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  1. Thanks Matthew, I wonderd what i was doing wrong. Thanks Your the best. Willem
  2. Hi Guys, I got a problem! I have made a tutorial on the tamiya club. Now they have a textbox where you can put your text in. I type it with spaces en start on new lines but when i upload the text and photos the text is all behind one another. It drives me mad because it looks really terrible. When I look at other sites all text is perfectly spaced and looks great. How do you do it??? Help If you wonder what i mean cheak out my showroom. http://www.tamiyaclub.com/showroom_model.a...7&sid=22940 I tried entering, spaces, tabs. Must be something I'am doing wrong.
  3. Well guys, Just a question that fits here. I got a new charger but have a question that i cant find in the manual. It is a Graupner Ultramat 14. I can set my delta peak from 3mV till 25mV (Milli Volts). I can set the loading charge and must set the Delta peak level. Any idea how to find out what the correct setting is? I fond with sanyo for charging 3300 battery pack with 3A the Delta would be 10mV. What if i want to use a lets say 1A charge. Do i still use the 10mV or do i have to change it? Normaly if the Amps go down the voltage goes up. Dont now if this works the same way with battery's. Thanks! Willem
  4. Maybe usefull for someone! I found a schematic on a dutch forum how to build brake lights. I build it, and it works but just with a mechanical speedcontroler. It works with a ESC like a backup light. I made a "How to" on my site. http://www.tamiyaclub.com/showroom_model.a...0&sid=22940 Have fun.
  5. Hello GTO2racing, A led is sensetive for positive and ground. After swapping the wires you make the positive, negative , maybe you should swap the led wires too. As far as i know they block the current or let it pass. It is worth a go. To be sure do this first. Disconect the leds from the connector and messure with a voltmeter if you see any voltage. Swap the wires connected to your moter and cheack again. If you messure voltage again in the same amount, swap the wires of your connector. They must work then! If not then i havent got a gleu! Sorry. Good luck.
  6. Hello, My name is willem from the Netherlands and new to the club. I bought a Wild Willy 1 that was painted really thick. Metallic bleu first and pencil painted camo second. I read somewhere on the net that you can remove chrome from your rims if you want to with the dishwasher. Read all the other comments and wanted to start now. No Braking fluid or anything else at the house. So i gave it a go. I added extra salt for cleaning really dirty pans, and when done there was some paint gone. I found out that the remaning paint was not as thight on anymore as before. I could remove it with my fingernale. I found a paint strirrer and after 30 min i had removed a lot (see photo). I kept in the sink with warm water. Just pushed the paint off. The wood doesnt leave scratches and i will need some other thing to get the paint out the small areas. Maybe mom or the wife will panic if you do. Dont worry, they arrent always home and you will find nothing left from the paint if you clean the filter after you have done. Bought a new window and a new grill on Ebay (Best site in the World). So i can skip cleaning that. The rest of the solutions will work too i believe. Some stated that they wanted a cheap solution. Maybe this is working? My Wild Willy is a vintage one. I dont now how it reacts on lexaan or other new materials. Be carefull!!! Chears Willem
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