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  1. Hi fellowTamiya Friends, Anybody knows where i can find these sets for sale for the EVO IV .. asking for a friend. i know they where a limited toy fair run. all the best Chris
  2. pylon80 Got a new set with inserts.. let me know what you want with it. thanks Chris
  3. REDUCED PRICE, Rebuilt this M2 the best that i couldt,, took alot of time and effort lots of refubish and new parts . Chassisplate is well used, but ok for display use. Divetrain rebuild and driveshafts replaced bij blue ones, (black ones where bent) Same goes for the bumper. any questions , please ask price Euro 220 or good offer
  4. Stephan, i think i have a new blue setup board soon for sale, as i am getting my own teamboard return to me soon.. Its the 49266 but has a light dent leftcorner and minior scratch andTamiya TRF 414 Chassis _ eBay.html still in cardbord... the million dollar question. Pm your offer .. regards Chris
  5. After the weekend i hear i my second hand set is sold or not , if not your up
  6. For Sale The first TRF415 Light use, but fair cr Check and rebuild light. Asking 180euro or 160 P or good offer Exl Shipping More pictures by PM Thanks Chris
  7. In my Racing day`s I own the compleet set from the 414X to the 416x/we 501/TA03 R (RS) TRF you name it. I had to sell them du problems, and i always felt sad about it. To start up again , anybody know where i can find a 414X or parts or projects? let me know Thanks Chris
  8. I in for 1 one way diff. PM the price please
  9. Hello , I got one, in aluminium ..but shipping is exspensive let me know, Iam located in europe
  10. Gentlemen. For restoration purpose, Iam in need of all sorts of TRF 414(x) (m) M2) parts. If you have something for sale, let me know paying by paypall regards Chris
  11. I like to sell this tamiya TA03F FRP as a whole. But if that doesnt work, ill sell it in parts, wich is more work for me, Items has been used and has his cracks and wear I have pictures of seperate items on reguest if the lot sale doesnt happen, ill sell them seperate, Prizes in Euro`s open to offers shipping UK track and trace 16 -own risk 8 US track and trace 32- own risk 11 FR track and trace 15- own risk 7 Portugal track and trace 21-own risk 15 -53306 FRP chassis +black gearbox F/R battery holder arms, rear hubs, shock stay F/R (light crack) 80 -53310 universal shafts 30 -53316 alu hubs 40 -53325 steering knuckles 70 -Eagle racing lower arms 30 -53267 ball diff used 10 -53316 alu low friction dampers 50 -53275 alu heat sink (light damage) 35 -53291 alu pulleyset 2 pieces 40 -53326 alu steering set +53288 carbon steering plate 60 53288 alu rear hubs 50 53312 carbon stabi supports 20 - two yellow stabiset 2pieces 5 -50702 pulleyset new 15 -53304 Ta03R bumperset 15 -53332 wide axle set new 20 -53287 carbon center plate F 5 -Purple motorplate TRF-R-RS super rare 15 questions,offers .. please ask
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