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  1. i was going to bid on them but i saw skip665 and remembered you on here so did not bid agains you. i wanted one to because i tightend some screw up to tight. and i also put to long screws into the wheelie bar.,but i did not crack it just rounded the end a tad,but its ok. i am jut waiting for my ball bearings to come.and them i want to get a 19t motor
  2. so why have you bought the ( b ) parts of ebay ? has it done some damage ? have you put the hornet pinnion in ?
  3. hi all. well i have just done the 3rd shock mod but it still bangs when pulling away.i have used a standard re re grasshopper rear shock. i think it must be to soft. does it have to be a oil shock ? and where would i buy one from ? because i just see them in x4 packs all replys greatly appresiated.
  4. sorry if this is a stupid question. but what is a Kimbrough servo saver ? is it just a stronger servo to replace the old one ?
  5. hi i have the same charger and when i got mine in the advert online it said can charge batterys from 1400 -3000 but i got a 3300 battery with it ,i to was going to take it back or ring the shop but i looked at the charger and on the front it says for batterys 1400-3500 have a look at the front of the charger and it will say they same
  6. thanks for the info. so all i need is 1x crystal to match the one i have all ready. do you no how much this are ? if they are lots i will just use the one in the lunchbox reciver.do they just pull out ? shoping list. 1x crsytal 1x reciver and 1 x servo which i have got already
  7. hi all. well i have had the lunchbox about a week and i love it ,i have got 3300 batterys and i have just put in a sport tuned. and it flys .it does not turn well but i like that. my question is i am after a buggy type car ,well the grasshopper really . it is in my nearest model shop for 45 specail offer and you get a teu-101-bk in with it.i also get a 380 motor but i would put my 540 from the lunchbox as i have just upgraded to the sport tuned. i have got a 2 channel futaba and i got 2 servos with it but i only used 1 in the lunchbox if i just got a reciver (15) could i just use i radio gear for the 2 cars ? this is all new to me so all info is greaty recived would i need 2 new crystals ? or just on the same as in the hand set ?
  8. here you go. operating instructions axc1 delta peak fast charger use of the charger. .microprocessor controled charging fast charging 3a then trickle charging 200ma suitable for nicd and nimh battery packs supervision of voltage and disconection by-deltaV saftey timer (90 mins) will cut fast charge if no deltaV detected automaticaly switchs to trickle charge after fast charge protected against short-circuit,overload and wrong polarity input 230v ac/50hz or 12v dc display LED yellow ; power indicater-lights after conecting powerto the charger LED red ;fast charger indicator-lights during fast charging LED green;trickle charge-lights after fast charge and indcates tricke/slow charging (flashes during test cycle -approx 1 minute) operation connect the output plug of the acx1 to the battery packplug.connect the charger to 230v or 12v car. warning never conect the ac mains and dc power at the same time. the yellow power indicator and the red fast charge indicator will light for approx 1 miniute.the unit has a test cycle to cheack the battery pack and the green light will flash after the charging is conplete the charge is automaticly switched to trickle charge (the green light is on )which is safe for many hours without damage to the battery pack to stop charge discontct the power plug before removing the battery. attention this charger is disigned for charging fast rechargable nicd or nimh battery packs (7.2-8.4v)only. do not connect any other types of batteries.danger of explotion. caution keep the charge ing a dry place(indoor use only when connected to 230 v mains)not to use in damp conditions never use if the is signs of damage to the housing cables ,connecters,or plugs never fast charge a hot battery pack.allow the pack to cool down naturly before starting a recharge allow the charger time to cool down after each fast charge (about 15 mins) fast charges should not be repeted without discharging the pack fullydo not leave the charger unattended whiles fast charging,stop the charging processif the battery gets to hot (55c)
  9. ok thanks for the info. it was just that i did not no if thay had a memory or not. thanks again
  10. hi all. i run a lunchbox with a 3300 racepack and a acx1 charger. what i want to no is when i have charged the battery and run it .should i run the car till the battery is nearly totaly flat ?will this make the battery last longer ? thanks
  11. hi i now it been afew weeks since your post,but i have just bought this charger and the manual is 1 small peace of paper aboput 100mmx200mm if you want i could type what it says,if that helps
  12. well just to let you all no,i have got the lunch box it is my first build and it took me 6 hours to build it.yes it might be along time,but i took my time, because i wanted to do it right,it looked abit scary at first,with all the parts but they went together fine. next on my shoping list is a sport tuned motor and ball baring kit,and mybe some shocks.
  13. thanks for all the info everyone and to hunterzero who was spot on. its all sorted , the plug is diffrent but it does slot in useing to conectors thanks again
  14. no its a futaba.sorry canot post a pic
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