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  1. Hello Mokei Kagaku, stumbled upon your post after searching internet for information on Rally Legends Fiat 131. Do you know if they ever released an improved version? Also would you have photos of your 131?, would love to see it. Lastly, what is the wheelbase for the 131 bodyshell? Regards, James
  2. Dirt-540

    Boomerang VS Super Hotshot

    Yes Id love to see pics please 👍
  3. Dirt-540

    Boomerang VS Super Hotshot

    Manta ray is not in the class I wish to race at the Revival event, plus im not keen on the looks to be honest. My friend has a Blazing Star which is not too dissimilar to the Manta, and yes its a great drive. I love the handling but the Boomer wins me over the Manta and Blazer just on its looks. Thanks for your help though chap. @S-PCS
  4. Dirt-540

    Super Hotshot gearbox out drives

    Will have a look,cheers
  5. Dirt-540

    Super Hotshot gearbox out drives

    Thats the one brother, cheers.
  6. Dirt-540

    Boomerang VS Super Hotshot

    I dont know about that... I prefer the Super Hotshot myself but the Boomer is a close 2nd for me with that lovely low slung front. I love both of them in equal measure to be fair, but, I can only buy one or it'll cost me my marridge
  7. Can anyone link me up to the Super Hotshot gearbox out drives please for the main propshaft, not the dogbones. Also the main propshaft too please. As I dont know the part numbers or the bags they come in I cant find them available. Looking at what it would cost to use them to modify/upgrade a Boomerang. Thanks in advance guys
  8. Dirt-540

    Boomerang VS Super Hotshot

    I have to say, the Boomer is winning so far... lighter, better steering, slightly more ground clearance, easier maintenance. Does anybody know how to go dual shock on the Boomer using the Super Hotshots metal uprights?
  9. Dirt-540

    Boomerang VS Super Hotshot

    Cheers @ThunderDragonCy Hmmm more food for thought.
  10. Looking at buying a rere Boomerang or Super Hotshot for racing, but I just cant make my mind up. I have so many questions!!! So please guys, all your opinions are welcome no matter what. So far I'm thinking Boomer because ease of maintenance, its lighter, and a few have said it handles better than the Super Hotshot. I would say its cheaper too, but once I add ballraces and a front dual shock upgrade there's hardly anything in it price wise. Other things I'm querying is; I cant seem to find a dual shock upgrade? Is there a propshaft available for it (the centre one that connects the drive from rear to front)? Thanks in advance
  11. Dirt-540

    Wanted Martini decals

    Perfect! Will PM you, cheers.
  12. Dirt-540

    Brushed motor comm service

    Search for igify on facebook, theres a chap who does a complete overhaul on motors, generally it works out at £18 a motor, he does have a good reputation and is very thorough.
  13. Dirt-540

    Wanted Martini decals

    Okay thats great, look forward to finding out. Thank you so much
  14. Dirt-540

    Wanted Martini decals

    Please let me know the width first, any bigger than 35mm and they wont fit. Thanks 😉