thanks anyway.
  8. Hi there, I'm stuck guys! Have just restored Rough Rider to box art, even applied original decals! But now have a big problem finding new SAND BLASTER fornt tyres. Managed to buy new rears as Tamiya have re released Subaru Brat. Allthough I have several spare new in box sets of SAND SCORCHER wheels & tyres, I cannot bring myself to fitting these as it would be just plain WRONG!Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated. Thanks for your time & happy hol's to you all! Jim.
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