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  1. Specifically looking for one of the (20mm?) self-tapping screws that has a smooth shaft about 2/3 of the way down and serves as the pivot point for the upper rear suspension arms. Lost one in the grass and can't find it!!! PM me if you can help. I am located in SC (USA). Thanks!
  2. pmdparts

    Calling All Losi Experts--what Is This?

    Thanks Terry, The guy I got this stuff from was a pretty serious Losi racer back in the late 80's and early 90's, so he could have assembled it himself. I have the plastic case that the upgrade tranny came in, so I know you are correct that it was added later. Since I also have a bunch of misc. JRX2/JRXT parts, it appears that he must have run them at one time (though I didn't get any complete ones). I did, however, find some NIP JRXT wheels and some other NIP parts. I'm thinking it might be cool to assemble a JRXT since they are seldom seen as compared to the LXT and later XX stuff. I even have a couple of NIP XXTCR bodies that are a direct fit, though not "correct."
  3. Hopefully, these photos loaded--I haven't tried to use photobucket before. You might have to click on the link. Can anyone give me some info on this truck? I first thought it was an LXT, with a home-built chassis, but now I think its an earlier JRXT chassis (see the holes for the trailing arms). The chassis is basically flat except for the "kickup" on the front and seems to be graphite. Also has a hydra-drive slipper added to it as well. I got this in a huge lot that I bought a few years ago, and just got around to trying to identify it. I've actually run it a few times and it is actually quite fast and handles well. It also appears to have an upgraded tranny ("2.61 ratio" indicated on side). I have a bunch of JRx2 and JRxT parts as well, so maybe I should use the chassis to build something else. Anyone??
  4. pmdparts

    What Is Wrong With This Frog?

    I just had a look at my vintage CRP's---definately not what you have. CRP's have a plastic lower end and a plastic collar. Also have plastic "standoffs" that space them outward from the bracket and suspension. They are probably mounted up-side down because they were leaking. I still say they are Parma or Bolink shocks??
  5. pmdparts

    What Is Wrong With This Frog?

    I don't know what you have there either, but I do know that the towers are not CRP and neither are the shocks. CRP towers are plastic, not fiberglass. The shocks are identical to some that I have in my stash. Some of the ones I have came from an old Bolink pan car (Invader??) that used them. The metal collars are the give-away that they're not CRP. Did Bolink make a setup like this??
  6. I purchased a 2nd hand Brat on Ebay that had been converted to a "Scorcher-ish" beetle sometime in the distant past. Included a Bolink beetle body, full thorp setup with diff, sliders, axles, and alloy hubs. Even has genuine scorcher decals and a home-made rear body mount rig made from a clothes hanger that used a scorcher body mount clip. Also has a period Novak ESC and early Futaba Magnum Jr. radio. Also, Kyosho gold rear shocks and vintage CRP front shocks/mounts. An awesome little car for $140 USD and I still run the wheels off of it at every opportunity.
  7. Specifically, I need the "bent" diff screw and the spring washers. Could also use the really tiny inner diff balls (forgot their official name and size), but I can probably source them elsewhere. Anyone have a private stash of this stuff? Thanks!!
  8. pmdparts

    What Chassis Is This

    Ditto on the Kyosho guess. The suspension parts look like Burns?
  9. pmdparts

    Blackfoot Throp Gear Loosening

    I have the same exact problem with my Blackfoot/Thorp combo. I have the "bent" screw, but it does not help. I tried "blue" locktite, but still loosened up after one battery pack. I now have some "red" locktite, but have not tried it yet. I'm a little worried that the red stuff may be permanent.
  10. pmdparts

    Help Identifying My Losi

    Terry is correct, as a matter of fact I just sold a near-mint buggy version on Feebay a few months ago. Complete with blue tires, etc. If you restore this, I think I may have an original manual somewhere.....
  11. My 25 yr old "Frog Scorcher" usually gets the nod---thorp equipped too, so usually pretty reliable.
  12. Oh yeah--the reserve is quite a bit lower than the BIN!!
  13. I just listed this yesterday--pretty nice buggy. Check the link Yokomo YZ-10 on Ebay
  14. Isn't the CRP setup simply the re-re Frog/Brat parts offered up as a complete package?
  15. Anyone got some to get rid of? Need them for a low-buck project that I have going. Preferably shipping from USA--can't afford the int'l postage!