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  1. That is why I am so excited because there could be anything in there.....who knows what! Good times! - maybe even a Sand Scorcher, although I would love it if there was a blackfoot really! ......
  2. Well I still haven't had a chance to run the LB for extended periods to "finger test" the ESC....but I will report back when I do. Anyway, it seems it is my week . I was talking to one of the lads on my ice hockey team Wednesday night and he said his old man was mental into electric cars a while ago, now he has hit the nitros and doesn't use the electric much anymore. "So what!!!!" I hear you screaming..........well, he told me last night that his dad is going to get all his old electric stuff out to give to me as he prefers the Nitros now and has no time for the electrics and wants me to get them running and have some fun with them. He said he has about 4 different trucks/buggies and he was talking about a wicked blue one that looks like a pick up truck, he didn' know exactly what it was but I immediately thought of a Ford Ranger? He says they are all Tamiya's too. I will have to wait and see.....so excited again! I am going to have to clear a bigger space in the garage now
  3. Come on then fellas. Is it a bad thing to run the Schumacher 17 motor with a TEU-101bk or not? There seems to be conflicting opinions already on here. I have a black can 540 which I can put in it. I ran it yesterday in the snow and it was very very fast! but I don't want to run it anymore if the ESC is going to explode or burn out. I am going to attempt my first mods on it fairly soon. Possibly starting by widening the rear shocks and adding some rubber tubing to the rear axle to stop the double shock mod sliding about as suggested. Then some spacers on the front shock towers to bring the front down and try to sort the camber out a little......finally I think I am going to look at doing the front/rear shock tower bracing. Now as I am a total newbie at mods, it will take time and I guess I will get it wrong a few times, but I have to start somewhere. I have been reading the excellent tutorials and want to give it a go. Any input, suggestions or anything would be greatly appreciated. P.S I soaked the front bumper in hot soapy water yesterday and the paint came off a little, but its still patchy. It looks like a rubbery paint as been used?, it doesnt flake off, it more rubs away with scrubbing. Dazaa, we may need to look at posting that bumper mate unless I can source one a little more local
  4. hahahahaha excellent, Oh dear! see how much I know. Thanks though Twisty! All fixed now.
  5. I have been after a lunchbox or Blackfoot for ages now, and I mentioned this in the pub the other day an my mate said he had one that I could have. I said REALLY, all excited and he said "yeah I don't get on with it and it will get it out of my way." So anyway, yesterday he showed up with a big brown box and inside was the lunchbox complete with motor and spare wheels/tyres and two brand new tyres. It came to me all dirty and dusty and a few bit needing some TLC so today I stripped it down an after about 3 hours, 20 cotton buds, 8 or 9 tooth picks, 10 or so wet-wipes and a good bit of elbow grease it starting to look better.....here are some pics. Mainly cos I am stupidly excited like a 10 yr old boy right now. (I will be 33 this month by the way) After a clean up it looked a little happier - needs a new bumper for sure as someone decided to paint it (badly) silver which is now flaking off. UGLY! Here you can see the "schumacher 17 stock motor" he left in there (anyone know anything about it?) I do know it needs the wheelie bar because it wheelies everywhere! Not sure how long my TEU-101 will cope with it though? You can see someone has modded the shocks (I have seen this done before with one shock, but never two like this) looks a bit bodged to me and the back axle slips side to side on them which cant be that good And here it is with its body on.... it needs a new bumper, poss new shell but at least new paint job, one bulb is broken in the lights. But apart from that it runs REALLY fast, wheelies like a lunatic and is generally and excellent bit of fun. I have order a B Parts bag as the back wheel connector is snapped and I have glued it for now. I may also look into sorting those modded shocks, but for now I am just well chuffed with a free lunchbox.
  6. Where is this glorious Tamiya land that you speak of?
  7. Finally managed to get my first recently purchased TL-01 running. After buying a new motor, new ESC, new Battery, new transmitter aerial, today I found out it was the receiver.....so I bought a new one, fitted all the other new parts, stuck the Porsche 911 Turbo shell on it and went mental in the street. It is scary fast (remember it is my first rc in about 20 years) so I am learning how to control it again. Very very happy
  8. Awhoooooohoooo! Fixed!!!!!! it was the reciever - you were right, the guy at the LHS couldn't have been more helpful. He tried the crystals first and then the receiver. Alright I spent a little more than I could have got a new receiver on ebay for, but at least now I KNOW what was wrong. I have now fitted the new motor, the new ESC, the new battery and now the new receiver and it goes like a dream. Wow is it fast! Just gotta learn to drive it now hahahaa I also now have an old spare Endo motor, old spare ESC, spare battery. So when I pick up the truck I bought the other day I am going to have a bash at modding it myself. It will be my first real project, who knows how I will get on, but who cares. If it all goes wrong I still have the Porsche to fly about till I start the next one. Thanks so much for all the help fellas! I may even try and get to the Somerset meet now I have wheels to run!
  9. Update: I called my local hobby shop and explained the whole saga, the guy on the phone was very helpful and said "it sounds like either your receiver or your transmitter then" he also said to bring it all in and he would have a look and see if he can figure it out so I don't have to buy both and then find out they don't work either.....Very helpful so far........ I am just about to go and see him. I will post the outcome later - fingers crossed its a good one.
  10. Excellent work people! G, superb pic thanks alot for that. I have searched and searched but I am still struggling to find out anything more about this truck. Do you remember if it was customizable? As Mad-Ax says I fancy stripping it and tricking it up a little if possible. Ryck, sorry buddy, seems this is not the one you were after
  11. Update: I bought a new aerial today, fitted it in the transmitter and ............. still doesn't work. The red led light is still flashing all the time on the ESC. So, not the aerial then...... I guess now it is either the acoms receiver or the transmitter itself then?
  12. I have just purchased this......... I took a bit of a gamble and bought this last night (only 7.50) it looks from the wheels much like the old Tamiya Monster Beetle I had many years ago, but as I say only from the wheels, no other details. This was listed as a "Radio Shack Ford F150 Bigfoot". an anyone tell me what they think it might actually be, I can't find it anywhere as per the description and I have never heard of Radio Shack as a make.
  13. hahaha you are not wrong. I just this minute bought what was listed as a "Radio Shack Ford F150 Bigfoot" now I don't know it that is a Tamiya or not, or even if it is any good. But it was 7.50 and it looked kinda cool from the pictures. If you want I can post a pic, maybe you can tell me what I have bought. (Note to self.....STOP buying stuff!!!!) Edited to add the pic:
  14. Ordered!! Thanks for that. My Vapex battery arrived today too, so it's slowly coming together, just waiting on the Sport tuned motor, but it's coming from Hong Kong so might take a while Oh and while I was looking for aerials, I stumbled across a quick release battery holder, so I ordered that as well ......I also have my eye on Porsche GT3 shell.
  15. Thanks for the replies again. Well my Tamiya Standard TEU-101BK arrived today and I followed the intructions to the letter. This is the order I did it in: >I connected the red battery lead to the battery hole (BATT) in the acoms receiver >then the receiver connector (black/red/white) to the CH2 hole as it says to do >then I connected the battery up >Turned the transmittor on (1st) >Turned the receiver on (2nd) using the on switch The controls on my Acoms Techniplus Transmitter 27MHz are set to neutral (N) and the trim is in the middle too. No joy (I guess it is pointing to that aerial even more now then) As soon as I turn the reciever on the LED flashes red once (as it is supposed to) then it starts to flash constantly and wont let me set it up. Looks like it is off to the LHS to get a new aerial then I am still waiting for the new motor and battery although I picked up my Ansmann ACX1 charger today and that is working sweet. Pumped up my Mtroniks 3000mAh in no time at all. I did some research on those HBX trucks and they do look like a cheap model, I am going to wait. One thing at a time. Get this beast sorted first and then think about buggying myself up!
  16. More when I extend to full length, about 2 sections up it appears to have separated from itself (so doesnt stay up on its on in that section) I am going to buy a new controller as well now! hahaha I should have just bought a brand spanking new Stadium Raider like I wanted to originally but decided to try and be a smart alec and save money........ its probably ended up costing more this way! oh well....at least I am learning as I go this way. Well as I say I am in the process of buying more stuff, incl ESC, Battery, Charger, Motor (alloy front/rear arms & oil filled shocks today ) so I will have things to swap out and I guess I will get to the bottom of it eventually. I have spotted a load of TL-01B chassis on ebay and I have my eye on a few, I fancy making a buggy/truck myself and getting it all together from scratch. I will wait and see what is wrong with the current one first though to see what I can salvage. I have read more than a few reviews now on the Vapex batteries and everyone seems to be saying good things! Bonus! Anyone know anything about the HBX Cross Tiger/Bonzer? They are going dirt cheap on ebay at the mo and seem to have some good pace/basher qualities which may feed my hunger for off roading while i get my buggy/truck together? Any advice/warning/recommendations etc? Cheers folks!
  17. Good news on the charger then! Phew! Right, I have just bought: Tamiya TEU-101BK Electronic Speed Controller Tamiya RS-540 Sport Tuned Motor Vapextech 7.2v NiMH 3300mAh Rechargeable Battery (any good?) to go with the charger. That should sort it all out - although it sounds like it might all come down to the charger/battery now so I didn't need all that stuff oh well. It just means I will have some kit to stick in something else that I will no doubt buy now......probably an off roader/buggy. Or a Stadium Raider or similar is what I really want.
  18. OK I am in the process of buying an ANSMANN ACX1 DELTA-PEAK CHARGER will that do the trick? Also, I am going to buy new battery/batteries. What size are best? I was thinking 2700 or even 3300 is that too much? What is the difference between 2 x smallers ones against one big one? I have a feeling my controller may be on its last legs too. Added to that I can't find any details about the ESC I have Msonik Sport RV I think I am going to buy a normal 540 motor and a standard Tamiya ESC to get my head into it all first. I keep trawling ebay for a good Tl-01 for spares as I reckon thats what I could do with too..... but I guess it takes time to build up.
  19. I have a TL-01 which is not working. It was, then it stopped, then it worked now I get nothing at all. Motor: Endo 19t double wind ESC: Msonik Digital Sport RV Receiver: standard acoms AM 2ch Controller: Acoms techniplus 27mhz with band 6 blue crystals. Battery: Mtroniks 3000mAh 7.2v nimh which I am charging with a trickle charger. It was working, although not great, stuttering a bit. I found that when I jiggled the yellow wire attached to the motor it worked while off the ground. So I thought it must be the connector, which I have replaced. This worked ok for a while, then it started spluttering power again. My ESC is going haywire now flashing red and green all the time, but it does not respond to the controller. Not even the steering works, which used to work fine. Questions: 1) I have a feeling the connectors to motor are not the greatest - any recommendations of where to get them? 2) Why would my steering servo just stop receiving completely? I could understand if that was intermittant but it has always been fine. 3) My aerial is snapped, would that cause an issue (even tho I am only inches away) ....... any suggestions would be great here. I am tempted to buy a new ESC, new battery, new motor and new controller. (may as well start again) The chassis is perfect...I am just getting fed up not being able to run it now. I don't know enough to be able to trouble shoot to find the problem. Is there anyway I can rule it certain things, ie test them to see if they work alone? I hope someone can help. ARMS Just thought: Would bluetooth/broadband have any effect on the ESC/receiver? I am fiddling with the car right next to my laptop?
  20. Yeah oil shocks are my next must buy! Already got my eye on ebay for them. I have an electronic speed controller (I think) it's an M-Sonik Sport RV (Max Fet) whatever the badword one of those is Drifting eh? Can you still get good straight line speeds? Or is it all about the drifting round corners? After checking out a few more threads on TC I am leaning more and more towards getting my self an off-roader, probably a truck (not to keen on the look of the buggy) so I can bash some jump out.
  21. Hey....count me in. Aarms14@hotmail.com
  22. Hey all, As I am relatively new to all this rc stuff. My technical knowledge is, well let's just say limited I have a 2nd hand TL-01 with a Kyosho Endo 16turn double wind motor, set at 19t pinion, it has ball raced bearings already and I have just put on new 1.9" touring car rims with treaded tyres. I would like to run this car as a car park runner mainly, I am interested in good top end speed, but more importantly it all about the acceleration for me. I like to do doughnuts and skid it around alot. I am also planning on putting together a basic tarmac track on an unused car park near me. With lots of tight corner so I can race with my buddies. So..... what's the advice for setting this up? Is there a glossary anywhere of set-ups for different driving styles/tracks/uses? Oh I also have an HPI Porsche 911 Turbo bodyshell (which seems to be a little wide?) can I get spacers or wider rims to move the wheels out a bit so it looks better and if so what effect will that have on performance/handling? So many questions so early....... thanks guys/gals. Check this thread to see some pics of my car <<CLICK ME>> ARMS
  23. So when Ryck was talking about adjusting the cars drive train. Is replacing the pinion with a different size what he means? Ok have I got this right? Bigger Wheels require a bigger pinion so that the motor doesn't have to spin so many times to move the wheel around once? Ryck said the max on a TL-01 was 7:1 (7 motor spins to 1 wheel turn) I see the TL-01 has holes for 23, 21, 19 with 19 looking like the smallest (as it mounts the motor closest to the spur, then 21 then 23? Am I right. If so, what ratios go with what pinions? If I have got that right so far I am doing ok. I had a look for wheels and tyres and it looks like the 4wd buggy front (from the pictures) look about the right size and width. When you said 1.9 touring car rims, is that 1.9" I measured my current wheels and they look like 1.9" diameter. Could I put say 2.2" rims and tyres on? What is the max so it will still turn? Can anyone help me please? P.S I think I might have to start posting my questions in different threads now. This is getting a bit long and others may not be able to help cos they don't read it.
  24. Thanks. I think I have ruined it today buy spraying the windows silver. I got a bit trigger happy and couldn't wait to get the smoke tint. Dummy! Ahhhh I see. Ok I will get my researching head on now and figure out how to adjust the rations for the drive train (whatever that is). While I am at it Ryck (sorry to go on) what are the differences between pinions? I have 21 at the moment...... what is my current set up best for? 16t Endo with 21 pinion? Cheers fella. I promise I will be using this site loads to pick up snippets of info and use the hints and tips forum alot, I am not going to bug you forever...honest!
  25. I hope this works, the pics are not great (I will try harder in future) They should be in order from oldest to newest, so you can see where I started and where I am now. I am pretty pleased for my first attempt and I think the black wheels make a massive difference too. I haven't shown you the other side (I let my 5 yr old daughter apply those decals hahahaha oops)
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