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  1. The LA had longer arms but also different hubs which meant the overall car width was the same.
  2. Tamiya realistically don't compete with anyone. They have made their own niche and they fill it almost completely. So it's impossible to compare prices. You just have to go on whether you feel it is good value to invest in a Tamiya.
  3. That's just a TL-01 with buggy wheels, wouldn't be suitable for a 200mm touring body.
  4. Black. But the connector will only fit one way.
  5. Just align the balance connector to the right so that negative lines up with negative. You can use an adaptor but it's always more reliable to have direct runs of wire.
  6. Oh dear. Typical Chinese junk factory ignorance. If they had only bothered to find the right wire gauge to fill the arm, the motor would have been so much better. You see this a lot with the dirt cheap products. 90% of what they have done in the factory is really good, but then the 10% of not giving a cr*p about quality ruins the whole thing. In fact there's a lot of "premium" priced products out there that are coming off the same production lines with a fancy label. You've got to be careful.
  7. You probably saw a pic where it was fitted with the 2wd front that originally came on the Astute.
  8. Better off finding a truck wheel that you like the look of, the difference in offset and width between buggy and truck wheels is huge, you won't make up for it with spacers or extenders.
  9. It's a 0.6mod spur. Tamiya recommend their AV (0.6mod) pinions for use with the stock TD4 spur.
  10. It does look a little loose but will probably be OK. You want a small amount of backlash between the spur and pinion. Where did you get the pinion? The tooth profile looks a little different to the spur. Are they both 48dp?
  11. You want air as well? Single 550 will barely move a 1/8th truggy. When Traxxas first did electric versions of their larger vehicles (E-Maxx) they used two 550s - and it still wasn't fast. Brushless power and reliability at higher voltages is at a completely different level to brushed. There's a reason why the popular 1/8th bashers like the Arrma Kraton use electrics equivalent to the Hobbywing with 4s to 6s batteries - it takes a lot of power to get a 4kg+ truck with big wheels moving, let alone airborne.
  12. 1/8th electric is expensive. The Hobbywing is good value, the only things cheaper are no-name Chinese components that aren't worth the hassle. Bear in mind you will also need at least a 4s lipo battery as well.
  13. In terms of driving dynamics, yes. Depends really on what you consider makes the cars iconic. The poor driving dynamics were iconic (Vanquish shares this), however the luxury components were equally iconic (Avante being uniquely over-componented, Egress being sensible but extremely high spec for the period).
  14. I sold my lightly used XMW with plenty of spares/tuning parts last year for £450. It was bought by someone overseas. Based on the interest I received it was priced to sell, but I think I would have waited a long time for someone to buy it at £500+. In my opinion there was a boom in prices during lockdown because people were bored, and felt rich because they weren't spending money on other things. People aren't feeling rich any more. There's two approaches to selling: 1. Put it up on one of the enthusiast groups in Facebook for how much you want for it (it's where the non-auction buyers are now). It's free to sell on Facebook so if you think it's worth £500 it's low risk (I don't think it will be worth £500 but you never know who might be desperate for one). 2. Put it on eBay with a low-ish reserve and it's guaranteed to sell. Thousands of Tamiya enthusiasts are tracking eBay all the time, as long as you spell TRF201 properly it won't be missed. eBay's fees are pretty painful nowadays which is why it's worth trying Facebook first. Lots of RC is going unsold at the moment because people are asking collectors prices for everything. You need to be realistic if you actually want to get it off your hands.
  15. Hobbywing 1080 should be good for 10 turns. 1060 is rated to 12 turns. But I would also check the condition of the vintage motor, if it is not running efficiently it can easily draw much higher currents, which might be the main problem.
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