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  1. You'll have to buy the whole parts bag, don't lose it next time. Try thread lock, that helps.......
  2. Are you planning to make the suspension pins fit without the brass collars? That would be a plus!
  3. I painted then cut, it's easier that way. I have been running mine a lot and I find it runs just fine. I have been experimenting with the suspension and it works just fine as is. Ya, bump steer is an issue on pavement for sure, but the tires aren't meant for that. I'm running a Novak 4300 brushless(27T equivalent)
  4. There is a full aluminum rear tranny case for it too. Not many hop ups for the Gr.C. chassis so you need to use the F103 parts. Plus the fact that it has been discontinued for some time doesn't help either. None the less, not many hop=ups out there for it.
  5. I don't think the 501 will stand out in 5-10 years like the Dyna Storm does today. Although different buggies, Tamiya could have just released the Dyna Storm today and it would be right in line with all the new buggies. The 501 was designed to win races, not to be a legacy. It already has a new version out and I am willing to bet one or the other will be discontinued. The Avant had a lot of strange mechanical linkages that were neat, but not necessarily functional. When I say that, I mean for racers. The Hotshot has bits of that, it's definitely not good. None the less I still adore my Tamiyas as flawed as they might be at times.
  6. If you want something to bash, don't get an Associated kit as I was always fixing mine. I also would suggest the Durga, high tech for a low price. If you don't want 4WD you can get the DT02 MS, great car for a great price! I love mine.
  7. Both handle hi turn motor extremely well. There are both on and off-road TRF kits. Honestly neither are better or worse than the other. Shaft drive is a more rigid drive line while belt drive is smoother. Like I said, I've had both and prefer Tamiya. Just MHO
  8. B4 Team is shaft drive and 501 is belt. Those are the main differences. I have had both Associated Factory Team kits and TRF kits, the Tamiya kits are far better during assembly and performance.
  9. That's one sweet Hotshot! Wish they still made hop-ups like that. Looks like that site listed is just bling parts.
  10. Not sure if you have any brushless experience, but on an outrunner the can of the motor spins around the stator instead of the stator spinning inside the can. Secondly, that motor is for airplanes and it's max rpm is 11000. It also has a mount on the back of the motor instead of the front of the can like our car motors. THe 540 sized motors atr roughly 45mm, that motor you listed is 22mm long x 10mm wide. No, they won't work. http://www.xushobby.com/servlet/Detail?no=192
  11. Not much out there for upgrades, um actually there would be ZERO. It's good the way it is, you can always upgrade motors and tires etc. It's a must have though for sure, you'll love the build.
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