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  1. As daft as it sounds have you set it right?
  2. can i just chip in. if finances allow why not just buy a mad bull? theyre cheap enough now
  3. I had the pajero out for a blast in the snow yesterday. Just tried the magnum and its not much cop,just spins so im prepping the blackfoot for a quick blast.Mebbes get some pictures later
  4. Aye i thought so when i re read it. if you look HERE though, and click on the m06 pro picture it brings both up.Odd
  5. but will the front end need to be weighted to give the front wheels traction and stop understeer?
  6. Just had a look on modelsports Website and it seems like a nice bit of kit.Not as expensive as i thought either only £146. Seems like a nice base to start building on. Not too sure on the mclaren mercedes version of it though. Wonder if theres a nice JPS lotus shell out there...... Actually ive just re read those links im and not too sure the mclaren is on the m06 chassis although modelsport have them both under the m06 grouping on the index page
  7. Am i right in thinking a smaller pinion will mean faster acceleration and less top speed if you use the same Eg 14 tooth pinion with a 46 tooth spur will be quicker off the mark than a 21 tooth pinion with the same 46 tooth spur?
  8. thats true but its finding a good one. HPi`s are ok but theyre lexan and not much cop for scale building and kamtecks are basic to say the least
  9. Just had a proper look and the oil level seemed low. so ive toipped them up and it seems ok now. Is it just evaporation thats done it because i havent noticed any little leaks.And is it best to put them on stands when not in use?
  10. Lifted from another forum and a bit gruesome maybes but whats you kick the bucket wish list of stuff to do before you pop off? Doesnt have to be Tamiya related but obviously people will probably have some in there ,like have a complete collection of tl-01 kits relesed(although i suspect hank may have beaten us to that one!!) Dont know what mine are to be honest
  11. Can anyone tell me why when the Pajero is sat on the table or the floor etc it lists to one side? When suspended off the surface the shocks are all the exact same length and nothing seems amiss. Could it just be the one side needing more shock oil?
  12. That is nice. Love the colour on it
  13. this stuff works brilliantly. supposedly a polycarb paint but i used it over halfords paint on my balckfoot and gives it a right flip. I used the jade chameleon and i think they do a sapphire and a silver and a plain green as well
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