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  1. Just wondering if a brushless motor with with wires coming out the back instead of the side will help in making a simpler modification to the plastic case. TA-Mark Could you post a pic of your modified gear case? Cheers.
  2. What i do is i adjust the throttle end point adjustment to 40% for my 7yr old daughter. My wife ... 30% ...
  3. its a tamiya. they come pre-discontinued. get them if you can, they're like pokemon (google this if you do not know)
  4. I think it is from a 1/10 scale TC kit, but just do not know where it is from ... Cheers
  5. Does the original FAV use the same wheels and tyres as the Rough Rider? From the pics in post 189, it looks like Buggy Champ wheels and tyres ... ??? no???
  6. Got mine from Mick Charles Models in Ewell ... KT19 0SF Tel: 020 8393 3232, sometime ago ... quite happy with it ... they are a very helpful lot ... any problems you can always go back to them ... Gotta go up to the loft to get the brand name ... will update this later ... Comes with moisture trap and pressure regulator. You pull the tab backwards to regulate the air flow and you press the same tab to change the amount of paint coming out of it ... would have preferred a different lever for either paint or air ... if you see what I mean ... to much dexterity required to do 2 things with one index finger ...
  7. Thinking of getting an Avante. But I have the Hotshot already ... Should I still get it? Reasons yes and no please ... looking very very tempting ... Am I right to say that, I dont think I can get a low turn motor into my Hotshot due to the gearing restriction ... but I believe the Avante has got a slightly higher gearing ratio and so I can actually get a low turn motor into it??? Cheers ...
  8. Can I get away without cutting one of the red wires from the esc, if they are connected in parallel, as the BEC voltage will still be the same?
  9. If your current esc (TEU-101BK) works with your current receiver, using whatever battery you are using right now, you do not have to worry about BEC (battery elimination circuitry) Just plug in your lipo to your esc and away you go. Remember to use your voltage cut-off as each cell in a lipo pack should not go below 3v. Standardd lipo packs comes with 2 cells within that pack, hence, the name '2S lipo 7.4v'
  10. I have only used non-genuine ones so far and there are a lot variations ... The top one is the one to use, if you can get it ... Grips helps when you need to unplug ... NOTE the difference in the leaf spring ... I think most on ebay right now are the 'useless' ones ... ie the ones at the bottom ... AND the difference in the size of the male plug and the how the grooves and 'XT' are more pronounced for the ones on top ... I recently bought 2 sets from different sellers; one from ebay and the other just another online RC shop and they ended up to be the same ie the 'useless' ones and I had to return them both, as the picture they advertised is not the same as the ones they delivered. I have so far stopped buying deans plug and only using those that I have still in my stock. Converted to using 4mm banana plugs (for the cars that I am racing with) and only using batteries with female 4mm plugs. Downside: there is a possibility of reversing polarity. incidentally does anyone have a picture of a genuine deans plug???
  11. shhhh ... you are not suppose to reveal that ... in that manner i mean ...
  12. I have a Novak cut-off which is good as you know when the battery level is low, as the throttle seems to go intermittent. Downside, they are expensive ... I will need another and so might try the Hobbywing, to see how it goes ... should not be a problem ... and for less than half the price ...
  13. hey I have that same charger ... good piece of kit in my opinion ... just that I do not use the balancer board ... I kind of figured out how to plug in the balancing lead, to balance charge the battery ... by triming the additional 'ridges' on the balancing lead plug so that it goes into the male plug on the side of the charger ; )
  14. I use 2 packs of 4000mAh 30C in my 4-5 qualifiers, charging in between. Sometimes I come back and will charge them up and leave them for 2-4 weeks before the next race and they have been fine. I have been using them for 2 years now and the capacity have ben fine so far. I have noticed that usually, there is about 7.6V left after a 5 minute run ... in a brushless 13.5T setup, and the last time I stored them, I just left them after a race and 3 months later charge them up before a race and they have been good to go ...
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