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  1. Stonemole

    Which Is The Better Basher?

    I love my kBF its a great truck , but i also have a Madbull that is so much fun. both take some serious punishment as im a bit of a thrasher.
  2. Stonemole

    The "postman Brought Me" Thread

    Woo hoo , got my S-10 and its in **** good nick for a £30 ebay basher. very very chuffed. pics to follow
  3. Stonemole

    540 Motor In A Grasshopper

    yeah i used a 540powered GH for my boy but its still to much. hey skip ill swap ya a 380 and gubbens for the qd pumpkin
  4. no probs , let me know which meet your at and ill bring it.
  5. Skip i have a qd pumpkin , its in bits but its all there. its yours for postage or at the next meet.
  6. Stonemole

    The "postman Brought Me" Thread

    I have a card that says postie wants me to come see hoping its my S-10......ill update later )
  7. Stonemole

    1:1 High-lift Tundra

  8. Stonemole

    New Toy!

    yeah bit of digging and a talking to from uncle blackie has given me the "vital stats" its most of a ray with some shorter bits and stuffage. so in theory i should be able to fix it when i break it.
  9. Stonemole

    New Toy!

    well i counted up whatever pennies i could from hiring myself out for various weekends (as a soundman you filth mongers) and i though , lets have a ebay hunt...... and landed myself a Chevy S-10!! after seeing one of these (maybe not a S-10 ) at the last Eastern bash ,i liked it so much. so next question , whats the things on it i should be looking for in the wear department and hop ups that are needed?
  10. Stonemole

    Vendors And Sealed Kits (shrink Wrapped)

    "whats wrong?" "Its like a thousand shrink wrapped boxs all cried out and then were silenced"
  11. Funny you say about the Manta ray , it was my first tamiya and i loved it. yet when i got back into stuff last year i craved the buggys i saw in the toy shops etc all those years ago (G-hopper , Hornet , Lunchbox) i bought one of each and found that the hornet was not a lot of fun......but there you go , horse for courses. Still think the lunchbox is the best thing i have ever bought, even though i keep breaking it.
  12. Amazon have started using something like this , infact i think its for all transactions in the Sellers area. until you send it no money.
  13. Stonemole

    Desert Gator Dt02 For Sale

    Dammit......i really want this but don't have my money yet......
  14. Stonemole

    Eastern Bash (Red Lodge, Suffolk)

    I though about trying to shoot the jumping cars lol