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  1. Dirt-540

    Sold - Tamiya Ta-03F Pro

    Going to PM you chap
  2. Dirt-540

    Want bevel gear set and housing for tt01

    Yes because im going rear wheel drive only.
  3. Dirt-540

    Want bevel gear set and housing for tt01

    Am i right in thinkin they're plastic?
  4. Basically a differential for a tt01. cheers
  5. Dirt-540

    Wanted : Tamiya chassis

    Is there any way of lengthening the wheelbase so it has a normal wheelbase?
  6. Dirt-540

    Wanted : Tamiya chassis

  7. Dirt-540

    Tb01 info please

    Thanks guys 👍
  8. Dirt-540

    Tb01 info please

    Does the TB01 chassis come with oil shocks as standard?
  9. Dirt-540

    Wanted : Tamiya chassis

    PM me please what you would like for it posted 😉
  10. Dirt-540

    Wanted : Tamiya chassis

    Yes secure shipping is around 20 to 25 GBP. Thoughdepending condition and what you want for them I may still go ahead. Please PM with more info, regards OCD 👍
  11. tt01, tt01e, tt02, ta01 or ta02, may have something else pending what you have.
  12. Need a pipe and an air filter to finish my Kyosho Landjump Integra, please see pics. Pipe would go from engine out to muffler which is 15mm in diameter and need to be at least 50mm long. The airfilter would have to fit over the intake which is 11mm. Regards
  13. Hello Mokei Kagaku, stumbled upon your post after searching internet for information on Rally Legends Fiat 131. Do you know if they ever released an improved version? Also would you have photos of your 131?, would love to see it. Lastly, what is the wheelbase for the 131 bodyshell? Regards, James
  14. Dirt-540

    Boomerang VS Super Hotshot

    Yes Id love to see pics please 👍
  15. Dirt-540

    Boomerang VS Super Hotshot

    Manta ray is not in the class I wish to race at the Revival event, plus im not keen on the looks to be honest. My friend has a Blazing Star which is not too dissimilar to the Manta, and yes its a great drive. I love the handling but the Boomer wins me over the Manta and Blazer just on its looks. Thanks for your help though chap. @S-PCS