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  1. List coming next week I have the week off and the house is all sorted, so now I can concentrate on thinning out the collection. Manta Ray re-re NIB open to offers now, bits and pieces and other models coming soon!
  2. Hey guys, Ok, so the house sale has gone through (!), we move in 4 weeks and I have the whole of next week off work to begin selling stuff! There is lots to come, but I thought I'd start with the Manta Ray BNIB It's the 2005 limited re-release, it's never been touched and has basically sat on a shelf since purchase. The box is unsealed and I'll take some pics later but it's all in perfect condition. Anyway, please feel free to make me an offer - I'll stick it up on eBay next week if no one here wants it, I see one based in Mexico for $300 but the box on that one is damaged apparently. I might start a new thread for all the other bits and pieces tomorrow, or perhaps different threads for each category, I dunno, but feel free to ask questions about the MR here and I'll keep an eye on it. More to come.... Pete
  3. Hi folks - good to see the community still thriving! Long story short, I took a backseat after actual life got in the way, and it's getting in the way again, which is weirdly why I'm back. It's time to sell up some stuff as I'm moving house ;D I literally have cupboards and boxes full of Tamiya stuff, mostly vintage. I even found a new in box Manta Ray (re-release but still....)! Couple of mint Monster Beetles, an F150, Blitzer Beetle... loads of cool stuff, vintage hop ups etc etc The Mrs is going mad about where it's going to all go in the new house and to be honest, it's just gathering dust and might as well go to others who will love and cherish it as I once did (and still kinda do really....). I'm not getting rid of all of it, no way, but some of it should probably go ;D So I'll get a list together in the next couple of weeks and renew my membership for the other section too allowing me to flog on there. I'll just ebay what peeps here aren't interested in I guess. I'm desperately trying not to look at the other areas of the forum as I'll only get sucked in and change my mind! Oh, maybe just a peek at the vintage section.....
  4. hey roadog1aj - 2 G1's reserved for you I have a spare Blitzer cone but "spare" MB cones with mounting holes are hard to come by me thinks! I found a thorp diff with counter gear, some gold nerf bars for a frog and a few other cool hopups. I ran out of time with the pictures yesterday but I'll get some more up today - lots to come.
  5. I have three reds, three blacks and a few more in gold, say five. I'll reserve you a red and a gold no worries, £10 each + P&P - all stock must go! The grey chassis came off a lightly used and then stored original frog. I've taken some pics, I'll up them in a moment.
  6. Ok, so here's the Blackfoot. The chassis in in great condition, no cracks or repairs, same for the shell! Other points to note: * Original decals used in retoration * Driver is original and was painted 20 odd years ago, I didn't have the heart to repaint! * Wheels are custom aluminium, milled from solid billet, very shiny and very strong! * Comes with new Sport Tuned Motor, TEU101BK ESC and 27Mhz receiver * New parts wherever needed, no repairs or cracks anywhere * Shocks are more or less new throughout! * Missing the back window (I think I have it but has some paint on it from memory... will find it!) * Front window only held on by 3 screws, one mounting point is broken * No servo/ESC cover but these are fairly easy to come by Any questions please ask. All offers considered. Will ship more or less anywhere, but costs might be quite high outside of UK due to size? P&P at cost when confirmed at post office anyway.
  7. OK, first up we have my first ever restro project. She came to me in a box of bits and sat in a loft for a while until I had time to restore it fully and it took more hours than I care to think about! She's had a repair to the underside of the shell by the front nose mount but now stronger than ever before, not that you'll be running it! Other points to note: * Decals are aftermarket, high quality reprints * Painted with original Tamiya TS8 * Shell was completely stripped down, sanded, filled, smoothed and repainted with original Tamiya TS8 * Parts replaced wherever needed so no cracks, stresses, repairs to the chassis etc etc - fit for the shelf! * Does have the Servo/ESC cover fitted, taken off so you could see the servo and ESC! * Comes with Servo, TEU101BK, 27Mhz receiver, HPI 27T motor * New gearbox internals, sideplates * Bearings all round including the gearbox * Reconditioned shocks (new seals, lube, springs) * Aftermarket Chassis Brace fitted * Wheels and tires in excellent condition * Underside has minor running scuffs * Comes with unpainted driver! (can take photo if you want me to) * Can also chuck in a manual and a transmitter for a member of TC Any questions just ask. All offers considered. I'll leave it here for up to a week before it goes up on eBay. Keep an eye on this thread folks - lots more to come! Next up.... Ford F-150 Blackfoot rocking billet alu wheels!
  8. Just found a grey chassis without any stresses or breaks? What else... hmmm.... NIP JG Rear Uprights for ORV (Blackfoot) - guess you would need the cross brace too though. Spare set of MB wheels in fantastic condition, hardly a scratch and nice and gold and shiny. Good tires too. J parts tree for ORV (front uprights, where they always break) An original, unused G1 for that loving restoration project A few shiny metal G1's in Red, Gold and I think I have one or two black too. Set of white wheels for the Stadium Blitzer, unused (in packets but one packet split) Set of silver wheels for the Chrome Blitzer or Dyna Blaster or whatever it was called (?) A couple of Raven 23 x 2 turn motors (new, by the looks of it) A Novak SS5800 Brushless system, looks like it would only fit in a drift car or whatever, short cables! Could solder some longer ones on I guess. Untested but think it works. Erm....
  9. I might well have, it's a big box There will be some goodies in here I'm sure! Got a chassis. It's has a repair on the rear left upright mounting point, but still holds up.
  10. That's better. I feel like my old self again Taking pics of everything now...
  11. Here are the guys behind it http://www.coloribus.com/adsarchive/direct...-card-13747455/ (you can pick up a high res version of the pic on that page) They are actually being given out by Japanese Tamiya reps, so perhaps some of the Far Eastern contacts can pick some up? "Seems the Tamiya business cards became so popular in fact, that new and old customers in the modeling community started requesting the cards as novelty items."
  12. It's a business card for Tamiya. If you look at the first image you can see that it has the telephone number to shop direct with Tamiya. But being Tamiya it's also a kit and by the looks of it, you can make three models (a, b and c in the pics). The first looks like a dragster, the second looks like a fighter jet and the third is a boat I think, warship. Better than my business cards anyway. Mine are made out of card and have my name and number on them
  13. NB - This was fixed I copied the code from one page to another and while I had updated the price I forgot to update the title - opps! However we've reverted to good old fashioned contact forms now, well Don has anyway, I think it allows him to control the flow a little better and ensure he has stock. I'm still running a cart though... limited numbers left too! Oh and I'm working on a new item... all will be revealed shortly! (yes, it's for the ORV monster trucks)
  14. So I thought some of you might be interested in the latest addition to the .50 Caliber Customs website, some fantastic Front Control Arms for the Tamiya ORV Chassis! Machined from solid aluminum, they are a perfect fit (my custom beetle is sporting the first set!) and look great. Monster Beetle, Blackfoot, Frog, Brat - one size fits all! .50 Caliber Customs - Front Control Arms for Tamiya ORV Chassis
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