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  1. Buy a Top Force and a TA02 chassis. Then you have a 4wd chassis with the right wheelbase and put a Blackfoot body on it : )
  2. The turnbuckle is there to prevent the gearbox to break. When the tower is strong enough the plastic were the tower is mounted to the gearbox is the next weak place. I use the same turnbuckle on a car with 3Racing carbon and alloy tower for the same reason.
  3. 6s esc`s are large I`m afraid. You can get 4s esc`s that are not much bigger than a regular 2s esc. I like Hobbywing so if I should name one 6s esc it will be Ezrun MAX8 V3. Costs about $120.
  4. I use the Yeah aluminum rear tower and the 3Racing one ( carbon fibre with an aluminum bridge ) With both towers I use a turnbuckle mountet between the tower and the 3Racing gearbox support.
  5. I raced with the Turbo Optima, the Avante and the Optima LWB. All of them were competetive against Cats and the other 4wd`s of that era.The fastest motor I used was a Trinity Twister 15x2 and battery a 1800mah.
  6. I drove the Optima ( Turbo ) with sucsess back in the late 80`s. (At the local tracks atleast). Great car both outdoor on dirt tracks and on indoor carpet. I used to run With a 16x2 Twister motor and 1700mah battery
  7. Wheels : I use DE Racing Wheels on Our RR/RRR cars. Losi TLR22 front and Kyosho RB6/ZX6 rear. They have the correct ET
  8. Why not do like Tamiya does ? Rebrand a good quality esc and motor with a cool sticker and go race Owe
  9. Me and my two sons were at the track for six hours. Their DB01RR cars are much easier to drive than my Durango DEX410. With their improving driving abilities I will be the slowest of us in a month or two..
  10. Avante Porsche 959 Mazda 787b TRF501x Luncbox Blackfoot
  11. Built our second DB01RR. Tried the first one last week and the kids liked it alot. Now waiting for the RRR to hit the shops
  12. Just got mail from Oople that someone from France had tried more than 5 times to login on my acount
  13. +1 for the DF03 I have 4 of them With various brushless motors. 7.5t and the wildest one a Novak 550, 5.5t on 4s. No problems With the gearboxes, but I think the chassis is weak in front of the battery. But I must admit that the DB01 is a stronger car, and you can put geardiffs in the DF01
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