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  1. Even though Ive aquired a FF01 i may be interested in your FF01 with volvo bodies and box, please PM some pics
  2. Used as can be seen in photos. Has alloy oil shocks, rubber sealed bearings through out, steering turnbuckles. Has extra long drive shafts at rear and wider hexes to bring wheels further outwards. Aerial removable for running, has mud-flaps and exhausts which are strong enough for running. Body has working front custom made pop-ups (fixed) with front and rear LEDs, just plug into the bind port on your reciever. Also has elastic binds to pull sills inward to give it a better look. Both body and wheels are Rally Legends, wheels scuffed but no cracks and tires are glued and have firm sponges in them. Loads of grip left on tires. No electrics included. Other than that just put in your electrics and go. (One negative which has come to light whilst giving it a look over, one of the C hubs has threaded so lower pin is prone to falling out) Any questions please ask. Paypal and UK only please £125 ONO (not including Royal Mail 2nd class signed for or Pick up welcome)
  3. What price would you like including postage please? Also, regarding postage I dont like Yodel, Hermes and the like as have had bad experiences with them, generally I prefer Royal Mail if thats okay
  4. Am still interested chap, I do have another one in line but maybe I'll buy yours instead once I know which bits are missing and 3D printed. Im still waiting on the other guy to get back to me as he said he had a clean one but when he sent me some pics I could see stuff amiss so have questioned him about it.
  5. Also the A3 part is usually missing on these, its the oblong plastic piece that goes next to the motor mount plate, is that there?
  6. Looks okay, which parts are 3D printed? and are all for of the upper mounts split? Also are the front hubs (blue parts) split, usually on the arm where the steering rods attach.
  7. Okay look forward to seeing it, cheers
  8. If its a ff01, your in the UK, its complete, nothing missing or broken then I'm interested, please let me know if this is the case when you get it. Cheers
  9. Prefer just rolling chassis but anything considered, cheers Pic for ref
  10. As in description, need a set as I have finally aquired a Lancia Fulvia bodyshell. Pic for ref, Cheers
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