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  1. Heres the link! http://www.tamiyaclub.com/forum/index.php?...c=53137&hl=
  2. Hi all, ive a modded twin detonator in the sale section. Anyone any ideas what i should sell for (JUST A BALL PARK FIGURE WOULD BE GOOD), ive had some interest but no ones named a price! If all components were bought new it would cost around the £500 gbp marker! Any advice would be great, Cheers fellas!
  3. Anyone any ideas what i should sell for, ive had some interest but no ones named a price! If all components were bought new it would cost around the £500 gbp marker! Any advice would be great, Cheers fellas!
  4. Hi all, Due to house hold choors i am reluctantly going to have to sell my beloved shelf queen! Please message an offer on the WHOLE TRUCK or just the BODY SHELL or SINGLE COMPONENTS. Details below! Johnny's Twin Det: Super E-Truck Esc. Ford F-350 shell. Adjustable upper arm's. Upgrade steering rod's. Beadlock wheel's. Axial Rock Lizard tyres. Steal Ball Bearings all round. 20 Tooth Pinions. Super Stock TZ Motors x 2. Oil Filled Adjustable Integy Shocks (rare). Alloy Knuckles each corner. Alloy C Hubs. Alloy Hex Fittings. 3700 Mah Battery. Alloy shock towers. High torque metal gear servo. Tyre paint. Now i have tears. . .
  5. Its a truck with odd tyres, that i can tell you.(fronts different to rears/bet they say its for performance ) Do they revers, that is such a basic question. . . but a good one, ive no idea, and thinking about it , if they do. . . how!!! is there a third channel for a gear box or what!!!! Now i need to know?
  6. Nice build! Im liking this, would love to build one myself, but bank manager says 'NO!'
  7. I know, rust staines on the body shell suck! Your gonna have to upgrade my friend! The good news is it aint gonna cost a fortune! What u need: Bag of m3 screws, stainless or galvanised, : alloy dog bones, This can probably be done for around £12 Good luck,
  8. RE: HOTSHOT! If you guys do duel shocks on the back ill buy one! BEEN LOOKIN AT A HOTSHOT FOR A WHILE, N YOU HAVE HAVE THE INSPIRATION FOR ME TO PART WITH MY CASH! This is a challenge within its self!!!!!! Please dont do half a job!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  9. Got bored, cracked out the pain, n stuck it on the tyres!!! Came out nice again!!!
  10. As the title describes, ive rebuilt a friends subaru brat but his body is thrashed, got ran over about 10 years ago,(the car, not him.) What bodies will fit this chassis, am i correct in thinking its the same as monster beatle! ime gonna trawl the bay, i need cheep, and i need fast! his birthday on tuesday! PLEASE help! Many thanks in advance, John.
  11. Ive no pics cos im lazy, and cant stop drinking for the 15 mins it would take to take a tyre off a bead lock, but heres a great tip!!!!!! Go to B&Q or a good harware store, ask for lead strip to clad house windows!!!! Its not lead however, but is heavy metal, and comes complete with an adhesive tape on the back, 'i am sooo lazy' but u gotta admit this method rock's!!! Simply remove tyre from wheel, remove adhesive backing, wrap around wheel to desired weight and BooYah!!! Dont forget to put tyres back on!!!
  12. They look like they will fit fine, i have integy shocks on mine along with shock towers, the only thing they could possibly foul is the upper arm, a few small washers and all will be gravy!! !
  13. Just fitted a Hetronix Mx12k Servo High torque, metal gear, fast action, also had to fit the opposing servo horn, i new i kept it for some reason! Works just fine, and reasonably priced too! Is it recomended i use a servo saver with this ???
  14. Thanks for the tip, Shocks have already been replaced, I need the tubing to mound a body shell, sounds daft i know but ill post pics when i finally get it done!
  15. What im after is the rubber tube that comes in the bottom end tamiya kits for the shocks, Approx 1cm x 7cm hollow tube, Ive trawled ebay to no success, anyone know where i can order one? cheers John.
  16. Ha ha, thanks twisty, He's been eating too many pie's!
  17. Think the knuckles were GMP, is that what yours were? Mine are fine at the mo' but ive still got to give her a good thrashing! It might be worth havin a look at junfac.com, there parts are prety sturdy, not sure if they do knuckles for td though!
  18. Hi there, am selling this driver on ebay, if he sells ok ill be available for comission work, what do u guys think of him?
  19. IMO i want u to put a top end brushed system in it, Im looking at getting one of these my self(hot shot that is) Depands how often u run it, Every day, go brushless. Every weekend, go brushed, more bang for your buck! 11turn motor and unlimited esc should do the trick!! Either way, buy quality! You only get what u pay for!
  20. Always spray when u can, it leaves a much smoother finish, Spray lighter colours first, as darker colours cover more easily, if it was a yellow car with black arches, id spray the whole car yellow, then mask off and spray the black! when masking use masking tape and 'thin card' instead of 'paper' to ensure no colour runs through. Spray from a good distance, , , 30cm is good. And remember several thinner coats gives a smoother finish, and dries quicker!!!
  21. P.S. Must say, i do dig the Brushless install and the tires! But that aint gonna sell quantity is it Mr Tamiya!!!
  22. In my opinion it looks a bit dated and its only just released, For the money id just jazz another car with shocks bear's and a brushless, C'mon TAMIYA, Were hungry, n your not feedin us what we crave!!!
  23. Have just scored one off ebay, are they any good, supposidly 15kg at 6v, When i get it ill let u know how it performs, There a real budget servo, so ill write a sink or swim report!
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