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  1. Hey folks auctioning off a bunch of my Tamiya collection. Here is a link to a NIB Super Champ https://www.ebay.com/itm/Tamiya-Super-Champ-NIB-Vintage-Buggy/123535931773 I have a bug Tamiya Avante lot for sale as well and a few other RC things... take a look and hit me up with any questions. If I don't answer here just message me on Ebay! Thanks!
  2. Hey everyone I grabbed this Vintage Egress about 4 months back. Grabbed a few vintage avantes as well. Finally got around to really taking it out and messing around with it. Really nice! I have a question about the paint job. Look familiar to anyone?
  3. Hey sorry for late reply. I am in New Jersey. Been offered just a bit more than $500 for the Frog.
  4. Hey looking to sell my vintage new in box... still wrapped in plastic hornet. I also have a grasshopper and a frog in the same condition. I know this would be an awesome Christmas present for someone ;-) Make me an offer... any questions just ask! Thanks! VINTAGE HORNET NIB Make an offer! VINTAGE GRASSHOPPER NIB - Make an offer! Vintage FROG - Make an offer.
  5. Hey I have a vintage Grasshopper NIB still in the plastic wrap! Not sure if you are interested in that, just let me know. Have a hornet and frog as well NIB in plastic as well.
  6. Nice Vintage Super Champ New In Box looking for a new home! Check out the pictures and ask any questions. Everything is i great condition! Looking for $899.... if local you can pick up. I am in New Jersey. I will ship to USA for free, out of country we will have to figure out costs.
  7. Nice man! Yeah I let the 5 year old give it a go in the driveway... bad idea lol. Gotta find a HUGE parking lot. I actually started wrapping a rubber band around the trigger so he cannot go full throttle. Helps a ton!
  8. Awesome! Lots of fun. Can't wait to get my boys working on these. Just a bit young yet. Parts are pretty easy to come by on ebay of course, but let me know I have a lot of old grasshopper parts. I even have a partially built vintage Grasshopper, with the decals, body and all. Keep us posted!
  9. C'mon of course they are ;-) You can take a look here http://raretamiya.com/showcase/ Been slowly getting that site up partly to show my collection and hopefully sell some stuff. I need to get in gear over here and do the same thing. God only knows when I am going to find the time to build these and actually drive them! Maybe retirement? ;-)
  10. Yeah exaclty unless you have some super rare model, it really is an impulse buy at the end of the day!
  11. Thanks guys for the feedback. All valid points. If the right buyer is out there they will pay, but of course I would love to hold onto them and wait for my sons to get older and them build them! Yeah the re-releases def messed stuff up lol, so the real buyers would be the people like myself that locked themselves in their room for 2 days straight at age 13 building a hornet! Gotta relive that childhood! haha I spent a lot of money on this collection of Tamiya stuff so really would love to make that money back at least and have some toys, just don't want to sell myself short.
  12. Yeah I mean the thing is this is more of a collectible / nostalgia thing ya know, so of course the vintage stuff always goes more than the re-release stuff in that case for the true collector.
  13. Hey folks! I think this is the right place to ask this. I recently purchased a nice collection of vintage Tamiya models. Part of the goal was to sell some to get my money back and of course keep some. Only problem is I want to keep a lot of them! ha ;-) Anyways I have a hornet, frog, and grasshopper all NIB still sealed in the cellophane. I researched ebay a bit and even tossed up some to test the market, but my question is what do you think these are worth? It is hard to tell because you do see a handful of NIB's that are sold, but nothing that is sealed like this. Part of me wants to just hold onto them, part of me wants to build them lol. Any feedback is greatly appreciated. Thanks!
  14. Hey guys! Been a long time since I have been on this forum! Have always browsed to get great info, but finally back on. Just purchased a huge collection of Tamiya stuff and hope to share. Also been spending way too much money on eBay! ha! That leads me to a lot of cars I bought. A falcon, a boomerang, a lunchbox, and this XR311. The xr311 is what caught my eye. It seems pretty original to me! All the screws are flathead, the suspension is plastic and that controller and of course the mechanical speed controll that holds a fuse! Crazy! Appreciate any feedback on the images below. sorry they are so huge!
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