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  1. Can't believe you left the TA02 off the list! I've tried many other chassis and I always go back to that legend for rally. I do have the XV01 on the to buy list though, I love my TA03F's front bias and it will be great to experience on dirt. Yes it's interesting that the TA02 handles so well on dirt with only a few mods, considering it's rear mounted motor position, but you can really just chuck the thing into corners and it just slides it's way through Even better with the vintage HPI inline battery tray conversion chassis, gets more weight to the front and decreases inertia.
  2. I have a NIB Clarion GTR TA02W for sale if you're interested :)
  3. Those bodies are quite rare, be careful! I have 2 of them, one was a new one I built and one is a second hand one I bought to lightly run. I love the TA02 and variants, best chassis, so versatile.
  4. No front motor means that's a no from me, gonna buy an XV01 Integrale seeing as they're floating around again!
  5. Yep true originals still in the plastic slip
  6. I actually just found a set of originals! What are they worth?
  7. LOL this was like one of my first if not the first threads on this forum!! 2021 and yes I still have LOADS of TA02's, I actually have a NIB Clarion R33 GTR LM TA02W i'm selling lol I also have a TA02 Castrol Celica rally runner/shelfer (with new body and wheels), my original TA02SW Taisan Porsche I bought new in 96, with a HPI chassis etc, a couple of TA02W Castrol Supras, one with carbon chassis and Cross long suspension arms and unis, other one with FRP and aftermarket bits. TA02 Calsonic GTR upgraded special, and another couple of Group A TA02 GTR's. Plus a rere TA02SW 911 GT2 NIB. And there's probably others i've forgotten! I have amassed quite a collection of 3rd party hopups for these cars, I actually find them more interesting than the Tamiya ones! I've also experimented with M chassis rear uprights with altered toe in, and longer upper arms etc. Plus I have pretty much every Tamiya hop up. Yep still a nutter! Here's a pic of my Castrol Supra shelfer, and some pics of the real one, and the Clarion R33.
  8. L&L have M3 shells that are pretty close to your original one BTW. Lots of TA02 parts are interchangeable with the TA01, just not the chassis tub or suspension arms and a few other smaller bits..
  9. I wonder if they are going to release any more body versions of it though? Stock is low on every kit everywhere and they haven't released any new versions for years.
  10. Hi guys, just a thought, as stock seems to be running low on these kits, do we think Tamiya will release any more versions of this chassis? There are so many Rally shells they could bring out on it still, ie the TA01/TA02/TL01 era Celicas, Lancer Evos etc, not to mention new classics.. Or will there be an XV02? Maybe they just haven't hit the targets Tamiya was hoping for?
  11. I have one in Australia that I would consider selling, it's an original, runner, has some real tasty mods. I'll get some pics. Where are you located?
  12. I have the fuel tank, I have some clutch parts but they are 7 digit numbers not 5 digit bags, I have very few of them.
  13. Hey guys I have purchased a job lot of Tamiya spares from a closed down toyshop in Australia, there are a LOT of TGM chassis parts in this lot, mainly arms, clutch parts, bulkheads, gearcases etc etc. I have written down what is in the box, if you have any parts you're after then please send me the 7/8 digit Tamiya part number of what you're after and i'll see if I have it. Lots of stuff I have multiples of too BTW.
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