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  1. Tl-01 Item number: 200328461482 Twin Detonator with loads of hop-ups and spares Item number: 200328458109
  2. http://cgi.ebay.co.uk/tamiya-tl-01-ferrari...A1%7C240%3A1318
  3. ok thanks for your help i think i might just buy a better esc and a faster motor
  4. Hello i want to get a new motor for my tt-01 and was going to get a sport tuned one but i have now seen the tamiya super stock motor aswell. will my teu-101bk esc be able to handle the super stock motor (as they are both 23 turn) and are they much better than the sport tuned ones? thanks
  5. i've cleaned and re greased my tl-01, tt-01 and twin detonator, i also finished ball racing my tt-01, so now im going to take them out to get them dirty again lol!
  6. Hi everyone i've just aken my twin detonator out for a spin and i noticed that when from a standing start if i put the throttle on full it doest go anywhere but as soon as i take it of full throttle it goes no problem. when im going along i can put it in full throttle no problem its just from a standing start??? can any let me know what i can do to fix this? Thanks very much Scoobyryan
  7. Ok thanks again everyone for your help im just about to grese it now.
  8. ok thanks very much for your help m8!
  9. hiya m8 if you have still got the tl-01 chassis what sort of condition is it in and how much roughly are you looking for? Thanks
  10. Hi All i need to get some new grease for my cars but do you need to buy the proper tamiya stuff or can i use some different grease if so what grease is good to use? Thanks
  11. Hi everyone I just bought a new ferrari 360 shel off ebay with the decals but it doesn't have the sheet which says where abouts all of the decals should go. does anyone know where i can get the sheet? Thanks
  12. ok thanks for your help!!!
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