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  1. Never thought I have had that many kit's as most folk I have come across here on TC, but this post has made me realise that maybe I have still had a few! I do not have an extensive collection and thus experienced a great variety of tamiyas finest and now I think maybe I am just simply a creature of habit! 2x hornets (original) 6x M01/M02 (all in differing guises) 3x TL01 (2xTL-01 / 1xTL-01b) 2x Wild One 3x Thundershot (1x Thunderdragon) I only have or have had 4 others a VLB, a Celica Gr.B, a TA01 Lancia & an lotus 79... ( I have had more M01's that these put together!) Need to branch out a little, me thinks
  2. No worries!! Yeah It will probably cost a fair sum to get it to you! .... It's a shame, always find aussies want my gear just not our postal prices! Well if you want I can get a price - maybe leave out the motor and get the weight down? It will go on the bay at some point today, but if you are interested just drop me a line.. All the best, mat
  3. I run it with the standard 20t but it HAS to be steel. 0.6 mod RW racing is the one I got. Don't use normal tamiya alloy ones, that goes for any chassis not just the m01 when using brushless. My gears hold up fine, it's the pinion you need worry about, as long as it's a steel one you will be just fine, oh and metal bearings throughout! Regards any of the other 2 pinion sizes, I can't help you as I have not tried them. No doubt someone else here on the forum, will have done or would be happy to share some further advise on the matter. There are a few members a lot more clued up than me on all things brushless and/or m01. Also I plan to switch to lipo when funds allow but at the moment I run using a vapextech 4600mah NIMH battery, works great with ample run times in this setup. It all suits my needs as I am just an occasional lunchtime car park basher! - Not a racer/expert with more info I'm afraid. Hope that all helps. mat
  4. £34 posted UK ? No-one want to give this a good home?? !!
  5. Yeah I run an m01 with a 9t ezrun. Goes nicely though I would make sure you definitely use a steel pinion, metal bearings throughout and maybe have some spare cash about as the tyres won't last too long if you drive at the extreme all the time! I like the ezrun for the reason of no maintenance & better run times rather than for the extra power that it gives over a lot of brushed motors. Although it is nice driving on the half throttle but having the reserve when needed! I didn't fit the ezrun specifically because I wanted a fast m01, just it was all I had about when I finished building the M01 up. I was pleasantly surprised how nicely it worked after playing with the setup. Enjoy!
  6. Hello peeps, Here for sale is a 58067 Thundershot. Check the pics you will see it comes with 540 & MSC. What it does not come with is the front cva shock and it needs a new A5 sprue part to hold lower R/H side wishbone to chassis enabling it to run. Also could do with new tyres as all or some are either cracked, worn or both. Shell is split in places and well used. Drive train seems to turn well so all is not that bad & I don't think it is missing anything that I have not mentioned. Other than a descent start to a resto / runner. Came to me in a joblot & I don't want it... offers please folks, but don't worry I am not after the earth so you might surprise yourself! CAN EMAIL MORE PICS AT REQUEST I'm in Reading, UK but am happy to post at cost anywhere. Paypal / cash please Cheers, mat
  7. Whoever thought it first or last, it's a good one... simple ideas are normally always best. For me I think the idea of it on a tee rather than my skin is better! Like I said I like the hornet logo, but it is maybe THE reason for me to thus stay away from the inky needle... ! I vote for a barcoded boxrench !!!! .... or failing that your favourite sprue on your (whole) back....
  8. Quite a few years ago when tats were all the rage for what seemed like everyone, a good mate of mine spent a long time deciding on what he wanted done. It had to be original he thought, something no-one had. I wanted one too but decided against it thinking it would be a case of "dot the dots" art on my celtic skin! Well he eventually settled on a bar code ! Yes just there on the upper arm, an area only noticeable for the singlet top or bare chest brigade. Original yes it was. " did you draw it from scratch I asked " ... " Nah just copied it straight from a coke can " Well apparently it worked " down at the tills ", but that I can't remember I every witnessed " the magic ! " ........... but the funny thing was apparently it was a tesco own brand one & not even the original coke... his art was worth about 21p at the time.... Not sure if it's gone up in value, what with the fading of time!!! ...For my 2p worth, I have always wanted one, but have never had the right idea & like another member posted, maybe that was always the best reason for not getting one & like rosey mentioned, you gotta look the part too..... I don't ! I like the simple but to the point tilted boxrench idea james, I also like the hornet logo... but then that's 'cos it was my first tamiya & maybe another reason I stay away from ink! Post a pic when/if it ever happens mate. mat
  9. I think the stick TX with a strap sounds like a goer so hopefully she can get used to braking and reversing by having the whole hand on the sticks rather than just thumb ends. I certainly prefer the stick TX when bashing but I am coming around to the idea that if you are racing on a track then a gun style TX is the way forward for much better control in the bends. Being that in all my 20 odd years of tamiya I have never raced the stick type always did the job. I would like to think then as she gets older my daughter will come back to the gun type TX if the stick with strap option works, as I think even now she will get on better with steering using a wheel. Cheers for the heads up on the HBX mark. That will be the weapon of choice in time and maybe quicker if I find the stick variety does not work even with a strap. cheers mat
  10. The wheels are a lot better than a stick controller for small hands, although I have seen people set up a "tray" for the transmitter "tray" meaning using a stick TX rather than a "gun/wheel TX". Just like big riggers/plane enthusiasts do? i.e. with a neck strap enabling the hands free from holding the unit and thus free to just hold the sticks with all fingers rather than just thumb tips ??? Might be a better option rather than having no brake or reverse option!! I have to keep an eye on her at all times just to "protect" anyones ankles! It would be nice to feel she has full control then I can safely run my car at the same time as her which would be much more fun for us both. Running just one car at a time is a drag but at least safe. I think I will try something along the lines of stick TX on a starp or at least look into the perfex option. Cheers mat
  11. I started my daughter off with a lunchbox aged 5. She loves it but we run it on an open cricket pitch so the only obstacles are us! Cricket pitches are nice and flat so with a 540 its plenty fast enough and there is no spin out like you get on gravel so she can get used to the basics. The only problem is the size of the controller in her hand. Using a traxxas gun style controller really works in regards to the wheel for steering and accelerating is fine, but her finger is not long enough for her to be able to push back for braking/reverse. She has learnt to just let go of the power to combat this issue. My 2 year old daughter also uses the tomy q-steer avante around the kitchen floor! Not quite got the idea (picks it up/turns it around when it hits the wall!) yet but its a start!!! Anyone know of a smaller controller that would be compatible for use with 1/10 kits that kids with smaller hands could use properly??? I have not looked into it myself... bit of an oversight when building her VLB.. Anyway I think its great to get kids involved in any capacity even if its just them holding the steering wheel while you do the power etc. being a father of 2 girls I try my hardest to "involve" them as I get more running time !!
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