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  1. Nosram Evil Brushless Power Reverse and a Nosram Dragon Brushless Sport Modified 9.5T. Everything else is stock tamiya stuff that you would find in the DF-02.
  2. Well my DF-02 has been running good with it in till just now and I don't see the problem. I just suddenly lost all drive but still had servo function as I could turn, after opening it up checking everything was fine (everything was connected) I let it cool down, but the same result. Sometimes the motor will jerk and make a click other times it wont. I took it out of the chassis and same thing. Any checks I can do to figure whats going on or, unfortunately what part is going to need to be replaced. The speed control just flashes the green led on and off all the time. Happened to be filming at the time, don't know if this is any help: http://uk.youtube.com/watch?v=hUoaS4QzzC4
  3. Thank you very much One more thing, once I've used it, do I charge for 36 hours again or would it be less?
  4. Well I can't really afford one at the minute I don't think as I've just bought a whole new Brushless set-up plus some other stuff so it will have to wait. How did you work out 36 hours? I thought it would be 3600/140= Just under 26 hours? Or is this completely wrong? Once I do have the money what would you recommend?
  5. I ordered it last Friday (1st February) and read on all the items I order that it would be dispatched in 24 hours. It hasn't come yet so I was just wondering what the situation was and whether it was on its way or not? All items still show as processing.. Many thanks
  6. Sorry if how to work this out has been posted elsewhere, if so please can you link it? I've just got a new Nosram 3600mah NiMH battery, but don't know how long to charge it for. I thought it would be good to trickle charge it for the first few times but I don't know if this is right. I've got an Ansmann 140mah trickle charger or I could use my Mtronicks APC 200 AC/DC Digital Fast Charger, but I don't know the specs on that as I was given it, and none are written on it. Thanks
  7. Oh I see. They're slick anyways Thanks for all the info guys.
  8. Lucky to last one run? Surely its not all gunna break after one go..?
  9. Alright. I'm just about to spend just over 150.. so wanted to be sure, how much of a performance increase would you say it was in % ? I'm guessing the standard Radio Control(ler) I got with the car will work fine with the new stuff? Or will I need a new one? Cheers.
  10. Thank you very much for the info One last thing.. would you say Nosram is a good make? Thanks.
  11. Alright I was thinking along the lines of: I don't understand the difference though- http://www.modelsport.co.uk/index.php?Call...facturerID=1031 Good battery? http://www.modelsport.co.uk/index.php?Call...facturerID=1031 Speed controller I'm still lost, they all seem very expensive or am I just going to have to pay? Thanks.
  12. Alright cheers. I've seen a Traxxas VXL system on youtube in a rising storm. Do you reckon that'd be worth it or are there other better makes out there?
  13. Hey Guys, i'm new here, hope this is the right section to post in. Basically I want to upgrade my Rising Storm, pretty much just to go quicker. I'm guessing I'll need to change Speed Controller and Motor from stock to something different for this. I've already changed all the bearings from the plastic ones to some decent metal ones. Which parts offer the most bang your buck at the minute? Oh and by the way I want easy maintenance, I don't want to have to change bits in my motor all the time. Thanks in advance!
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