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  1. As previously asked, can you please let me know which model number the Celica GT4 decals are for. Tamiya have released over 4 different Celica rally cars so I need to know which one they are.
  2. Want a Rally Legends pre-painted Lancia Fulvia in the UK, new or used, part No. EZRL2423
  3. Email/messaged you about the Toyota celica GT-four decals.
  4. Sorry I should have removed this as Ive sorted it now. Thank you though guys
  5. Bump!!! still want one please, anything considered
  6. Definitely good advice!!! Also dont charge over 4 amps otherwise you compromise the life span of the lipo.
  7. I would buy the charger first then see what you need as you might be buying adapters that you dont need as you get some with the charger. I get any adaptors I need from eBay, just make sure you buy from a UK seller or you coukd be waiting weeks. I pretty much use only deans connectors now as they are good for high current and power, I've changed all the plugs on all my kit bit by bit over the years to deans. If i buy an ESC I usually buy it from somewhere like Modelsport as they'll only charge you a couple of quid for fitting a plug of your choice.
  8. I would recommend the Core RC - UAC Charger at around £45 GBP, it does everything. The only thing I cant guarantee you is wether it has all the correct adapters so you may still have to buy one, though it does come with quite a few. I've been using it for over 5 years and its still working.
  9. Hello Tamiyabigstuff

    Regarding my search for TL01 stabilizer bars; you said you have the M03 53343, is this the whole 53343 set or just part. Please let me know what you have exactly and also a price including postage. 

    I have already secured a bar with attachments so thats going straight onto the rear of my TL01 Stratos as soon as it arrives and that should be suffice for that car as it is rear wheel drive only.  But I wouldnt mind some surplus to requirements parts as  you know what this hobby is like, am already lining up more builds.

    1. Tamiyabigstuff



      I have 1 NIP 53343 I can spare - this is complete.

      £30 posted.



    2. Dirt-540


      Hello Mike

      I'm going to pass on that for now chap. Thank you for your help though, very much appreciated. ;)

  10. I'll have a look tonight and get back to you, cheers
  11. Want TL01 stabilizer bar/s with fittings, think part number is 53324, cheers
  12. WANTED WR01 based car/truck, anything considered. UK and PAYPAL only.
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