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  1. You’ll have to excuse the novice question but if you buy something like the GoolRC one and multiple GoolRC receivers for each model do the receivers bind to the transmitter? So once bound I could use my transmitter with any model as long as I’m only using one at once? Im just making my mind up if I should go for that or the flysky. Both have cheap receivers but the FS look a bit fiddley and the Gool looks nicer to my eye as I’m a fan of the spektrum gear.
  2. I hear it's going to be called 'the sherminator'
  3. Thanks for the replies guys, those were my thoughts with regards the esc. I am not having any thermal cutting out issues so how will it be limiting the top speed? The stock pinion is 13 tooth and I think that's as small as I can go? Don't get me wrong the blitzer is not slow but when I took out my hornet with its sports tuned it was easily as quick and much much quicker than it was with a stock silver can.
  4. The RZ is brand new, the pinion is the stock tamiya one. I did find the motor was getting quite hot though I am wondering if it might need a change of pinion? I have got an RW 13 tooth pinion but that is the same as stock, the blitzer does weigh a bit more though that's true.
  5. Looks really good, can't wait to see it finished
  6. Well my holiday hop ups arrived so hopefully I can get building the HB 2010 very soon
  7. Well I tried out my sports tuned hornet today vs my stadium blitzer and the hornet is easily as quick I did notice that the reverse on my blitzer is very very slow for some reason? is this a clue to something being wrong? Both are running stock esc's so a 101 in the hornet and I think its a 105 in the Blitzer, The hornets reverse is rapid noting like the blitzers. I was using my 3700 Nimh in the hornet and a 5000 Nimh in my Blitzer which is a newer battery... So are the hornets generally just a quick car or is something amiss? I have had the blitzers box apart a couple of times during the build and everything seemed ok. Andy
  8. As this is so close to me I am slightly gutted it's not a buggy event. However it seems like a good enough reason to buy an onroad car Oh and the lunchie should be happy
  9. If you throw up some pics of general condition someone will be able to give you a good idea on its worth I am sure.
  10. My view for what its worth This is coming from a guy who really likes to run cars and does not understand leaving anything NIB... I would do as your brother says, build it as a shelf queen and buy another to run. I re built the monster beetle I got as a kid after getting it back of a friend I sold it to years before and I just cannot quite get up the nerve to run it. I think that first crunch would hurt and its the shells and paint that would cost to replace and being a true vintage it wont quite be the same after its been run imho. I guess it all depends on how much you are attached to 'that' car and if your looking to get into the hobby? If your just looking for a kit to play with and your going to build that one because its there then sell it. You would get a very good price for a kit like that, then you could buy a new kit for less with money to spare for all the modern gear... And if the shell has been re re'd you could probably pick one up and stick it on a new chassis. Boothy
  11. I think we need proof a bull head can look nice pics please I have been having a look myself and seen a couple I do like, the interesting thing is that loosing the bull head logo from the doors and just having the flames seems to improve it no end and any colour other than box art blue seems to look good... Maybe for one of the first times Mr T got the box art wrong
  12. Some good ones in there. Its funny to see how what one person loves another cannot understand, I think I am not far of on my own in liking the thundershot series I have to say SRB's don't really cut it for me either but I can see what people like about them. Am I on my own in not really having any desire to own a Willy? *cough* you know what I mean
  13. I keep seeing threads on which Tamiya's people like and I know some of those kits people do not like have been covered there but I thought it would be interesting to see peoples thoughts in a thread of their own So come on guys, which kits do you look at and just not get? Even if you feel like you should and just can't work out why not And which kits have won you over? You have to give reasons too, so we can all understand what's wrong with you I'll start you off with a couple, firstly the Bull Head. I just can't love it and I don't know why I love Clods but the Bull Head just does not sit right with me. I think maybe its too tall in relation to its length and it looks a little to toy like for my taste but I just don't want one Then the frog, there is something about the lack of any visible front suspension that offends me The midnight pumpkin, I should love... I love pick ups and I love monster trucks but its that rounded bonnet that puts me off, its no blackfoot that's for sure and if I walked into the shop with the money to buy a MP I'd just walk out with another lunchbox But the one that has won me over is the Big wig, it has a stupid name and looks only it's mother could love. Once upon a time I would of said it was the worst looking buggy Mr T has produced but now I want one badly I have my fingers and toes crossed for a re re, I have no idea what turned me but I am in love Andy
  14. Hmmm, that's interesting then. Mine do have the preload spacers fitted, I have one of each of the widest ones on each shock. I have just stuck one extra of the next one down on the fronts but it has not really made a difference. I built the rears in the same way as the fronts just without the rubber tube stops and they return fully, the fronts return about 50% of the way up from bottoming out on the rubber stops. Which oil have you used Percy? The only difference I can see between the front and rear is that when pushing down on the rear the tyres move in the direction of rotation giving no resistance but on the front the tyres push outwards and must be dragged in as the springs de compress. Andy
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