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  1. I need the following: TA01/2: The springs that come on the black or blue CVA shocks.The prop upgrade for the TA01. TA03F: The alloy motor mount and heatsink. TB01: Manual, shock towers(or aftermarket alloy alternatives), alloy motor mount, stabiliser kit.
  2. Want one or more chrome Ansmann 55mm shocks.
  3. Want TA03F alloy motor mount/cover, cheers
  4. Could you please PM me price inc shipping to the UK for the 8 spoke alloys? Cheers
  5. Definitely a TA01 for sure, if your thinking of selling it please let me know.
  6. Thank you SuperChamp82 the decals are great and a bargain too.
  7. If your on FB join iconicrc and their sales page, ta01/2 chassis' come every so often. Literally seen a guy put 2 (both a ta01 and 2) up for sale about a week ago, £65 each. Just an idea chap.
  8. Theyre either dreamers or chancers, probably the latter. Lots of people get their idea of value because somebody lists something on ebay at a silly price and people think thats what its worth where as in reality if they checked the listing when it ends theyd find out it didnt actually sell. Some folks have a car that they dont really want to sell unless they can get a silly price for it, so they list it and if it dont sell it doesnt matter, and if it does sell theyre quids in. Though they never do sell at that price because most people are clued up to some degree. I dont think anybody would pay that for a Falcon even if it was mint and box-art. You could buy much more and better for that kind of money, you'd have to be pretty stupid. selling as part or complete is up to you; generally you get a bit more selling seperately but generally theres always something that doesnt sell and your stuck with it.
  9. Ive had 5 Falcons and for some reason they dont fetch as much as other Tamiya buggies. Personally based on my experience you may get a £100 for the lot plus postage on top. You may have to wait a while until someone comes along who is actively seeking to buy a Falcon already. My estimate is based on the front end being intact and not damaged in the areas theyre prone to, unless it is damaged. Its hard to tell by the photos, but if all is intact and structluerey okay, including the body (has been cut okay and not split at all) thats my estimate. Id put it up for sale on TC pages and the TC forum and just leave it there, renewing it every 2 to 3 months, after all it costs nothing and hopefully at some point that person will come along. Looks like a great restoration project.
  10. Anybody know a vinyl cutter who can do these in red or does anybody have some already in red?
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