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  1. Anybody know a vinyl cutter who can do these in red or does anybody have some already in red?
  2. That is quite beautiful, love its simplicity. Is there any compression in the engine?
  3. Im in the UK but still would like to see what you got, especially any Tamiya motors. You never know I might buy them all and then it isn't so bad paying overseas shipping.
  4. Thanks chap, thats nice of you 👍
  5. I'll pass on those too rcwallace612, cheers
  6. No thanks Grumpy pants 👍
  7. Dont need a standard 540, have tons of those already. May be interested in whatever else you have, please let me know what you got. 👍
  8. Looking for quality brushed motors around the 17single or 17x2. What you got or if you can recomend something thats already on the market please let me know.
  9. https://www.modelsport.co.uk/hobbywing-xerun-combo-xr10-js2-10-5t-black/rc-car-products/407832 or this one (though with this one im not sure which kv to choose) https://www.modelsport.co.uk/hobbywing-ezrun-combo-max10-3652sl-5400kv-brushless-motor/rc-car-products/420911
  10. I will look into these 10bl120esc. The DT03 17t is okay with the Boomerang? I havent actually got my Boomerang (awaitjng delivery) yet so dont actually know what pinion comes with it as standard, do you happen to know?
  11. Rules are very relaxed as its open. Dont think i need programmable. Unsure what blinky, FDR and mod are? I think 10.5t is what im after. I checked out the Surpass rocket v4s motor and skyrc esc, both only available in hong kong. Am I right in saying im looking at about £100 if i buy both? Would i be better off buying a Hobbywing combo that retail for about 75-80?
  12. Looking for recommendations on a brushless motor and esc for my Tamiya Boomerang. It will be used for racing so want something reliable. Am not much cop at soldering so ideally want something thats plug and play. Bear in mind the buggy will be getting quite modified over time, plus Ive driven plenty of powerful set ups that out do the chassis in terms of class and I haven't had any failures due to my careful input.
  13. Thanks Tizer but ive opted for green instead of red 😁 Though if i can manage to get a good scan of these I'll forward you a copy for future reference 👍
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