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  1. Here are my eBay items for sale...


    -Dukes of Hazzard General Lee 1:10 scale Remote Control Car

    -Tamiya # 49490 1/10 Mitsubishi Pajero Metaltop Wide w/ESC CC-01 NIB

    -Traxxas Slash 5805 Radio Controlled Truck

    -Tamiya XB Pajero Rally Sports #57701 CC01 lexan body

    -Kyosho Cosmo

    Thank for looking!


  2. Futaba FX10. Sonic Fighter made under license, with lexan body (that didn't help chassis snap-offs), different wheels and wing. You've got most the different things right there :)

    All parts will be interchangeable with the Striker and Sonic Fighter. Wheels will also fit the Falcon, or any other older buggy set up with the "button" wheel adapters on the rear (except for Fox, of course, they need bigger dia rims).

    Cool, and thank you for the great and speedy response!

  3. I got these parts from an ebay sale included with other parts. All the trees, bumper and wheels are stamped with a copyright "1987 RIKO CORP and Made in Japan" What are these parts for? It looks like a hobby grade car but I have no idea what it is?



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