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  1. Want the 4 spot version of the one in the photo, cant find them anywhere, if youve got one or know where to get one please let me know. Thanks all
  2. WANTED WR01 battery retainer, anybody got one spare please? Regards
  3. Ive got some mate thanks, I found 2 packets of 15 pieces each and bought them. Thanks though svenb
  4. I have the upgrade hinge pins for the TL01 arms but no E clips and am unsure what size I need, all I know is I need 16 of them. Cheers
  5. Anyone got one, a grey TA01 chassis tub? anything considered, Cheers
  6. Bet you'll still drive it like you stole it Hope my info was helpful and it enthuses you
  7. Thats why its best to send it to my Falcon hospital where it will get the best care 😁
  8. Yes your silly for running it, but thats why you run them, so you can be silly like when you was a kid without a care in the world. Thats why I run my cars and buggys, its a beautiful thing. Though I do have a nice shelf collection too. I love the Falcon and I think its a much under rated and maligned buggy. Maybe if owners/runners of the Falcon were a little thoughtful in their approach when using a Falcon maybe they would have as much reliable fun as myself. They would also discover that its handling can be improved dramatically with correct shock set up and a bit of ballast at the front of the buggy. Falcon users pointers... *Dont jump, its 30 year old brittle plastic. *Run on tarmac, dusty tracks and light debris surfaces. *Be considerate with your throttle input, if you drove a real car like I see people drive their Tamiyas they would break too. *Get your suspension set up right, the Falcon has 4 points of decent articulation, you just need 4 shocks set up right and a bit of ballast. The last point is easier said than done but it can at least be dramatically improved. I've just finished building my 6th for running and am just waiting on some additional shock parts which I will use to customise the rear suspension making it work far better. This 6th Falcon is to replace the 3rd one I bought years ago which I use to run often but eventually sold it on, regret finally caught up with me and made me buy the 6th one. The Falcon was the first buggy to have a full plastic transmission along with independent suspension at all 4 corners and was the catalyst, maybe unwittingly, for all those space-age looking buggys that followed. A decent articulate buggy that represents the 80s perfectly and captures that nostalgic Tamiya feeling... The Falcon.
  9. Awsome!!! Thank you svenb, I shall PM you.
  10. Am after 2 sets of these springs, they originally came on the TA01/2 rally kits. No to be confused with the TA01/2 touring car springs. These are longer (50mm) and softer.
  11. No worries grumpy pants, hope your doing well chap 😊
  12. Looking for 1 or 2 like the one in the pic please Cheers
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