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  1. Like new never used, still has film.Fits most Tamiya chassis' TT01, TT02, TA01, TL01 etc etc Unfortunately I seem to have lost the decal set which is available elsewhere. Cheers *UK and Paypal (No F&F) only please
  2. Core RC 15t motor like new never used £7 *Offers welcome *Discount on multiple items *Paypal only *UK only *No F&F
  3. Absima 3 channel (compatible with 2 ch handsets) Never used £17 *Offers welcome *Discount on multiple items *Paypal only *UK only *No F&F
  4. Just put in car and tested then reboxed. Its an Alturn 750 high torque servo £21 *Offers welcome *Paypal only *UK only *No F&F
  5. Like new, set up and tested then re-boxed. Includes soldered Deans plug and heatsink. £22 *Offers welcome *Paypal only *UK only *No F&F
  6. Futaba - Magnum Juniour transmitter, R102GS receiver and 2 x S128 servos (aerial missing) £25 Video link here for a more detailed look https://fb.watch/i83gyb50Qu/ Offers welcome *Paypal only *UK only *No F&F
  7. Acoms 27mhz transmitter £10 Offers welcome *Paypal only *UK only *No F&F
  8. Having a massive clear out, just way too much stuff to list in multiple places, so everything is getting listed on my private (open to public) page on https://www.facebook.com/GettingRC The picture is just a small amount of what's being sold. If you like anything and have a query you can message me on here if you'd prefer. Kind regards from Dirt-540
  9. Whats that Peugeot top right hand side?
  10. Wow!!! Thank you Manny, really look forward to it mate, been searching for a while. I'm all good thanks, really hope you are too mate? Cheers
  11. Want Killerbody wheels part no KB48295SIL (please see pic) Theyre for the Lancia Delta body and are aluminium, can anyone help me source these much needed wheels please?
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