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  1. That's just great news! Many thanks! I can get a hold of a set, but it includes tie wraps. Those wouldn't go in of course. So the rubber should have a snug fit. Cheers! EDIT: I figured it out, doh! The tie wraps are supposed to go on the axle side...
  2. Hi, My first post here. I have driven a Super Shot in the eighties and I always had a problem wit dirt getting into the shaft drives. Strangly enough, cheaper 2WD models such as The Frog and Subaru had the Joint boots I was looking for. Back then internet didn't Xist as we know it, and, well I was 13 or so... Now, the main question, will these boots (6255002) fit my soon to have Keen Hawk buggy? I'd like to keep out the dirt on this one. Many thanks for your help.
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