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  1. U.K. based? I have picked those up for around £50 - £90 depending on condition. They’re not worth an awful lot as the gearboxes are the older clutch type. If it was unmade and boxed, it would be worth more to a collector. No sounds or new electronics and would cost a lot to get up to modern standards. Having said that, if you are U.K. based and local I could be interested as I always like a Sherman. Adam
  2. video of Tamiya M4A1E8 for sale.
  3. Just realised I can change the grill on the wild willy 2 so will consider trades on one of those too
  4. Swaps or trades welcome for a wild willy 1 👍
  5. Offers welcome on the remaining tanks
  6. Remaining tanks available with free postage or local meet in U.K.
  7. Just fit some normal gearboxes and then run one esc. Of you run two esc it’ll drive like a real tank. Both sticks forwards - forwards, one stick forward and one back, pivot turn?
  8. Just over two years and calling it finished Re painted and re weathered the trailer after a paint code malfunction. Matching colours and weathering now Enjoy. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  9. Winter Sherman sold. KV1, M51 and a Tiger I available.
  10. Thank you It is a great runner and battler.
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