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  1. I have one in Australia that I would consider selling, it's an original, runner, has some real tasty mods. I'll get some pics. Where are you located?
  2. I have the fuel tank, I have some clutch parts but they are 7 digit numbers not 5 digit bags, I have very few of them.
  3. Hey guys I have purchased a job lot of Tamiya spares from a closed down toyshop in Australia, there are a LOT of TGM chassis parts in this lot, mainly arms, clutch parts, bulkheads, gearcases etc etc. I have written down what is in the box, if you have any parts you're after then please send me the 7/8 digit Tamiya part number of what you're after and i'll see if I have it. Lots of stuff I have multiples of too BTW.
  4. Funny story, I know Al aka Turbo Yoda from 3rd year mechanical Tafe, he tried to buy my 75 coupe for Marty a while back but it owes me way too much money to sell cheap and i'm kinda attached to it lol. I think they're gonna put a Duratec in it or something.
  5. Taisan Porsche that I bought in 1996, before I fitted the HPI chassis.
  6. Sorry i'm late! Here's some pics of the real cars. Gemini as it is at the moment awaiting restoration, and as it was back in the day. Starion back in the day and current day racing in heritage touring cars against all other genuine original racers from group A & C
  7. 47442 announced will be at Nurnberg https://tamiyablog.com/2020/01/some-of-the-new-tamiya-rc-released-that-will-be-presented-at-the-nuremberg-toy-fair-2020-tomorrow/
  8. Oh man this thread is up my alley. I'm a group A touring car nut, as I crew on a mate's group A Starion in Heritage Touring Cars here in Australia, he's restoring a group A RS500 at the moment too. I also own a group A Isuzu Gemini, which is the aussie version of the Opel Kadett C. I have 2 of those M chassis Carson Kadett shells, and a 1:1 Gemini coupe. Racers Paradise in Germany has done a very good 1:10 touring car version of the Kadett C coupe. I'll post some pics of my group A Tamiya soon, I have 2x R32 GTR Calsonic skylines (both liveries), a Auto Tech M3 (a mate owns the actual real car), the Taisan R32 GTR (just bought it from Japan), can't wait for the rere HKS GTR kit. I also have my original Taisan Porsche, 95 Castrol Supra and Clarion R33 GTR LM. Most of my cars are TA02 derivatives, the Taisan is on a HPI longitudinal battery chassis kit. Oh and I forgot, I have a Lancer Evo obsession so I have a ABC Evo 3, Tamiya Evo 4, 5 6 and 7 aswell haha.
  9. Reference pics anyone? https://www.motorauthority.com/news/1117549_paris-dakar-porsche-959-to-be-first-of-its-kind-to-cross-auction-block
  10. Interestingly, the real Auto Tech M3 now lives right near me at Buderim in Australia and is totally unrestored and in very good original condition as last raced. A friend bought it from Japan about 4 years ago with the Shimizu Sierra RS500 and a BMW M1 ProCar. I have loads of detail shots of the M3 on my old phone which died...
  11. Here in Australia it's regularly near 40 degrees in summer in the shade so calm down guys! Your kits won't melt unless in direct sunlight or in a non ventilated box of a room, and even then i don't think 30 degrees ambient would worry them!
  12. All you need to remember is that there are no long vowel sounds in Japanese.
  13. Does anyone know if any suppliers do a more scale 1/10th replica of the BBS R50 wheels on the real car? I suppose SSR Mesh drift rims would be closest?
  14. Oh man I'd love that front sway bar! I have a wide track converted carbon ta02 with cross racing arms and unis. The arms are delrin so a lot stiffer than the original but don't have the weight of the alloy gpm arms i have on another one.
  15. Where is the cheapest place to buy these now?
  16. My egress is a blast to drive with a sensored 8.5 in it. No problems with diffs and it's been run a lot!
  17. I'll dig out my two and post some pics up
  18. redzone

    TA06 bits

    Hi Sven, I have a very incomplete ta06 so I'll check what I need to complete it and let you know what I'm after.
  19. I believe I have a partial set mate I'll have a look for you.
  20. EzRun 12T system in a Blitzer using the 15 tooth pinion is spot on I think, that's what we run at Boondall and it just starts to wheelstand halfway down the straight, will wheelstand from stop if you punch it.
  21. I have my original Taisan photocard still
  22. And RcMart have deleted their listing of it. Shame as I wanted 2 more!
  23. One hit nailed it. The rere body from a few years ago had black abs parts but this rere has white. I'll be teaming my rere unpunched body with the white molded parts and some phantom body mounts when I build the new kit, and using the pre punched body from the new street version kit with the black molded parts From the rere body on my original 58172 kit
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