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  1. HI Thanks a lot for your reply Yeah the packs get quite warm just as they do by the slow charge. It is strange how the slow charge is great and the quick is not. Not sure if I am correct in saying this but I think I saw someone here mention just to start the quick charge again straight away once buzzer has sounded, as with having a peak sensor it will just top it up. But this I have not done as I don't want any accidents/bust batteries on my hands. Any thoughts on this anyone will be must appreciated. I want a new charger anyway so I guess it isn't all bad, just frustrating as I'm unable to use my runner as much as i like! Having no display or control really does frustrate so it is def. pushing me to get a new charger. Thanks for the tips on chargers it really is a mine field out there and although I am willing to spend what it takes to get a future proof all singing charger, I still don't want to be in another situation of frustration by lack of knowledge! This hobby does always seem to throw up another problem once one is sorted! But some of that is the fun bit and the learning curve that gives you experience! Im looking forward to the only thing i have to buy new is tyres, as the new found speed is quickly shredding these ones, but that is a small price to pay for speed and runtime! Thanks again and if anyone else has any input on my charger problem/recommendations of a new one i would be extremely grateful. cheers mat
  2. Hi all Need some advice as I'm still learning...all help much appreciated! I have a Ripmax Propeak O-IP2500 charger ( http://www.ripmax.com/item.asp?itemid=O-IP...;Category=O0150 ) that I use with my NIMH 3300 battery and my new vapextech 4600. Both batteries work great when slow charged overnight giving between 20mins full throttle running time on the 3300 and 30mins+ on the 4600. This is using deans connectors on both in my baja champ with ez-run 9T brushless setup. The car is fast and fun! Its just when I'm done and want a quick charge I can only get about 3mins each out of each battery after a 30mins quick charge(buzzer sounds). From this I go and slow charge again (zzzzzz) and the batteries are fine(full long fun running time). So I guess that it's the charger and not the batteries at fault. It's a cheapish charger with no controls so I am unable to see what is happening in terms of capacity charge they are getting either slow or fast. To this outcome I guess all I can do is upgrade?! So anyone with some suggestions please on: 1) What is going on with this peak charger? 2) What new charger to get? - Price is less important than quality for money & future proofing this time is the order - i.e. lipo/discharge/control - when i can I would like to change to lipo but still be able to run my old packs as well and at least in the meantime. 3) Am I missing the point in any way/Doing something wrong? Thanks in advance for any help guys it really will help me keep this brushless smile on my face for a few mins more!!!! cheers mat
  3. Hey mark Thanks for the update and man you are fountain of knowledge! I see many problems solved on here thanks to you and a few others..!.hats of to you for the help as im all sorted now with that link cheers mate mat
  4. As the title says.. It's SA3 of the blister pack in the lancia delta kit that chassis is from. Payment any way you like is waiting just need this asap Thanks for looking... mat
  5. Hi simon What condition are the small metal parts like? The ones that are found in the stabilizer at front and on the lower arms etc...im after some non rusties!...also the c parts ..at front the parts that always split !! Pm me please or email me some pics would be great! cheers mat
  6. Hello all thanks for looking.. Shame for me maybe not for you but my beloved Wild one is up for grabs..Nearly finished project that would make anyone happy as this is near mint Due to my possible job loss as i work in new house build, and we just aint building much new houses at the mo! I have been politly informed by the missus to sort some cash out! So this is the first and hopefully the last project of mine to have to go. Included is: * Buggy itself that only bears some minor marks on a small area under chassis(no marks on gearbox!) * The drivers head is not original so a repro "beetlelover" unpainted head is included aswell as the non original one! * Cockpit is only base painted so details need to be added * New repro decals included(these are those white backed ones of ebay-only bought just for the aria sticker for helmet!) * Steering servo, Original MSC and a 540 silvercan * Beatties bag(with wild one on side) All intact and working This only needs a Little personal detailing as I intended to do it myself to make this a perfect shelfer, but time has run out for me as it has to go, saying that I know many of you guys would rather do a no doubt better job than me and want it that way! Im asking 195 Free posted in the UK as this buggy does owe me quite alot, but dont hold back with an offer as all will be listened to! If your not in the uk i will still post but bear in mind it isn't cheap to post from uk but you will ONLY pay at cost... PM me or email for pics or check my showroom www.tamiyaclub.com/showroom_model.asp?cid=85993&sid=23479 Cheers mat *****************THANKS FOR ALL THE INTEREST****NOW SOLD TO DUNKMAN in what can only be described as a very pleasant and fun transaction...cheers buddy your a top fella!!************************
  7. ' Cheers Paul, Twinset has saved the day! ..but thanks for the offer..I'm new on the forums and club but already finding it an invaluable resource and a truly friendly place to be!! ...Funny you mention the grasshopper bags as after many hours of searching on ebay I found this american seller (crp?) who posts big pics of the back of the bags for ref. Great idea and a help then was going to buy cheaper in UK....but i'm finding these forums the best place to try first!! Thanks to you guys again..im learning! Cheers mat
  8. Hi thanks for looking.. As the title says just need 1 x screw (3x15mm) for my Gr.b celica gearbox. It's found in screw bag A (BA3) but no doubt it's in many other kits that I'm unaware of but someone more switched on will know about......anyhow If anyone has one spare I would very much appreciate relieving it from them for whatever trade/cash they see fit so that i dont have to pay fleebay a tenner for one screw!!!!! Again thanks for looking... Mat
  9. hi someone sold one recently for 200 on the bay with a slightly cracked shell, missing cockpit and msc cover and had been used albeit lightly...oh and no box or manual but with batteriess and charger as it was a runner hope that helps .....i give you a score if your stuck!!!!
  10. Longwaistround


    I got the chrome ones NEW that are also pajero ones if thats what your after just pm me and leave your email i get some pics emailed to you Cheers mat
  11. Found in the press parts bag....any help much appreciated
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