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  1. Is it possible to fit Sand Scorcher wheels to a Monster Beetle, and so create something which has the general appearance of a SS but with a bit of extra height/clearance? I think I'm looking to make up for trading my original SRB 20 years ago...
  2. Hi Pete. I'm interested in a set of these and have sent you a PM. Thanks.
  3. I remember too; I followed builds on the Tamiya Crawler forum.
  4. Thanks both; I'll have a look at the Directory. Heading from Sussex to Dorset today...looks like the sun is shining for us today.
  5. I will be back in the UK for a couple of weeks soon and wondered whether there are any Tamiya stockists in Poole, Bournemouth, Dorset areas. Keen to find somewhere I can go into rather than risk shipping as we will not be able to receive post. I'm looking for a Sand Scorcher body kit. Thanks
  6. Looks good in green and similar logic to me, wanting the original sponsors.
  7. I'm tempted by a PG407 and could probably build one for similar money to the Monster Beetle.
  8. That paint and decals on your Bruiser look great.
  9. Thanks everyone. It sounds like they will be fine for what I am looking to do.
  10. I'm contemplating starting a new project. Looking at getting a Black Monster Beetle (as I want the dark grey/black chassis) and then paint the body in traditional Monster Beetle Italian Red, and purchase some MCI racing decals to give the body the original 1980s Monster Beetle look. With the option to instead buy a standard red Monster Beetle and use the kit decals, willI I be disapointed with the quality of the MCI racing decals? I prefer that the MCI racing decals use the real names of real brands compared to the rerelease decals which do not. Thanks
  11. I will check them out; many thanks. I can use my parents address for delivery (thanks). It has been 15 years since we moved here and I haven't kept up with where best to purchase parts from.
  12. Having sold the Wrangler body for my CC-01 I was aiming to buy a Bronco body. I've been slow to purchase and it seems that many places I have used before (manly Hong Kong, such as RCMart) are going out of stock. Do Tamiya continue production of these polycarbonate bodies, or does out of stock mean never again available (...at least until they rerelease)? Also, for people in the UK, I'm back over to visit family next month. Are there good model shops I should consider over there (both for the body and the necessary body mounts). Many thanks
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