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  1. Stick with it mate,this looks well impressive.
  2. Couple of pics of the chassis as it stands.Currently spraying wheels & front axle parts.
  3. Woof-woof!!Cheers mate,worked really well.Prepping body for my secret weapon next.
  4. Not a simple primer & paint then!Thanks for the info chap.
  5. Nice detailing on the shell & driver,looks really tidy! What shocks are those as I have the same ones & don't know what they are off?
  6. Any help with the above queries would be great guys.Anyway the oven pride works a charm!!!!Put in the bag yesterday afternoon & kept shacking around every hour or so until I went to bed.This morning took out the shell & gave it a soapy wash.All the paint came off but a few stickers stayed behind so I peeled those off revealing more paint which I lightly sanded. I am taking my axles into work to paint & wanted to know if you guys use model or car paint on metal parts.
  7. I have stripped & began cleaning my spare front axle & gearbox today & noticed a few mods. On all of the front suspension arms it looks like a 2nd hole has been drilled diagonal to the original holes to hold a second grub screw. On the rear gearbox it appears that some threaded holes have been made above the rear suspension arm so as to be able to thread a bolt in that screws down onto the 'nipple' on the rear arm,maybe to help with the camber problems. Also have a spare set of front arm shafts that go through the axle tubes & they have flat ends for the grub screws to tighten up against.Is this a mod or re-re? Are these good mods or is original best as I have the other axle too?What are your opinions chaps?? If pics help I'll get some up later!
  8. Thanks for the link mate,you've certainly got some nice chassis! Found these on Ebay America,I like the idea of them being made for the chassis.Any good? [Link removed - please check the forum rules!]
  9. Thanks for the pics chap,they look right to scale & perfect for what I want.Did you get them from Ebay or on your srb when you bought it? Yet really am going to get one of these kits.Just need to clean & build my gearbox & axle etc.No rush!!! What shocks are you running.Any more pics of chassis?
  10. My Radshape chassis plate arrived today.Only ordered it yesterday!
  11. Thanks mate.Am undecided as to what to do about the shocks.I don't know if I should clean & rebuild the originals or get some suggestions for replacements!!
  12. Wow!!!Short word huge meaning........
  13. Rebuilt & greased my front & rear axles.Fitted them to my Radshape chassis.Brilliant bit of kit.Decided to keep the torsion bars in to assist the shocks until I decide whether or not to upgrade them.Also bought a servo mount so I can fit direct steering,just waiting for that to arrive.Also ordered some shiny wheel nuts & some new bearings for my other chassis. Going to take it into work tomorrow & mock up a battery tray & servo plate.
  14. Been browsing this evening.Anyone on here bought & tried this set up at all? http://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/TAMIYA-Buggy-Cha...7#ht_7534wt_698
  15. Okay I'll give that a go before the weekend.I'll take pics in progress.Thanks mate,if it works I'm going to LOL!!
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