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  1. Sorry, I'll pass thanks.
  2. Can I have first refusals on this please?
  3. FREE just cover paypal fees and postage UK ONLY
  4. Need front lower arms PIC FOR REF .
  5. Nice post chap, just got me a tt02 and will do the same. Ive already done it to a tt01 and a tt01e and the difference in road holding is brilliant, loads of suspension travel. I always use those Tamiya black CVAs, soft and plush, far better than a lot of those aftermarket aluminium shocks that everybody praises but actually are rubbish.
  6. Like new, never worn XL bargain at less than half the price. £50 For pics see link to my Tamiyaclub showroom https://www.tamiyaclub.com/trades_model.asp?cid=122750&id=23103
  7. Sorted, thank you Tamiyabigstuff. Is there a page on the site to select other manuals?
  8. Sorry if this has already been covered but couldn't find any info on existing posts. Need full manual for TL01 chassis... Are pdf files of the complete manual no longer availabe? How do I download full resolution of said manual? Thank you in advance guys
  9. I need the following: TA01/2: The springs that come on the black or blue CVA shocks.The prop upgrade for the TA01. TA03F: The alloy motor mount and heatsink. TB01: Manual, shock towers(or aftermarket alloy alternatives), alloy motor mount, stabiliser kit.
  10. Want one or more chrome Ansmann 55mm shocks.
  11. Want TA03F alloy motor mount/cover, cheers
  12. Could you please PM me price inc shipping to the UK for the 8 spoke alloys? Cheers
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